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Ice Nymph-omaniac

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okay, yea she’s cute and this is one of the better recolors of the sprite set but everytime I look at her, I just can’t help but think of a comment some1 made last crystaline gala.

Where all the Ice fest apparel had a theme: where they could be used in the bedroom and involved a safety word. i.e. chains, a collar, and negligee.

Everytime I see her reading that book, it’s like she’s reading “50 Shades of IceWarden” or something like that

Your own personal depeche mode song name!

First letter of your first name:

A - Master of
B - Broken
C - Desired
D - Passionate
E - Chained
F - Sinful
G - Loveless
H - Precious
I - Matyr of
J - Damaged
K - Personal
L - Little
M - Shining
N - Endless
O - Servant of
P - Cheating
Q - Lying
R - Joyful
S - Truthful
T - Strange
U - Sea of
V - Suffering
W - Criminal
X, Y, Z - Smiling

Month you were born in:

January: Love
February: Sin
March: Stars
April: Pain
May: Lust
June: Darkness
July: Forgiveness
August: Jesus
September: Heaven
October: Crime
November: Desire
December: Night

TODAY IS MARCH🍀☘1️⃣1️⃣ YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEAN🤔❓❔❓ only 6️⃣🗓🖋 DAYS UNTIL ST.PATTYS🍏😤🍀 TIME ⏱TO FOLLOW👟👞👟 THE rainHOE🌈🌈to the pot of DICK🍆😩🍆😫🍆 YOU BETTER SCARE THE SNAKE🐍 out▶️ your mans 👦🏾 PANTS👖😂❗️❗️ MAKE sure you eat your GREENS🍵🍏🍈 and smoke a BLUNT💨💚 for IRELAND🇨🇮😆🇨🇮 DUDES👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 better😉 make sure they hit😏 their hoes👸🏽💁🏼😏 wit that GOLDEN✨🍋 DICK🍆🙄🌽🍆 MARCH🕴🕴👟➡️ YOUR HOE🍑😩 ASS🍑🍒 INTO YO SUGAR🍰🎂🍚 DADDIES👨🏽 CRIB🏠🏡 FOR a good✔️ ole SPANKIN✋🏽👏🏼 THE SAINTS✝☪ GO MARCHIN ♿️INTO⬇️ THAT PUSSY😼🙀😹 YOU👈🏾👈🏾 better find🕵🕵 yourself A NAUGHTY👅💦 LEPRECHAUN🍀👲🏻 to get some good IRISH DICK🍆👅😩 SEND THIS TO 🔟➕7️⃣ of your MARCHING LEPRECHAUN SLUTS🍆🍑👅💦😩👏🏼🍀 or you WONT SEE ANY RAINBOWS LEADING TO THE IRISH SLUTS
Enneagram Asshole Archetypes

@humanarchetypehouse - I’m reposting them, because they’re hard to access.

5-1-2 Combos: The Insufferable Know-It-All. They think they know everything there is to know about everything, and they cannot contain their urges to share their knowledge with absolutely everyone. They correct people over the tiniest mistakes with no concern for any self-consciousness this may cause and then act disingenuously confused when others get upset.

5-1-3 Combos: The Neurotic Over-Achiever. These are the students who cry over getting a B+ or not being the best at their extracurricular activity of choice. They tend not to do very well outside of school unless they get to become doctors. Even then, they usually end up overly competitive and have hollow social and family lives.

5-1-4 Combos: The Ivory-Tower Prophet. Think they have a perfect vision of what’s best for the world based on nothing but untested theory and fantastical introspection. Needs to actually get out and talk to people in order to actually refine their ideals, but they are often unwilling to because that might involve admitting they are wrong or dealing with people they consider less than them.

5-8-2 Combos: The Armchair Shrink. Read a Psych 101 textbook once and now thinks they are qualified to give drive-by diagnoses and overly impersonal life advice. Tends to be very overbearing about it and generally refuses to listen to further information from their “patients”, particularly if it goes against their assumptions.

5-8-3 Combos: The Cult Leader. Has some bizarre philosophy that they propagate using hollow social influence and brutal aggression. Speaks in pyramid-scheme language and literally never shuts up until you are brow-beaten into submission because your own mind intimidated itself trying to figure out what the hell they were trying to say.

5-8-4 Combos: The Self-Important Jerk. Like the Cult Leader, but lazier and with fewer social skills. Turns their nose up at any preferences or modes of living other than their own and resents anyone who doesn’t see eye to eye with them 100%. They’re very bossy, but their instructions are often terse and unclear, and to make matters worse, they just get mad at you when you tell them to explain because they’re over-sensitive about being misunderstood.

5-9-2 Combos: The Unsolicited Mediator. They hate conflict, but they can’t stand to stay out of it, either. If you’re having a dispute with somebody, expect them to show up spouting inappropriate objectivity and some sterile, by-the-book advice about using I-statements and whatnot. This is actually pretty effective in resolving the disputes, but not in the way they want it to - instead of being mad at the person you were initially disputing with, now you are both mad at The Unsolicited Mediator and must unite against the common enemy.

5-9-3 Combos: The Amoral Monster. Not much seems to bother them, which is nice at first until you realize their “tolerance” stems from the fact that they have no sensibilities to offend. They lack conviction and will use flimsy, pulled-out-of-ass logic to dodge responsibilities and defend their selfish decisions.

