e is amused

a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

I love High Rollers because Elora is coming back from a conversation that made her pissed only to find 

a) Very Drunk Cam who still hasn’t realized that the lady he’s been hitting on is a lesbian

b) said lady’s girlfriend, also Very Drunk, loudly explaining this to him

c) Mina also deciding to throw in the fact that she likes girls for the hell of it

d) Elora’s own drunk dad laughing his head off at this 

e) a presumably very amused and sober Trellimar

i can’t believe that ppl have the audacity to call themselves fans of the show, the characters and the cast when they’re going around shipping clalec ???

What does Xollow think of your characters?

Aneokame - A precious flower, but he thinks she really is a wolf in sheep clothing.

 Naerul - Who botched this experiment? At least he has reason to believe someone whacked his head up, as he finds it highly unnatural for any man to act this weird.
Pleo - Figures she is probably smarter than she lets on. After all, she is running a business with the big three moms. The big three moms to him are Aneokame, Verlai, and Pleo.
Verlai - A true widow maker.

 E - Finds her highly amusing. Respects her for the hard work she puts into projects. Though he figures she probably would love nothing more to have him coiled around her little finger. He won’t let that happen.
Svetlaena - Admires her dearly, for the experiment she made with her husband. He wants to reign triumphant over her.

 Duroxas - Smart man, he had better behave himself around Duroxas. Was almost been turned into a pile of ash from the man simply flexing a finger. Managing Duroxas temperament levels is a hard feat when you’re already disliked by the guy. Though, he does want something from him, and Duroxas doesn’t make it easy for him to get what he wants… Your character wasn’t included in Xollow’s thoughts on them? Send me a pm and I’ll add your character next time!

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Vee read the flier over my shoulder. Her nails threatened to puncture the skin on myarm. “We have to do it!” she squealed.


Well the 🎉Spotlight on Kingdom Hearts🎉 was definitely worth the watch to be honest. Tetsuya Nomura was being interviewed, a little more in-depth on KH Unchained X and KH3, explaining some of the new features and abilities that Sora can use (e.g the amusement ride weapons)

I personally feel that KH3 will most likely be released next year, it seems more possible espicially the DExpo23 happening in November and rumours about new KH news in August too so there’s that too… Anyway liked this image of Sora’s new outfit and appearance in this 3rd image, gonna try and draw it over the next few days…

Also was interesting that Nomura stated that Sora’s new outfit was inspired by his Kingdom Hearts 2 and Dream Drop Distance outfits!