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'The worst conditions in memory': NHS doctors describe their week in A&E
After PM denies NHS faces a humanitarian crisis, medics tell of ‘horrendous’ working conditions and patients coming to harm
By Denis Campbell

“Everybody is terrified. Everybody is waiting for something terrible to happen, because no matter how hard you work, there are too many cracks that are widening for patients to slip through. Stafford is where everything went down a few years ago.”

I appreciated this point about prioritizing the social model of disability, over the medical model, which Laura Bates explains in Everyday Sexism:

Medical Model of Disability: “…a person is disabled by their impairment (i.e. mental-health issue prevents them from getting a job, or a physical impairment restricts their ability to access certain venues)…”

Social Model of Disability: “…it is not the impairment in itself but the lack of accessibility created by our [ableist] society that makes a person disabled (i.e. our stigma around mental health issues prevents that person from getting a job, or a lack of adequate measures to make a venue fully accessible prevents certain people being able to enter).”

What information will be included in my My Health Record?

There are three main sources of information that can be stored within the My Health Record:
when you set up your record, you will be able to choose whether you want information collected by the Department of Human Services – Medicare, or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs about your healthcare interactions, such as your Medicare and pharmaceutical benefits information, organ donation details and immunisation records (for children up to the age of seven);
clinical documents can be stored about your health - written and uploaded by your healthcare providers and may include a Shared Health Summary, an Event Summary or a hospital discharge summary; and
personal documents can also be stored that hold information recorded by you or your Authorised Representative about your own health, including a personal health summary and personal health notes.
When you first log on to your My Health Record, you may choose to add information, including emergency contact details, any allergies you have or medication you are taking, your Indigenous status, as well as information about the custodian of your Advance Care Directive (‘living will’), if you have one.

Your My Health Record record will build up over time. As Healthcare Provider Organisations upgrade their clinical software so that it can communicate with the My Health Record system, more information, including specialist and referral letters, can be added by your doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers involved in your care. This will allow your doctor to enter information about your consultations and treatment. This information could include a family medical history that you have provided to a healthcare provider.

You can also enter information in the personal health summary or personal health notes section of your My Health Record. While only you and your Authorised Representative/s can access and view information entered in your personal health notes, your authorised healthcare providers will be able to view information in your personal health summary.


get to know me meme [5/30 male characters]: Miles Hollingsworth

“It’s just a bunch of crap. You don’t want to know how we feel. When people ask you to express your feelings, they don’t mean your actual feelings they mean the feelings that they want you to have because people can’t deal with dark or scary or weird. They want you to smile and say ‘Yeah, I’m fine. Everything’s great,’ because then they can just go on with their boring lives and never think about you again.”


WAXING- The time from the new moon through to the first quarter, to the full moon. It corresponds to the Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

FULL MOON - This is when the moon is fully illuminated. It corresponds to the mother aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

WANING- The time from the full moon, through the last quarter, to the new moon. It corresponds to the Crone aspect of the Triple Goddess. 

Each phase effects the energy of the earth and different moon phases can strengthen spells;

WAXING- good for spells and rituals involving growth, strengthening and increasing things. E.G - Artistic creation, Career advancements, Gardening spells, friendship, happiness, protection and weight gain

FULL- Said to increase a witchs psychic power and therefore good for performing divination’s, rituals to increase psychic and dream recall. Full moons are also said to enhance spells that involve creativity, nurturing and sensuality. E.G- Beauty and health, blessings, omens and spirit conjurations

WANING- A good time to correct or reverse a spell and to decrease, banish or destroy things. E.G To reverse bad luck, bindings, breaking curses or hexes, overcoming fears, weight loss and to banish nightmares

New moons- great for forgiveness and quests.

Dessert E-Cookbook - Available 12th of December

So excited to share this with all of you! I have been working on this for months now, after a lot of trial and error it is almost complete! 

Stay tuned! Can’t wait to get feedback from all of you!! 

Included will be the following desserts - low carb, vegan, pro allergy, high protein and some bonus recipes!


cloud didn’t particularly understand why he was being drawn to sephiroth, nor how he had any likeness to the black-caped men for a long time. i do, however, believe that he had a basic understanding ( – from the first time he was actively controlled ) that sephiroth had done something to him ; influenced him, somehow, and that he wasn’t in control. from the way that cloud talks & acts when jenova // sephiroth is inside his head, particularly at the north crater, i’m convinced that cloud is – actually – somewhat conscious ; aware of what’s happening, even as he hands the black materia over to sephiroth. only, he blanks out and forgets some time afterwards. hence when barret says it’s his fault that sephiroth got hold of the black materia, cloud can’t remember. even so, he says things like:  i might lose it again. if sephiroth comes near me, i might … – signifying that cloud is, at the very least, aware something happened – & that perhaps the memories are still there at the back of his mind. 

