e literature

How would you love me, If you’re living on the heaven’s cloud and I’m living in the deepest hell of the ground, I desperately look up to you but you’re busy enough with yourself to never look down to me. How would you love me, if I spend my time in a distant, dusty bubble while you’re on the carpet ready for the world to call you out on its stage, I stand right behind camera lights ‘cause I know you won’t ever notice me in the crowd. How would you love me, if I’m quiet mostly when you’re excited and when you are quiet, I try awkwardly to make silly jokes that you probably won’t ever understand. How would you love me, if you were born starry and I was born in the shades of dark with earthly senses that if we ever touched, we’ll be destroyed. How would you love me, if I hide myself away from the lights but you get ready for them as glamorous queen who was meant to shine above it all including the love I carry. How would you love me, how.. when you and I came from different dimensions, only I can get to see you but you can never get a glance of me.
I look into your eyes
and the chaos of the world falls silent,
but my heart beats out of my chest
with a thundering need
to love you
like the moon
loves the stars.
—  E. Grin