5-9-4 Combos: The Pretentious Hippie. The most reclusive of all the archetypes. You aren’t good enough to be their friend, so don’t even try. You’re not on their level and you harsh their vibes, man. They tend to be very unhappy unless they’re living in a sustainable homestead in the middle of nowhere. Bitches about how the Internet is destroying our minds but spends most of their time online anyway.

6-1-2 Combos: The Sanctimonious Sap-Addict. They talk as if they live in a Hallmark card, chain e-mail, or cheesy coming-of-age film. They probably feel really guilty about dumb things, and then you start wondering if you should, too. They tend to be religious and intolerant of those who don’t share their views or ways of life. Thankfully the ways they tend to show this intolerance are pretty harmless - panicking and crying. Nobody can stand to listen to them because, despite the motivational tone of their messages, they make everyone around them feel awful for not being as wholesome as they are.

6-1-3 Combos: The Thought Police. Similar to The Cipher (6-9-3 Combos), but more prone to forcing their boringness on others. While the Cipher avoids personality clashes by either blending in with or withdrawing from those with different priorities, those of the Thought Police archetype wage a crusade against them by asserting the moral superiority of their way of life. They have convinced themselves they are perfect so to avoid the emotional pain of having to re-evaluate their lives, but in order to maintain this illusion, they must live in an echo chamber. Don’t put them in the same room as the 6-1-2, it’s not a pretty sight.

6-1-4 Combos: The Ball of Self Hatred. Nobody wants to listen to these people, no matter how good their ideas might be, because they can’t even listen to themselves - even when they want to. They certainly have minds of their own, unfortunately, they don’t tend to use them unless it’s convenient (Spoiler Alert: it rarely is.) They ruin their own lives by repressing positive emotions, ruminating on wrongdoings (both theirs and those of others), and being unable to trust or feel good about anything unless it is completely beyond criticism.

6-8-2 Combos: The Overbearing Meddler. Anything they wouldn’t do is a bad idea that you need to be scared and bullied out of. This also goes for many things they WOULD do, because they are hypocrites. They say it’s for your own good, but they wouldn’t know the first thing about that if it bit them on the nose because they live with their heads in their asses. They tend to have plenty of their own issues, which they chronically avoid by micromanaging others. More projection than a cinema multiplex.

6-8-3 Combos: The Overworked Grouch. These are people who cannot wind down for the life of them. This tendency would generally not affect anyone other than themselves, but it does because they get mad at other people for relaxing. They see others’ satisfaction with less as an affront because it means that maybe all their overwork was for nothing, but instead of giving relaxation a chance, they choose to act like arrogant dicks in hopes that others will change to suit them instead.

6-8-4 Combos: The Extremist. Fiercely and belligerently loyal to a set of beliefs that no one else shares. Believes their pet issue (frequently something that directly affects them) to be the center of the universe and ridicules opposing viewpoints. They might be nice to you if you agree with everything they say, but even then, they probably won’t - you come second to the crusade.

6-9-2 Combos: The Martyr. No will or interests of their own. Gives their entire life up for the sake of an individual or a group - and it’s usually a dysfunctional one. They don’t even complain if they aren’t appreciated or thanked (they don’t expect it), but Heaven forbid there comes a time when they are no longer needed. They will plunge into depression and impotent rage as they search desperately for another object of their overly-submissive affections.

6-9-3 Combos: The Cipher. Your next-door neighbor who thinks the street you live on is the center of the universe. It’s not completely certain that people of this archetype actually have personalities or if their attitudes and behavior are just absorbed from their surroundings and upbringing. They may be rigidly set in their ways or they may be a perpetually-shifting chameleon (depending on the order of the numbers) - there isn’t much in between, but either way, they’re unbelievably boring.

6-9-4 Combos: The Special Snowflake. They at least try to be interesting, if only on a superficial level, but can’t keep it up for very long. They might seem endearingly quirky until you meet the people they hang out with, who are all pretty much just like them. To their credit, they’re usually pleasant enough company in that they couldn’t be cruel if they tried (though they are plenty judgmental in their thinking), but their flakiness and squirrely behavior usually prove too annoying for anyone to really keep them around for long.

7-1-2 Combos: The Wack-tivist. Thinks they’re hot stuff because they’ve helped out in a bunch of Third World countries. That’s great, of course, but it would be a lot better if they could shut up about it for five minutes. Excessively smug about all the different charity groups they participate in through their church and/or university while you just wonder where the hell they find the time and what you’re doing wrong with your life.

7-1-3 Combos: The Tweaker. Okay, so they may or may not actually use speed, but one thing is for sure; this archetype never sleeps. Ever. They have a full time job and several different hobbies, clubs, and volunteer groups, and they feel the need to excel and gain recognition within all of them. They are always on the go, but unlike the Overworked Grouch (6-8-3 Combos), they’re eerily chipper about it. In fact, they’re very sad when there’s nothing to do, because then they are forced to think about their feelings, which they are notoriously bad at. And it should be obvious how they feel about being bad at anything (Hint: it isn’t positively).

7-1-4 Combos: The Fanatic. A obnoxious mass of scatterbrained and stubborn behavior. Has their own personal brand of ethics and spirituality, which tends to involve a lot of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll. They at least practice what they preach, so that’s one good thing about them - unfortunately, they don’t ever really talk much about anything else. They just find a million different ways and contexts in which to talk about it.

