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Oh My My

Pairing: Avengers x fem!Reader

Word Count: 1500

Warnings: Still kinda lame, bad pickup lines (that I did not come up with), bad language, sexual innuendos, my writing

(A/N): My friend requested a second, more dirty, part. So, yeah…hope you´re happy. Kinda lamer than the first part, but whatever. And once again, if you see a pickup line/ dirty remark that belongs to you, please message me and I´ll gladly credit you. Enjoy.

Oh My

Summary: You thought you heard the last of me? Ha! Or: The Team attempts to cope with your You-ness.

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„Can you just…not…do that?“

Steve huffs impatiently, watching you turn and blink at him all too innocently.

“Do what, Captain? Admire the view?”

You gesture behind yourself, towards the small group of people that were currently being shoved into the back of a SHIELD van. Two young, handsome males and a beautiful, blonde female.

“They are terrorists, [Y/N]. Can you at least fake some professionalism?”

You shake your head with an amused smirk, your gaze lingering on him just long enough to see him reach out to massage his temple.

“What am I going to do with you?”

A laugh bubbles up at the back of throat and you turn, sending him a wink over your shoulder as you set into a casual stroll towards his motorcycle.

“My, Captain, I can think of a few things. Might need to stretch first though.”

His annoyed groan only serves to amuse you further, [E/C] meeting his cerulean blue ones just as he sweeps a hand over his slightly reddened face.

“I´m serious, [Y/N]. If you step out of line one more time-“

“You will give me a good spanking, got it, Captain.”

He buries his face in his hands with a shuddering sigh, the flush that spreads across his face delightfully bright.

And I can tell, today´s going to be a good day.

“How did you pull that off?”

Bruce´s disbelieving whisper drags a small chuckle out of you, your grip on his arm tightening insignificantly when he slowly leads you towards the emergency exit, flash-drive with the needed data safely stored in his jackets pocket.

“Like a wise person once said: If you can´t blow them away with your brilliance, baffle them with your bullshit.”

He snorts a laugh, opening the door for you once you´ve made sure that you could slip away undetected.

“You amaze me, [Y/N].”

“And we haven’t even slept together yet.”

You smile teasingly his way, easily slipping into the driver´s seat of your getaway car, while Bruce stands next to it for a few moments, shaking his head in a mixture of amusement and embarrassment.

You´ve had a lot of brilliant ideas in your life- a whole lot, but this, you decide, might just have been one of your very best.

“Please tell me I´m hallucinating…”

Tony´s disbelieving whisper drags a chuckle out of you, [E/C] sparkling in amusement as you push away from the set of suits that both Pepper and you have taken great pleasure in painting bright neon pink.

“Well, I am dreamy, but please do contain yourself, darling.”

He takes a shaky inhale, his eye twitching to the rhythm of his pulse. Or as doctor Cho would have put it, unhealthily fast.

“Don´t worry, it´s not waterproof”

You grin at him, reaching out to plant your lips to his cheek in an attempt to soothe his rattled nerves, before you lean back with a playful smirk on your lips.

“What do you say we get out of here, darling. To blow of some steam. Emphasis on the blow.”

He chokes on thin air, his eyes widening, and you take a picture, laughing at it and his truly priceless expression for the rest of your day-off.

“It´s beautiful”

You turn upon hearing Bucky´s voice, training your eyes onto the item the soldier was currently referring to.

It turned out to be Wanda´s new scarf, a fabric of gorgeous scarlet color that complimented both her powers and leather jacket lovely.

“Suits you”

Clint pipes up from across the room, sending you a quick look that almost begs you to say something also. Preferably something incredibly dirty. And who are you to disappoint?

“Indeed, it does. Maybe if you´re feeling a little frisky you´ll let me use it on you in more existing ways.”

She blushes and buries her face in her scarf, her cheeks as delightfully red as the fabric itself, while you merely take a calm sip of your tea and tone out Clint´s barking laughter.

You never failed to be pleased by Bucky´s delight at the simplest and most basest of things, one of the main reasons why you took to treating the Super Soldier to lunches and dinners every now and again, introducing him to various restaurants, bars and cafés while you were at it too.

“That was mind-blowing”

You grin up at him from behind your burger

“Not usually the circumstances I hear that, but I´ll take it.”

You narrowly dodge a fry that he throws your way, laughing at the small blush that tinted his cheeks as his creative imagination paved a way for, what you are sure, were some incredibly dirty thoughts and pictures.

“I hate you…”

“Wanna watch a movie?”

You smirk at Sam from behind the book that you were reading, teasingly raising a delicate brow.

