e gad

maya-fey  asked:

Who all did luigi send his letters to? we saw yoshi, e gad, and rosalina.... anyone else ?

I probably shouldn’t say, it’s supposed to be a surprise after all… I suppose telling you about one more person wouldn’t hurt… 

A little bird told me that Rosalina isn’t the only person in outer space who received an invitation.

It was a veeery little bird. 

What Are Friends For Ch. 1

An Undertale fan fiction

Written by Ichiwashername-o

Summary: When Undyne discovers Papyrus’s deepest secret, it puts their friendship to the ultimate test. Gaster Blaster AU

Rating: Viewer discretion advised.  Contains swearing, trauma, and psychological horror

Cast: Undyne, Papyrus, Sans, W.D. Gaster, and others

[CH. 1] [CH.2] [CH. 3] [CH.4] [CH.5] [CH.6]


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