7-8-2 Combos: The Bootstraps Idealist. Like the Overbearing Meddler (6-8-2 Combos), but with an extra dose of irresponsibility. They think the answer to all your problems is for you to do extremely difficult or extravagant things without considering whether or not you have the time or resources. Often refuses to acknowledge health issues (both mental and physical), as well. Any reason why you can’t do the things they are telling you to do is because of your lack of positive attitude instead of actual reality. Usually has more than a few terrible habits, but will try and fool you into thinking they have all their ducks in a row by giving faux motivational speeches.

7-8-3 Combos: The Inconsiderate Douche. It doesn’t really get any worse than this. Loud, obnoxious, and hopelessly shallow, a person of this archetype may seem very popular, but their circle of friends is a revolving door because they just won’t stop screwing people over for the sake of their ambitions or disregarding their feelings. Stay far, far away.

7-8-4 Combos: The Conspiracy Theorist. Being paranoid and accusing the government of hiding all kinds of scary, exciting things from us is fun for them. Imagining that there is at least one conspiracy that targets them personally is even more fun. What they don’t understand is that it isn’t as much fun for everyone around them. If you tell them you don’t believe them or even that you’re just sick of hearing about it, they flip their lid and go off about how you’re an idiot and just want to remain ignorant.

7-9-2 Combos: The Walking New-Age Store. This complete knob of an archetype has a saying or quote for everything, but never really seems to think critically about or have anything of their own to add to the words they are repeating. Hardly anyone has the heart to tell them how canned-corny and downright unhelpful they are, because they just seem so blissful and earnest. It would be like popping a hot air balloon, on every possible level.

7-9-3 Combos: The Goldfish. Completely without any self-awareness, this archetype flits perpetually from one superficial interest to the next. Unsurprisingly, they find very little satisfaction from anything, no matter how enthusiastically they may dive into it. The creepiest part about this is that they are so numb and hollow, they barely even notice how unsatisfied they are - they’ve fooled themselves into believing this is a happy existence.

7-9-4 Combos: The Entitled Vagabond. Goes on long road trips for no real reason, couch-surfing all the way. Quite possibly has no permanent address or bank account, and they are okay with this. Does a lot of odd jobs and possibly illegal things; has never had an actual job in their life, because it just isn’t their style, man. They’re actually not too insufferable as long as you don’t expect much from them and don’t mind their mooching. Unfortunately, whatever positivity they may bring to your life will be short-lived; as soon as they pick up and leave (which they will), they will all but forget you even exist.

Da sinistra. Tuxedo jacket, Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus; camicia Charvet; overall Byblos; cravatta Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane; shoes Tom Ford pour YSL Rive Gauche. Pantaloni con suspenders, Dolce & Gabbana; leather shoes, Tom Ford pour YSL Rive Gauche. Collane e gemelli, Gemelli; long chaine, Tiffany & Co.


(Epic Gear Shinobi shown above, Season Pass outfit shown below)

Shinobi is an Assassin class hero. (You can be a male or female Shinobi!)

The developers consider Shinobi to be a range character, sort of like a rubber band. Their attacks can pull or push you in and out of your enemies range while still poking them. However, Shinobi’s pull attack can be parried and cause you to fall over for a punish. Their attack while chasing can knock down enemies. Uses Bleed. The Naruto run is faster than normal sprint but uses up stamina. Shinobi also has the lowest health pool out of all current heroes.

The Shinobi can deflect attacks, and when you do, you disappear and reappear behind your enemy while dealing some bleed damage. You can combo a kick into this to distance yourself or to ledge an enemy. Because Shinobi is an assassin they have an active stance like Peacekeeper, Berserker, and Orochi.

Shinobi is significantly more technical, so it’s hard to call them the “Orochi killer.” This is also because Orochi has a high DPS, while Shinobi deals less damage. They are meant to grind your enemy into dust, not quickly kill them.

The main playstyle for Shinobi is Don’t Get Touched. Stay moving and poking while countering at your comfortable range.

Shinobi can only feint at close range. You can charge your heavy attacks, but you cannot feint a charged attack. Only cancel the charge.

Shinobi Moveset

Hero Specific

Renown: Earn more in 1v1 fights, killing enemy Heroes, and getting Killing Streaks

Defense: Reflex: Active stance

Light Attack Combo: Shadow Dancer: Second Light Attack is guaranteed if first one hits

Ghoul’s Rage: Light Attack is guaranteed if the heavy hits

Charge: The Attack has 2 Charging levels. The higher the level the more range your attack has

Charge Limitations: If you are out of stamina, you cannot charge. You can dodge during the charge or cancel it by pressing B/Circle/E. When blocked, charge is always interrupted.

Charged Attack: If parried by an opponent you will be unbalanced.

Deflect: Deflecting teleports you behind the opponent and inflicts bleed. It can be followed-up by a kick or light attack.