“Why, Wilson, a little ´Netflix and Chill´ is always welcome”

He raises his own brows in slightly flustered disbelief, turning to Pietro for help only to receive a nonchalant shrug in return.

“Welcome to our world…”

You throw a book at the speedster, watching bemusedly as he calmly dodges it by craning his head to the right.

“Glad I´m flexible, right?”

“Certainly, although I´d love to find out just how flexible you can be, love.”

You treat him to a coy smirk and flirtatious chuckle, ruffling up his hair on your way to the elevator when you take notice of the color that set upon his cheeks.

“You coming or what, Wilson?”

“Me? Oh I-“

“Oh, I´m sure he already came!”

You laugh at Tony´s good natured jab, teasingly beckoning the flustered Sam to join you in the elevator with a wiggle of your index finger.

Patience, to most people´s surprise, had always been one of your strong suits, combined with the fact that you, not very unlike Natasha, were impeccable at stealth, it made you into a force to be reckoned with.

A force that Clint, just like HYDRA, learned to fear. For wholly different reasons.


A girlish shriek rips from his lips and you muster a self-satisfied smirk in return, watching him jump away from you, with clear amusement in your eyes.

“I hate you!”

He grips his chest for emphasis, wheezing and far from amused by your sudden and quite frankly startling appearance.

“Now that, darling, is where I beg to differ. I hold firm to the belief that I´m like walking heroin, very habit forming-“

“And it never ends well”

You chuckle at him and nod, offering him the basket of fries you brought along to share with the Archer.

“Now that this is out of the way, I figured you´d be hungry, after a jump like that.”

Nevertheless the withering look he gives you at the mention of his reaction to your sudden appearance, he takes the basket.

“To think you could be scared of lil´ol´me…”

“I wasn’t scared…”

And after swallowing, he quickly adds

“You´re not scary”

You merely grin at him, the flirtatious twinkle in your eyes unmissable and bright

“Well, in this case, rest assured, darling. I still have some tricks up my sleeve that can make you tremble- perhaps not in fear, but-“

You snort a laugh at him as he chokes on his fries and leave him to his demise, still coughing and red-faced.

“You know”

You crack your knuckles one by one, allowing your gaze to stray from her self-satisfied smirk and onto the heap of whimpering and unconscious HYDRA Agents before you.

“Shattering their bones is one thing, but shattering their bones, stepping on their manly pride and then laughing in their faces…”

You turn to give her a look of mock disappointment

“That´s just cruel”

“So, arrest me”

A teasing, lopsided grin is what it takes for Natasha to realize her mistake. Her green eyes flitting to where your hand is already reaching for your own pair of handcuffs.

“With utmost pleasure

“Don’t you dare”

You found Maria to be a person of utmost grace and intelligence. Someone who, despite being confined to her office for the better part of forever, still had no trouble slipping into the role of an active Agent if need be.

It´s unlike you, and if somebody were to point it out, you would most certainly deny it, but you admired that about her.

So, it came as no surprise to you when your eyes lingered on her frame for a moment longer than they needed to be, watching profanities leave her lips in an enraging volume if only to convince the target that she was truly offended.

Out of the corner of your eye, you catch Natasha´s gaze on you, her own green eyes twinkling in amusement as she watched your lips curl upwards at Maria´s impeccable performance.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

Her voice reaches you over the com

“I´d love to make that woman scream for real”

It takes you a moment to realize why Maria cracks for a split-second, a flush setting upon her cheeks.

“She left her com on”

Natasha informs you and not missing a beat, she adds a questioning

“You´ll never stop, will you?”

You merely shake your head, teasingly winking Maria´s way when she sends you a half-hearted glare over the target´s shoulder.

A good day indeed

Hanna Falk Cross from Hanna is Not a Boy’s Name

For the fallout au. Hanna travelled over the Commonwealth on a case, and saw something fall out of the sky and crash close by. He’s no memory of what happened after, but he’s glowy and can charge it into his hammer. I’m not saying alien techno-magic, but

alien techno-magic. 

Day 6 of fake Inktober, using prompt list Post Apocalyptic Wanderers

Sorry for being so inactive this weekend, I was on a “training camp” for work which has been a little exhausting. I will also have some lifeguard training in the future this summer so I wont be able to post daily like before. Thank you for understanding

Double Take | Part 3 | PETER PARKER X READER

Description: After Peter visits the reader as Spiderman and finds out that she likes him, he and Ned start to devise a plan on how he’ll make his move… with the unwanted help of Michelle.

Author’s Note: If you’re a writer, check out my Writing Contest and enter if you’d like to. This is the last part of Double Take and to those of you who’ve read this series through, thank you for the support! It means the world to me.

