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i have no idea why i felt compelled to draw ford in a military uniform …  

edit: i mcfreakin forgot to draw his e a r s (im cryin gf) .. so i drew them + the little fluffy strands of hair next to his “muttonchops” .. 

Your inability to learn complicated handshakes is tearing this gang apart!
—  Dazai to Kunikida

“Who says cockerels can’t do maths?”

No-one, Denis. No-one.

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  • Wish realm belle is dead
  • Ep ends w a rumbelle scene @ wishing well
  • We see Belle’s bones
  • “Gideon is bringing Belle and Rumple together” - eddy 
  • They asked if their were any rumbelle fans and I cheered and eddy stared at me LMAO BYE
  • “Are there bumps ahead for Rumple and Belle?” “It’s a TV show”
  • This is random but at one point Belle was wearing BLUE EYELINER in the episode I was  so hard
  • rumple won’t help Regina bc he went to look for Belle and found her bones due to the EQ starving her
  • he’s like “here’s what I found of her” and dumps her bones on the ground the audience gasped
  • Gideon hates Rumple ATM, they have a heated talk and Rumple tells him to take his anger out on him and not Emma, but Gideon won’t hit him 
  • Charming and Hook wanted to take Gideon out, Belle said nobody needed to be hurt and wanted to work with them 
  • When Emma defeats Gideon, he disappears. Belle and Rumple walk away in different directions
  • The black fairy wanted gideon to turned dark and it seems like she hurt him. He never went fully dark bc he remembered Belle 
  • He wants to kill Emma to become savior himself, so he can kill Black Fairy and become a hero
  • Rumple says something about being addicted to bad decisions, but he doesn’t want that for Gideon. He doesn’t want him to kill Emma 
  • Belle says it’s easy to rationalize the bad decision so it seems okay. She makes a wish in the well at the end of the scene despite saying she shouldn’t before because nothing she wants works out :(
  • Belle thinks she can talk Gideon out of it but we never got a scene w just them so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • you know I like him as a character. but he does say it’s his fault Gideon’s the way he is rn
  • Rumple does know Gideon’s name he yells it at him
  • Before fighting, Gideon says “My name is Gideon” and Emma kinda turns and goes “I only know one Gideon and he’s a lot smaller”
  • also rumbelle fam he has his hand on her back in their first scene together in the shop

I wonder how Victor Hugo would’ve felt were he alive today to see his legacy: me, a young adult at the prime of their life, sobbing alone in the dark at five o'clock in the morning because one of his characters stole a kitten for another in a story he didn’t write.

12x11 is so important

Is anyone going to talk about how 12x11 is, at its core, about dementia and Alzheimer’s? This episode is so so so important if you look at it through that lens. 

Legitimately, the slow descent into forgetting who you are is how the disease operates. And, if you’ll notice, Dean was happy for the most part. What people don’t seem to know or understand is that while dementia is awful, most of the time, the person who is ill is totally fine because they’re unaware of what they’ve lost. They have no idea what’s happening, and so will go along with either what people tell them, or what their own minds have fabricated to explain certain things, etc. The people who really suffer because of this, then, are loved ones, who remember the events of the persons life and have to watch them slowly forget everything (i.e. Sam). 

Of course, people with dementia also have bad days or bad times of day. Between the hours of 4pm and about 6pm (give or take), it’s no uncommon for them to experience and exhibit agitation, frustration, aggression and major confusion (this is referred to as “sun-downing”). So, when Dean was looking at himself in the mirror and freaking out because he couldn’t remember who he was? People with dementia really experience that. And they can really freak out. I work in a long-term care facility (nursing home for people who need 4-6hrs of care), and just as I’ve had conversations where I’ve had to gently remind people of things, I’ve had to calm them down because they don’t remember where they are, or who they are, or they vaguely remember something and are convinced they’re in trouble. 

Guys, this episode was so well-written if you’re looking at it from this perspective. 

*lays down on floor* okay but Voltron single dad Shiro au where instead of raising the other four paladins, they’re helping him raise his child and it’s v much “It takes a village to raise a child” kind of thing.

- Shiro has a little six year old daughter named Kimiko from an engagement that didn’t pan out after he came back from his deployment overseas. There was a bit of a custody battle since the mom wouldn’t let Shiro see his daughter (who was only 5 months old when he came back), but after Kimi got really sick and lost her voice, Shiro got full custody.

- Keith lives with Shiro, who is his foster brother, to help him out at home and Shiro is constantly worried that Keith’s boyfriend Lance is going to just adopt his daughter one day and not bring her back. Lance calls her Kiwi its adorable

- They all work at the same cab company as drivers with Hunk, Pidge is the mechanic who will sometimes help drive, and Coran runs the dispatch. Their boss Alfor is v understanding about Shiro’s situation and will let Kimi hang out with Coran or Pidge in the office on weekends or whenever Shiro can’t find a babysitter

- They all learned ASL with Shiro and Kimi as she grew up, and Coran taught her morse code when she was four. This was a good idea right up until Lance decided to give her an air horn so Kimi could use it to wake her dad up in the mornings

- Allura is Alfor’s daughter who moves back to the town of Garrison after finishing up college and she meets Kimi and her heart just m e l t s. The first time Shiro meets her, Kimi is already sitting in her lap, teaching Allura how to finger spell her name

- Hunk is Kimi’s favorite mode of transportation and she will just cling to his back whenever she gets the chance. Hunk also bakes/cooks for her and her dad and uncle pretty much constantly since they’re both only passable in the kitchen. Its not unusual for Pidge, Hunk, and Lance to just invite themselves over for dinner

- Keith and Shiro’s foster parents passed before Kimi was born, but Lance’s family have all pretty much adopted the three of them and Alfor is Kimi’s Unofficial Official Grandpa, so she gets all the love

- Kimi has a verifiable ARMY of stuffed animals and she has names for all of them and she spends a solid hour and a half introducing them all to Allura the first time she comes over. Her favorite is the black stuffed lion that Shiro won for her at a fair that is literally twice her size

- Kimi is an absolute sweetheart and 100% Shiro’s daughter, but she was also partially raised by /Keith and Pidge/. She is the master of snark and Keith almost cries the first time Kimi gives Lance the perfect, silent “……… anyways,” glare

- She’s the flower girl at Lance and Keith’s wedding, and Lance ends up having to hold her the whole time he says his vows since she pretty much refuses to sit down since her dad is Keith’s best man and all her other uncles and aunts are in the wedding party. Shiro is forever miffed that Lance got a Cute Altar Moment with his daughter before he did

- Shiro learns ASL while he’s still adjusting to his new prosthetic and he and Keith spent a lot of long nights together trying to figure it all out while Kimi slept peacefully away on her dad’s chest

- Shiro is constantly questioning his decision to let his coworkers help watch Kimi because frankly they’re all a mess and he usually feels like he’s raising five kids instead of one. He loves them all dearly and he knows they love his daughter, but one can only walk in on Pidge trying to teach their six year old how to access his bank account to order new toys off Amazon so many times before Questioning Their Life Choices

- Lance and Coran knit all the baby stuff for Kimi once Shiro gets custody, like an obsurd amount. She could make a nest out of all the blankets they’ve made her over the years

Basically I just need all the Space Kittens raising a kid together and just forming this little tight-knit family over the years