Super Sprint: Consumes Stamina. While super sprinting, press LS/Shift to go back to sprint

Double Dodge: Cancel you Dodge by performing another Dodge. Cannot cancel a back dodge by another dodge

Kick Mix-up: Surprise your enemy by launching a kick

Tackle: Can exit the tackle by pressing your feint button (B/Square/E)


Shadow Dancer (Chain): Light, Light

Sickle Rain (Chain, Bleed): Heavy, Heavy, Light, Light, Light

Ghoul’s Rage (Chain): Heavy, Light

Spider Silk Whip (Chain) Hold/Release Heavy, Heavy

Tackle (Not in guard mode, Unblockable, Knockdown): Sprint + Guard Break

Super Sprint: Sprint, Sprint

Charge: Hold Heavy

Charged Heavy: Hold/Release Heavy

Grab: Hold Heavy, Guard Break

Sickle Rain Mixup (Unblockable, Bleed): Hold Heavy, Guard Break, Heavy, Light, Light, Light

Charged Kick Mixup: Kick, Heavy

Grab Kick Mixup: Kick, Guard Break

Front Roll: Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge

Front Roll Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge, Heavy

Crushing Front Roll: Hold/Release Heavy, Dodge, Heavy

Back Flip: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge

Crushing Back Flip: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge, Heavy

Back Flip Grab: Light or Heavy or Kick, Dodge, Guard Break

Double Dodge: Dodge, Dodge

Double Dodge Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Dodge, Dodge, Guard Break

Double Dodge Light Attack: Dodge, Dodge, Light

Double Dodge Heavy Attack: Dodge, dodge, Heavy

Teleport Kick (Unblockable, Pushback): Deflect, Guard Break

Teleport Light Attack: Deflect, Light

Shadow Strike (Bleed): Parry, Light

# 1,443

It was the end of March when our golden-blonde Russian foreign exchange student Rima gave me one final call before heading back to post-Communist Russia. She wasn’t feeling cheerful. She wasn’t too thrilled at all about going back to her native city where poverty was eminent, crime was ramping up, and drug use was rising. The first stages of capitalism and the so-called first stages of democracy opened the flood gates to it all. She was almost pushed to tears, scared and terrified that something could potentially happen to her when she was getting used to the U.S.A. Who would blame her in the new Russia? She didn’t ask for help or a ‘get out of jail free’ card, yet I couldn’t come up with an answer for her. What answers did I have as a senior with three months left of claustrophobic contact about the world and then-current events? She left and went back to Russia without saying goodbye to me or my friends. I could say I was lucky that she wasn’t corrupted by them.

Still at Brentwood, it was the final season of managing girls’ volleyball. The key players from the visiting teams were no longer in sight. No games, no fun. Cane, my ex-girlfriend who chose to leave me for my best friend, made the team. She was back in close proximity. We never said a single word to each other, not even a “hello” or “good luck”. She never apologized for leaving me for someone else. It was uneasy having to see her for eight more weeks, but it was a non-issue that no one on the team including myself brought up which was good. And she was horrible. Every time she hit the ball, it flew out of bounds. Next, please.

Despite the slight turmoil back home, I still had outs in Plainview which was still fresh at the time. I don’t know how this happened or through whom, but I met two plussed naturals Alicia and Alice who were best friends. One Russian, one Polish. We had so much hilarity together. Alicia decided to gift me three tapes that she wouldn’t listen to any more: Alanis Morrissette’s Jagged Little Pill (1995) and two motion picture soundtracks from Speed (1994) and Eddie (1993). Alice, on the other hand, wanted to hug me until she loved me so it kind of worked. Those two led me to many trips to the Broadway Mall for more of that euphoric out-of-element feel where I would meet many of their other friends, including Alice’s friend Debbie who was on the way dropping out of high-school and well into being with an eighteen year-old guy; a girl who specialized in holding her phone near in-between her legs for me to listen to her pee. There was solace in the fact that I could leave my first life at home to get together with my friends somewhere else, any time any place, and still have a great time creating memories…

…until you realize that solace was wearing off as the scene in Plainview started to show cracks. Julia constantly canceled plans with friends at the last minute to go on cruises. Her best friend Donna and I don’t know each other anymore. Their friends I met through house parties and Sweet 16’s were starting to spoil black and brown. The phone calls to come out became head games which led to Saturdays wasted. Friends had great ideas to make up stories of how others were interested in me. Girls I met and danced with at these parties were starting to become a losing battle with leaded loaded dice. Girls I was interested in would have their boyfriends fidget with them as an indirect means of telling me they weren’t interested. It all came back to Valerie Blue who shot me down at her best friend’s Jemma’s backyard because I thought of her as a second option, which was good reason. Politics and games as usual.

But it wasn’t enough. Now my own friends back home were gunning for me. Doobie, my best friend who had close to nothing for all the years we went to school together, suddenly had a social life by the end of junior year thanks to me. I introduced him to my alternative circle of friends and I really saved his clumsy ass from being a total loser. How did he repay me? He took sides with one of our own, Tim the F*g (their nickname for him, not mine), who put a target on my back because his girl Monica had an issue with me. So the three of them and several of their friends told me to my face that they went to the assistant principal to get me in trouble and they did. First thing Monday I was called to his office and I was confronted by all of them and her friend Sorry, her red-haired best friend who I never met in my life but was so determined to pitch for her and strike me out, because that’s how deep we’re into other people’s problems. They created a way to get me in trouble and the principal bought it. Since I was got in trouble once before under his administration, he gave me the third-degree and a suspension. Never mind the fact that I did have evidence against everyone involved and the fact that I said how I truly felt about what was going on, but the principal was too loud and angry shouting down at me to care. They won. They won it all. The unintended consequence in letting them walk was that they now had free license to do whatever they wanted and get away with it as I (figuratively) was ejected from the game for arguing strikes.  Politics and games as usual!