Word Count: 1602

Part 1 | Part 2

Ned almost had a heart attack when he looked up from his newest Lego set and saw his friend decked out in his Spiderman suit, staring at him through his window. Putting on a hand over his heart to soothe his rapid heart rate, Ned stood up off of the floor and unlocked the window.

“You are never gonna guess what (Y/N) just said to me,” Peter said giddily as he crawled through the window. He jumped onto the floor silently and took his mask off, taking a seat on Ned’s bed.

“I’m guessing your talk with her went well,” he replied sitting back down on the floor, tending to his Lego set. Ned took note of Peter’s permanent grin and the redness that adorned his cheeks.

Peter looked down at his hands, playing with his mask. “It did.”

“Care to elaborate?” Ned asked looking up at his friend.

“She told me that she likes me,” Peter divulged looking up from his lap. “Well she told Spiderman that she likes Peter, but same thing.”

Ned nodded his head and leaned backwards onto his hands. “Alright, now it’s time for step two.”

Peter’s face went from one of happiness to one of confusion. “Step what now?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

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RFA + Minor Trio React to Short MC (+ New Admin Info)

Alright!! So, I’m guessing by short MC you mean like, extremely short?? So, I’m going to go with an MC that’s about 5 feet tall! I hope this satisfies ^^ Please tell me if I get one of the heights wrong so I can immediately correct it~


  • alright, Zen already thinks that you’re perfect from every conversation you guys had in the chatroom
  • and then bam, you went to visit Zen on day 7 of his route !!
  • oh gosh, Zen is 5′11″ and you’re so smol next to him
  • he immediately took his phone out and started taking pictures of him with you
  • and gushed about how absolutely adorable you were to everyone who will listen and even to those who won’t
  • asks MC to get his water bottle from a shelf that they couldn’t reach
  • MC is completely unaware that he has his phone out recording them struggling and squirming to get the water bottle
  • probably captions video “look at my jagiya try and help me out~”
  • he posts it everywhere
  • e v e r y w h e r e
  • his fangirls aren’t amused *coughs* especially echo girl *coughs*
  • if any of his fans start making fun of you for your height he’ll go on strike and not post selfies and only pictures of you
  • but seriously, if he sees you upset over your height he whispers reasons why he finds your height cute and how much he absolutely adores you
  • “babe, your height doesn’t describe who you are. everything that makes up MC is the reason why I love MC, not just your height.”


  • absolutely melts
  • someone is finally shorter than him
  • he’s not the baby of the RFA anymore !!!
  • he absolutely cherishes you
  • teasing all day long!!
  • you’re short like rika
  • anyways, when he’s playing LOLOL, he places you in his lap and asks for encouragement
  • he brags to his friends about how you fit perfectly in his lap and he can play LOLOL with them
  • when MC tries to cook for Yoosung during the morning, they realize they’re a tad bit short and can’t open the cabinets 
  • they grab a chair and stand on it and opens the cabinets
  • and Yoosung went into the kitchen and conveniently has his phone on him and takes a picture of her and sends it to the chat
  • takes you around his university and shows you off to his classmates
  • he brags to Zen about how he got a s/o before he did
  • if anyone dare insults your height, he gets so upset
  • considering Yoosung is confirmed to be a bit of a yandere, he’ll glare at the person who insulted you and threatens them
  • to comfort you, the moment you get home he cuddles you on the bed and whisper about how much he loves you
  • “you’re amazing, honey. don’t worry about what they say.”


  • she’s smol herself, so it’s a shock to see someone shorter than her
  • does she secretly treasure the fact that you’re shorter than her? y e s.
  • she will tell you that it doesn’t matter, but to her? it’s so adorable that it hurts
  • and that’s coming from Jaehee. she’s extremely bashful too, so she won’t say it out loud, but it’s obvious she gushes about you on the inside
  • she probably has more pictures of you then Zen on her phone and on the walls of her room
  • probably even has a picture of you framed in the café
  • she encourages you to do whatever you want, such as wearing heels
  • she finds it just as adorable
  • alright, if anyone makes fun of you??
  • oh gosh
  • don’t even get me started, this girl has a black belt in judo
  • don’t do it
  • d o n o t
  • it’ll make MC feel bad for people who did it
  • you swear you might have to call the ambulance for them but Jaehee drags you away
  • “but Jaehee they’re unconscious on the floor”
  • “oh well they know better than to mess with you”
  • and if you and Jaehee see the insulter in public they’ll avoid you like the black plague
  • if you got insecure over your height, Jaehee will close the café for the day
  • makes a special coffee just for you and pampers you with treats and encouragements
  • “your height doesn’t matter to me, it doesn’t represent who you are. look at me, I’m only a few inches taller and I beat their ass, did I not?”

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