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Sorry for being so inactive this weekend, I was on a “training camp” for work which has been a little exhausting. I will also have some lifeguard training in the future this summer so I wont be able to post daily like before. Thank you for understanding

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Hello! In high school I had the opportunity to go tour Garner Holt Animatronics studio and it was freaking awesome (there was a whole room of just Chuck E Cheese heads, which was amusing)

Oh my goodness, really? That’s awesome! :D

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a breathtaking duet staring victuuri

Random questions for muse:

1.Would you hug a stranger? How close someone has to be to get a hug?
2. Have you tried some exotic/weird food? How was it? Would you eat it again?
3. If you had to give up one sense, which one would it be?
4. How good are you at remembering dates? What about numbers in general?
5. Do you like cold or hot weather more? Why?
6. Would you rather spend a date night somewhere quiet or in a more crowded place (e.g. club, festival, amusement park, etc.)
7. What shows your emotions more, your words or your actions?
8. Is curiosity good or bad thing in your opinion? What makes you curious?
9. Balloons or confetti?
10. Have you ever had an animal to eat from your hand? Do animals usually like you?
11. Would you rather be stranded in a huge deserted field or locked alone in a room, for following two weeks?
12. Do you prefer to sleep with socks or without them? Do you usually even wear socks?
13. Do you tend to get sick easily? If so, what do you do to prevent that? If not, what’s your secret to strong immune system?
14. What is your first language? How many languages can you speak?
15. Do you like drawing/painting? What’s your preferred art tool?
16. Are you more organised or disorganised person? Or maybe you like to plan only certain aspects of your life?
17. Would you choose a dream car or a dream house?
18. Are you the type of the person that would laugh when someone else falls? Or would you rush to help? Maybe you would just walk by without reaction?
19. How often do you travel? What you like the most about it?
20. Do like stargazing? Do you believe in shooting star wishes?

♫Ways to Get High- Pop Evil// Marauders Era: Sirius x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could do a SiriusXreader (preferably smutty) piece kinda inspired by “Ways to Get High” by Pop Evil where the reader is like the girl version of him with like a tongue ring and tattoos and she drives him crazy because she gives as well as he does and challenges him on everything, except when they’re fooling around she’s more than happy to give him control?

A/N: So, I tried and retried to do the smutty part of this, and I just couldn’t quite get it right, I decided I’ll just stick to what I know for now, and hopefully develop my smut-writing abilities as I move along with my writing. Also, I know this isn’t very long or very good, so I’m sorry love! I’ll make up for it at some point!

This is officially my last request loves! I’m gonna be posting my fic soon, as well as opening up requests again in about a week and a half (posts to follow about both)! Thank you again for bearing with me my loves xoxo

A cigarette hangs from her lips, the gauzy smoke curling towards the pale blue sky and almost managing to hide the sly grin that appears on her face as she catches a glimpse of Sirius Black, walking out of his Transfiguration class with his head slightly bowed down. Her grin widens at the sight, and her cigarette falls to the floor, soon after completely turned out by her black boot.

She took a few long strides towards the boy, giving him a wink when his grey eyes met hers, immediately rolling at the smugness that is clear in her smile. As he walks, he fumbles around in his pocket, and the two golden coins that are soon taken out by his pale hand reflect the shining sun straight into her eyes, making her squint, her smile widening despite this.

He finally reaches her, his hand outstretched, handing over the coins with a frown on his face.

“You win.”

“Pleasure doing business with you,” she sticks out her tongue, another fragment of sunshine catching onto the metal ring hiding behind her lips as they begin to walk towards their potions class.

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@thearchitectoftomorrow || New starter call ( x )

     “ Seems like no matter what happens you always get the worst case scenario. I thought I had it bad with people I have issues with. Luckily I’m not fightin’ them all at once. Hopefully, Ambrose won’t end up findin’ his way into the fray.