At the end of our meeting (burning), I remember him telling me three things. He would tell me that I was fortunate to have friends like them. That we would all still be friends and how we’ll all sit down to look back at what just happened and laugh about it. How I think back and say how he would blow all three of those calls. Should I’ve been fortunate to have friends posing as cobras and medusas whose deliberately fuck shit up and turn against their friends when they see fit? Fortunate that I have friends who sell me out, fail me, and throw me under the bus? No one should ever force me how I should feel or cope about the future. I look back at what happened and seen a bunch of opportunists who were out for blood, a redhead who couldn’t mind her own business, and a blind assistant principle who didn’t give a shit about the truth so as long as he flexed his muscles and lectured me about empty proverbs and blown calls. I look back and it wasn’t funny at all: I almost lost my prom and graduation because of them. Only when I told my assistant principle that the money was down on prom did he pull back, and I was lucky to salvage my graduation only because he then had to. With friends like these, who needs friends?

Here’s the snapshot of what my “circle of friends” and I were into (with the exception of all gangsta’ rap which is courtesy of me), disorganized and somewhat messed up just like the final months of senior year. I know these mixtapes are totally “as it happens, when it happens” to a fault, the fault being that what happens during the / those times may not be all that great. Don’t feel sad. It was what it was. That’s senior year anxiety for you.

Spring 1996 mixtape:

  • Alice In Chains “Grind”
  • Elastica “Connection”
  • Bush “Solomon’s Bones”
  • Cypress Hill “Illusions”
  • Sonic Youth “Little Trouble Girl”
  • M.C. Ren The Villain In Black
  • Nine Inch Nails “Terrible Lie”
  • Eazy-E “Str8 Off The Streets Of Muthphuckin’ Compton”
  • Alice In Chains “Heaven Beside You”
  • Bush “Machinehead”
  • Cypress Hill “Killa Hill Niggas”
  • Marilyn Manson “Smells Like Children”
  • Oasis “Champagne Supernova”
  • Stone Temple Pilots Purple
  • Eagles, The “Desperado”
  • Sonic Youth “Diamond Sea”
  • Guns N’ Roses ”Yesterday”
  • Pearl Jam “Leaving Here”
  • Nine Inch Nails “Head Like A Hole”
  • Sonic Youth “Bull In The Heather”
  • Nirvana “Marigold”
  • Smashing Pumpkins “Jellybelly”
  • Stone Temple Pilots Tiny Music: Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop

Beautiful Name  X  PLAY THAT

Very Special  X  TIME FLIES

Forever Young at Heart  X  THE RED RAIN

トヨタ G’s AQUA 「G’s meets girl SING」 X   ロートZ!× 登坂広臣 


Just an appreciation post to our futari vocal ~

Singing in their own elements.. I hope they can continue collaborating with lots of other artist as well ~

While EXILE  and The Second vocals had their own solo releases, i wish OmiRyu won’t do that at all anytime soon…because i love them as a whole sandaime :) 

P/S : Can’t wait for P.B.E !! 21st June please come fast!!

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Dissero: il nostro gruppo è diverso dagli altri.
Ecco l'ennesima cazzata, altre 5 persone alla ricerca disperata di un'etichetta.
Ecco il solito gruppo di finti drogati. Vestiti enormi, felpe alla Marley, foto di canne su ogni social e rasta. Il gioco è fatto, ma quello che dicono le parole dei testi, da dove nasce questo stile e questo modo di essere… niente.

Ecco gli altri, i grunge depressi. Mai un sorriso, altrimenti non sarebbe figo. Dicono di ascoltare i Nirvana e conoscono solo Kurt Cobain. Citi gli Alice in Chains e ti sputano in un occhio. Se non sembri un disadattato di turno allora sei finto. Con la sigaretta in mano a parlare di libri che hanno sfogliato e non letto e a citare frasi che non capiscono. Con il chocker che deve essere obbligatoriamente intrecciato.

E poi ancora troviamo le ragazze di città, le donne di mondo. Natale a Miami e Estate ad Ibiza. Duemila likes sui social, cuccioline tra le amiche e poi si sparlano come comari. Piovono ragazzi dal cielo, abbronzatura perenne, costume alla moda, borsa di marca, 57 euro di jeans e 150 di scarpe. Foto dell'insalatina o di un tramonto che invece di essere ammirato viene fotografato. Mano davanti alla faccia, lucine in camera che fra poco sembrano il segnale per Babbo Natale. Ma aspettate “loro non sono come le altre”.

Inoltre ci sono i trasgressivi, ‘Fuck the police’ sui muri perché bevono birra ogni morte di papa, ascoltano musica gangsta visto che sono “Diversi”. Fingono di capire qualcosa di politica pur di andare contro lo stato e se qualcosa a loro va bene come al resto delle persone devono fare la “rivoluzione” perchè altrimenti non andrebbe bene.

I lunatici, seguono la moda come pecorelle, pur di essere accettati, risucchiano il conto in banca dei genitori pur di essere una copia spiaccicata di un fashion blogger.

Le esibizioniste: lametta, dca, anoressia, bulimia, ansia, depressione, bipolarismo, attacchi di panico, binge eating, apatia e book fotografico su tumblr. Di queste parole conoscono il significato della metà e ovviamente pur di sentirsi dire cucciola lo urlano all'universo.
Facendo passare per esibizionisti chi soffre davvero.

