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Good wood - another awesome wooden bike, but this time it’s one of the new breed of e-bikes. The ‘Slim Wooden E-Bike’ by German outfit aceteam comes with some cool gear including an Innos handlebar with built-in LED lights, a LightSKIN seat post (again with built-in lights), Shimano crank, Magura brakes and H Plus son wheels. Shame my birthday just passed…

Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.

this is very specific but

do you ever finish a book or a show and the ending is so dissatisfying like

you went through all this adventure together, bonded, and pledged to never leave anyone behind. you fought to not be apart and strove for a common purpose and now at the end someone tells you to separate and you do

it’s also so out of character smh considering all the events that came before

give me a more satisfying and more believable ending i don’t want it to end here

ok but can we talk about this:

“Ronan’s expression was still incendiary. His code of honor left no room for infidelity, for casual relationships. It wasn’t that he didn’t condone them; he couldn’t understand them.” (The Raven boys, Chapter 4, emphasis mine)

because like, aside from maggie’s lovely prose, and the obvious fact that loyalty (to his family, to his friends, or just trying to be honest in general) is a huge part of ronan’s character, what i’m really getting from this – in case we didn’t know already – is that we’re being told right off the bat, in the early chapters of book one, that ronan lynch is basically a huge fucking romantic

first of all we know the whole argument with declan stemmed from ronan being pissed at declan for womanizing/sleeping around, which by contrast makes it very clear that ronan is basically going to be this super-faithful, super-monogamous, i-only-have-eyes-for-you boyfriend

but it gets even better because it’s then stated that ronan is literally incapable of understanding casual relationships like i can’t even with this nerd?? i mean at this point i’m like 100% sure that even if he’d come to terms with his sexuality earlier, there would have been very little (or none) casual dating/messing around/experimenting with other boys because this supposedly tough, mean snake of a guy is actually a massive dweeb with no chill at all, for whom it’s basically either epic fucking love or nothing

you want a casual relationship? too bad motherfucker, ronan lynch will constantly leave little presents for you to find, for no other reason than the fact he wants to

you looking for some lowkey non-committed dating, maybe just drinks at nino’s now and then? sucks for you bc ronan lynch will probably move in with you as soon as he’s physically able (i mean it’s canon he basically sleeps at adam’s place fairly often already and they’re not even together?? so??)

you wanna keep it easy’n’breezy? THINK AGAIN because this absolute dork is going to stare at you in the most unsubtle ways and take you on dates to his family home and indirectly ask you to stay with him forever (e.g. “but what do you need to study for? what do you need glendower’s favor for? why don’t you just STAY RIGHT HERE and make the ley line work for you?”)

honestly few things bring me more joy than the idea of ronan fucking lynch, would-be thug and streetracing badass (who also pets tiny mice and feeds baby birds oops), being the most committed, loyal, head-over-heels, spontaneously romantic doof like p l e a s e, there are so many possibilities and i want them all?? for instance:

  • jealous!ronan lynch who can’t conceive of ever cheating on anyone and feels physically sick at the idea that adam might ever cheat on him (which of course he won’t, but still)
  • smitten!ronan lynch who has entire mushy playlists on his mp3 player dedicated to adam (honestly we all know he’s into mixtapes)
  • sweetheart!ronan lynch who never ever forgets an anniversary and while he won’t verbally acknowledge it he makes sure to always dream up a special present to then leave on adam’s pillow

basically what i’m getting at is that ronan lynch is a huge sap with no fucking chill about anything and i love it