it works similarly to how cloud’s remembering his true self & his real past works. that is, if somebody were to describe or show a graphic depiction of what happened – he would understand & recognise the scene before him. as per usual, it’d take a toll on his (already ) scrambled mind, though. in the moment, it’s sort of like he believes he’s in control of his actions, but he’s torn in two ; the conscious cloud is scratching beneath his skin & trying to tell him to stop, and that something is wrong. the part of him being drawn to sephiroth and carry out his bidding is still cloud ; retains his thoughts // feelings // past, but acts as more of a shell which performs what the s-cells inside of him influence. the conscious part of cloud is always there, but that remains the part of him which tucks any & all recollections to the back of his head, where he keeps his real memories.

cloud knows that something is wrong for quite some time, but he shrugs it off because he has no other choice – & because he’s already decidedly  forgotten an absurd amount of memories as a coping mechanism. even so, he progressively begins to understand that shielding himself from these memories is inevitably going to endanger somebody that he loves – & of course, it does, when he almost kills aeris under sephiroth’s influence in the forgotten city. he blames himself, regardless, because he’d been physically ( & mentally ? ) unable to prevent it, despite being a hair’s breadth away.  

i’m afraid. if this keeps up, i may go crazy ! i’m afraid … – is what he says to barret and tifa before going to  save aeris, conveying that he understands he’s going insane ; he probably had an inclination some time after hearing voices in a mako reactor at the beginning of the game. cloud really just wasn’t allowed to acknowledge that he was losing his mind.

Am I trying too hard to hold onto relationships that I should just let go of already? I feel like I try so hard to stay friends and to stay in touch when I get 0% effort from the other person. Is that a sign that these friendships are over? Should I just let these people go…?

While I’m staring them down, I feel like I should mention that I have every ask I’ve been sent in the past, like, month. And I intend to answer all of them unless I’ve specifically talked to you about it – which isn’t the case unless it was a hc I’d already done.

The preparation behind an internship and purpose of it

Time has come to do my first internship after completing the first year and half of my bachelor education, Global Nutrition and Health at Metropol. It is that time when I will put into practice all the theory and knowledge I have gained and learnt in the past years.

My peer Maria and I have arrived in Barbados, destination where we will do our Internship at the Healthy Caribbean Coalition HCC. The HCC is a NGO in the Caribbean which fights the burden of non-communicable diseases and their associated risk factors and conditions. They mainly work in the areas of advocacy, enhancing communication, capacity building and promoting m-Health and e-Health. But before getting into detail of what I will be doing at the HCC and our individual project, I would like to share with you the preparation process we have been through in the last 6 months, how we found the organisation and how it came to be the one we want to work with.

Back in April last year, our generation had the opportunity to volunteer for the Women Deliver Conference 2016 and thus we were able to attend different conferences. One of these focused on non-communicable diseases where Maisha Hutton, executive director of HCC – was presenting the work HCC does in the Caribbean. After the conference few students and I got to talk with her and present the idea of a possible internship with them, and I must say that her response was very positive. Later in July we started sending emails to different organisations including HCC, process that last a whole month just for displaying mutual interests and benefits that would come with such internship. Once these were specified and agreed on, we started to work on possible project ideas that we could work with, so that we could create something that will give us great practice in the field and something the organisation could use in the future for the different projects they work with.

This lead us to focus in different topics such as sugar sweetened beverages, marketing to children, and the possible determinants behind unhealthy lifestyles amongst adolescents.

From a combination of the different topics, we will conduct a study in secondary schools together with Dance4life, organisation that is member of the SRHR alliance. Such study aims to apply a survey, conduct focus group interview and do workshops, all three with students from 9th and 10th grades. That being said, it is not concluded to this very day the magnitude of the project, since we do not have direct contact with schools in Barbados and is out of our hands the decision.

On a side of the study, we ambitiously aim to participate in different hoc office assignments at HCC and hope to attend meetings dealing with great topics relevant to our specialization PHN&FP.

I would like to end this post by sharing my expected learning objectives I aim to reach in this internship.

· Gain sufficient experience and understanding of handling qualitative and quantitative data from large scale surveys and focus groups interviews.

· To be capable of analyse and write the responses from a study into a scientific base paper.

· To be actively involved in health promotion programs.

· To actively participate and comprehend the diverse dynamics within a civil society organisation for the prevention of obesity and NCDs, and the work behind developing health promotion programs.

Lastly, weather these learning objectives will be reached will greatly depend on our first meeting with HCC and Dance4life which will be hold next week, same time when we will officially start our internship.