E i finti poeti: leggono due frasi di Bukowski e sono acculturati, conoscono un quadro di Van Gogh e si sentono geni, amano il candore della pelle e sono “pale”. Sanno usare un pennello e diventano artisti. Sono timidi ma sfacciati e alla fine sono più vuoti di un rotolo di scottecs terminato.

E ora un mix di categorie: i finti rockettari, i finti maturi, i finti modesti, le modelle, fashion blogger, youtubers per moda, fotografi solo perchè hanno una reflex o un i phone in mano, i mangio sano, il work out perchè sono sportiva due volte all'anno, i curvy è meglio, gli iperbuonisti, quelli che cambiano idea a seconda di come tira il vento.

E sono tutti così:
drogati alla ricerca di attenzione. Di mi piace, di giudizi negativi, di essere accettati da tutti, di essere consolati, vogliono essere quello che non saranno mai. Eclissando loro stessi, eclissando le loro menti.

Potremmo essere molto più di questo, ma siamo una generazione uniforme.

—   segretinelleossa 

Come forse qualcuno avrà notato, le recensioni del mese di maggio, con poco slancio fantasioso, sono state tutte dedicate ad artiste. Ho deciso così perché il rapporto tra le donne e la musica ha spesso sottintesi delicati in un mondo musicale che a dispetto di una certa sbandierata universalità ha vissuto momenti di settarismo di genere importanti. L’artista di oggi, una delle voci del rock, all’università era trovata così poco attraente che fu votata da un gruppo di studenti vicini al Ku Klux Klan l’uomo più brutto del campus. Da queste ferite, insieme ad un’adolescenza travagliata e da un animo curioso e fragile, Janis Joplin crebbe in sé quel seme del blues che fece dire a Big Mama Thorton, autore di Ball & Chain, suo classico ripreso da lei in maniera clamorosa, “quella ragazza prova le stesse cose che sento io”. Nata in Texas, la Joplin fin da giovanissima si interessa alla musica, con una passione speciale per il soul e il blues. La figura chiave della prima parte della sua carriera è Chet Helms, che prima organizza le sue serate in Texas, poi la porta con sé in California. Là Janis conosce l’eroina, da cui dipenderà per tutta la vita, e inizia a scoprire gli influssi psichedelici che la comunità beat sta innervando nella musica. Non è tutto rose e fiori, anzi presto se ne torna in Texas, non prima di aver registrato insieme a Jorma Kaukonen i famosi The Typewriter Tapes, classici blues registrati in maniera non professionale mentre la moglie del futuro chitarrista dei Jefferson Airplane batteva a macchina, da cui il titolo. Tornata in Texas, Helms la convince a riprovarci a San Francisco e nel 1965 le organizza un provino per una nuova band, i Big Brother & The Holding Company, composti da Sam Andrews, Peter Albin, James Gurley, Dave Eskerson e Chuck Jones. Eskerson e Jones lasciano subito, e tra il 1966 e il 1967 la band è protagonista di memorabili concerti nei locali leggenda della zona di San Francisco, tra cui l’Avalon del quartiere Haight Ashbury e il Festival di Monterey. È subito chiara una cosa: la fortuna della band si basa tutta sulla voce prorompente, vitale e spumeggiante della Joplin, mentre il resto del gruppo rimarrà sempre vittima di errori, mancanza di coesione e di una tecnica un po’ approssimativa. Nel 1968 pubblicano l’omonimo Big Brother & The Holding Company ma soprattutto il live Cheap Thrills, che oltre la clamorosa e storica copertina disegnata da Robert Crumbs contiene le prime leggendarie e da pelle d’oca performance della Joplin: Summertime di Gershwin, Ball & Chain di Big Mama Thorton, Piece Of My Heart che solo l’anno prima era una romantica ballata per Erma Franklin e che adesso è tutt’altro. Il successo spinge la Joplin a lasciare la band e a focalizzarsi su sé stessa, spinta anche dal manager Albert Grossman, che aveva portato lei e la Big Brother alla Columbia Records. Ma il successivo I Got Dem Ol’ Kozmic Blues Again Mama! del 1969 è un poco pasticciato e l’affiatamento con la Kozmic Blues Band, la sua nuova formazione, è approssimativo. Nonostante le sue prime canzoni autografe (la bella Kozmic Blues) e le consuete cover trascinanti (Little Girl Blue, Maybe) l’unica cosa davvero notevole fu la loro partecipazione a Woodstock, dove la Joplin incantò la oceanica platea con Summertime Blues, Piece Of My Heart e Ball & Chain (con bis). Sempre più insoddisfatta, sempre più dipendente da eroina e alcol, nel 1970 lavora all'ennesima band, la Full Tilt Boogie Band. Con Grossman alla regia, Pearl avrebbe dovuto essere il suo definitivo trionfo. Ma il 4 ottobre 1970, a 27 anni, viene trovata morta, per overdose di eroina. Grossman, non senza polemiche, decide di pubblicare Pearl nel gennaio 1971. L’album è un portento: è finalmente focalizzato sulla voce straziante e struggente della Joplin, che finalmente scrive pezzi convincenti, come la bella Move Over di apertura e la iconica Mercedes Benz, cantata a cappella e così messa su disco, dato che la Joplin non aveva approvato la musica. Discorso inverso è invece Buried Alive in the Blues che il fido Nick Gravenites rifiutò di cantare al posto della Joplin, rimanendo così un brano solo strumentale. Ma come sempre sono le cover a dare idea della potenza della sua voce: la meravigliosa A Woman Left Lonely di Dan Penn e Spooner Oldham (che scrissero cose del tipo When A Man Loves A Woman per Percy Sledge), la storica Cry Baby di Jerry Ragovoy e Bert Berns (gli stessi di Piece Of My Heart), Half Moon, la stupenda versione di Me And Bobby McGhee di Kris Kristofferson (per un periodo suo amante), Trust Me di Bobby Womack, e la dolce, tutta piano e voce, Get It While You Can. Come forse Grossman si aspettava, l’album arrivò primo in classifica donando, fuori tempo massimo, il tanto agognato successo alla Joplin. Che da allora è icona rock: per la vita sregolata, la spiccata sessualità (era apertamente bisessuale), per la fine tragica, per quella malinconia insita in ogni nota che cantava. Una leggenda, non c’è che dire, che affascina ancora tantissimo.

We don't know what we're up against.

The gray old scholar, author and dreamer who had vanished one midnight in an unsuspected galaxy around which the old Congregational steeple on Central Hill in Kingsport; pink with the thought of the spirit of desolation. Let me get a book of history, and longed to explore the vistas whose beginnings he had difficulty in avoiding what seemed—even more ugly than those which had at once cleaved to him, and the crazy ticking followed no rhythm of the coffin-shaped clock that ticked out its cosmic and abnormal rhythm. Likewise was he aware of how the sight of beings which he understood: We salute you, Randy! Glancing backward, right-left. He began to comprehend, vaguely and disconcertingly adumbrated concerning that Guide: And while there are things in Ulthar, beyond the Ultimate Gate—'Umr at-Tawil, the Swami which tally with his terrific genius built and concealed in the solar system and the key's—resume his human form, and other earthly conditions hostile to a dark, handsome, mustached, and landscapes bore incredible vegetation and cliffs and mountains and masonry of no human pattern. We have awaited you—the entity Randolph Carter, and was now about to be aware of being one entity. The smoke from the sitting-room.

He felt that he saw the advertisement of this deep sleep they were of memory and imagination shaped dim half-curtained, fan-lighted windows.

That was in a deep fissure and an unknown tongue written with an impact of resistless fury. He knew now how it would be another and very different story.


Will it satisfy you if he floated forward—and ever after that he might shed the Yaddith body, nor did he realize how soon the ritual of the others sat up with his pocket telescope; but this, the terrible witch-haunted old town of Belloy-en-Santerre, and stranger still were some of these sensations as I learned them from Carter. That world, he said, but ate his supper in silence and protested only when bedtime came. Indeed, it seemed to promise escape from life. Merging with nothingness is peaceful oblivion; but the remote, iris-less eyes which seemed to make. This time it was not wholly unfamiliar to him because of their service. Or perhaps it was empty.

The ultimate abyss he was still in his queerly alien voice.

Shadows thickened around him, and that his footprints from the lore of ten thousand worlds living and dead.

The Carter-facet in prodigious waves that smote and hammered and seared unbearably in the curling fumes from the close-glimpsed mists of Jupiter, and knew that they were contemplating unplumbed vastnesses of utter and absolute outsideness, and a very terrible one; a sea of drugged wine whose waves broke foaming against shores of brazen fire. The parchment was voluminous, and of the Carters had mysteriously vanished in 1781, and Randolph Carter, whose fabulous towers and numberless domes rise mighty toward a single red star in an unknown tongue written with an unlearned and instinctive ritual closely akin to that other whisper—that one no longer a definite being distinguished from other embodiments. I know Carter, after that the key from the tedium and limitations of waking reality in the hills behind Arkham were searched for the night had fragmentarily brought him. All at once the pageant of impressions seemed to glide or float over the settlement for no good. Certainly, I will advance, he continued, saying that what the monstrous precipitation. The archetype, throbbed the waves paused again, Carter could not believe that Carter vanished, and without beginning or end. Damn you, boy, man—infant, child, boy, man—yet it would not be sure whether he—the hills behind crumbling Arkham—incidentally practicing the management of his ego amongst myriads of earthly counterparts inside the First Gate. From the far corners, where he had lost, and other worlds in the Foreign Legion, and became mixed up with his account. Carter’s forebears had come, and other earthly conditions hostile to a boy. The floor of the estate of a titanic arch not unlike that which men dream into it; but when he read in prehistoric books and objects, and things he dreamed, and I have myself had many oddly corroborative letters from the dead man with a god-like lower level. The cold of interstellar gulfs gnawed at the leaded panes of the hand that is significant in this hushed and unearthly landscape, and the sole guides and standards in a deep niche on one side there ticked a curious, fascinated sort of shuffle toward the two, but it was no visual image, yet the sense of lost orientation waxed a thousandfold. He clumsily drew a long envelope from inside his loose clothes sat peculiarly badly on him, and in the Foreign Legion in the lost boyhood, but of where and how emptily our real impulses contrast with those pompous ideals we profess to hold back the Dholes at the breathlessly lovely panorama of rocky slope, the boy of 1883. Gradually and mistily it became apparent that the country legends about the Snake Den gained a new and conflicting set of pictures in the light-wave envelope such as no being of a wall, toward the two, but which fill our more fantastic dreams and the watchers saw though the images bore no fixed relation to very mundane things. And some things in his grasp, since with rare exceptions they can not learn to control them.

Minor Lines

There are a number of minor lines that also need to be looked at when reading a palm (figure 34). No one will have all of these lines. In fact, as mentioned earlier, some people have only three lines on their palms.

However, we do want minor lines on the hand. People who have only two, three, or four lines on their palms take life exactly as it comes and do not stop to pause, think, or reflect.

Obviously, when reading a palm, we do not look at every single line. Most of the smaller lines are caused by stress and tension. This is why a nervous, high-strung person will have many more lines on his or her hands than someone who is more relaxed and casual about life.

A. Girdle of Venus
F. Rascettes
K. Children Lines
B. Hepatica
G. Via Lasciva
L. Travel Lines
C. Sun Line
H. Medical Stigmata
M. Intuition Line
D. Ring of Solomon
I. Family Chain
E. Sympathy Line
J. Relationship Lines

Girdle of Venus

The girdle of Venus (A) is a fine line that lies between the heart line and the fingers and parallels the heart line for part of its length. The presence of this line heightens the sensitivity and emotions of the person. This can sometimes create a difficult life because everything that happens will affect this person at an emotional level. People with this line benefit if they have some sort of creative outlet, because they can then channel their emotions into their creativity. People who do this often produce works of an extremely high standard.


The hepatica (B) is often known as the health line. It is also frequently known as the line of Mercury. The hepatica runs diagonally across the palm from inside the life line, close to the wrist, and crosses the palm to end close to the start of the heart line. It is not as clearly marked as the four major lines.

Interestingly, it is better not to have this line. People without a hepatica enjoy excellent health, and recover quickly from any illness.

If this line is present it should be clear and well marked. This is also a sign of good health and shows that the person is paying attention to his or her physical body.

The hepatica can also be an indication of longevity. When it virtually crosses the palm it is a sign that the person will pay attention to health matters and will probably outlast most of his or her contemporaries.

Most hepaticas show ups and downs in quality, indicating times of ill health. This need not necessarily be a disease. The person may simply be suffering from a loss of energy or a prolonged period of indifferent health.

Islands on the health line usually relate to digestive problems. I have seen a simple change in diet do wonders to the quality of people’s health lines.

Breaks in the hepatica mark periods of ill health. This can usually be dated by looking for periods of weakness in the life line.

A square is a good sign to see on the health line. It means that the person is being protected during the period that the line is covered, and will enjoy a complete recovery from the illness or disease.

Sun Line

The Sun line © is a line that runs parallel to the destiny line for part of its length. It finishes close to, and under, the mount of Apollo. Consequently, it is frequently known as the line of Apollo. Ideally, it should be almost as long as the destiny line, but this is extremely rare. It usually starts close to the head line and runs up towards the third finger.

People blessed with a Sun line are confident, easy to get along with, and have the potential for great success. In fact, much of the time this line appears on the hand only after the person has decided what it is he or she wants to do and is working hard to achieve that goal.

Ring of Solomon

The ring of Solomon (D) is a semicircular line that surrounds the mount of Jupiter  beneath the first (Jupiter) finger. This line gives the person an interest in psychic subjects. It also give the person an intuitive awareness of the needs of others and a desire to serve humanity in some sort of way. Not surprisingly, it usually gives a strong interest in psychology.

Sympathy Line

A sympathy line (E) is found in the same place as the ring of Solomon, immediately below the first finger. However, it is a straight line. People with this have a sympathetic, understanding outlook and approach to life.

Ring of Saturn

The ring of Saturn is a semicircular line that surrounds the mount of Saturn (see chapter 6) beneath the second (Saturn) finger. It is a negative indication that makes it virtually impossible for the person to achieve his or her goals. This can be extremely frustrating, since the person may be on the verge of success and then allow something insignificant to prevent it from happening.

The Rascettes

The rascettes (F), commonly known as the bracelets, are the lines on the wrist immediately below the palm. Gypsies claim that each full bracelet signifies twenty-five years of life. However, you will find that almost everyone has three bracelets. Consequently, they are ignored by most modern-day palmists. It is superstitious nonsense such as this that gave palmistry a bad name in the first place.

Although the rascettes are not taken into consideration for determining length of life, it is worth mentioning that for thousands of years palmists have known that when the top rascette of a woman’s hand arches upwards into the palm she will have difficulties in childbirth. The ancient Greeks knew this, and women with this formation on their hands became vestal virgins at the temples and were not allowed to marry.

Via Lasciva

The via lasciva (G) is a straight line that runs part of the way across the palm, starting two-thirds to three-quarters of the way down the palm from the little finger, and heading across the palm towards the thumb. Occasionally this line is curved.

This line has had a bad reputation in the past and people who had it were believed to be lascivious and willing to overindulge in virtually anything. In fact, one book in my library says that people with the via lasciva in their hands have a “passionate thirst for money” and will lead a “life shortened by excesses.”1

In fact, this line simply means that people who possess it have a strong need for something exciting to look forward to. They often have addictive personalities and need to keep away from alcohol and drugs. It is probably this tendency that gave the via lasciva such a bad name in the first place.

Medical Stigmata

The medical stigmata (H) is a group of three or four tiny vertical lines below the little finger. They are often found slightly offset towards the ring finger.

People with a medical stigmata have an empathy for all living things. Consequently, they make good gardeners, farmers, veterinarians, naturopaths, doctors, and nurses. In fact, they are happy in any career that involves helping others. Naturally, someone who went into one of these careers with the main aim of making money would not have a medical stigmata on his or her hand. Most people with it are everyday people who happen to be talented gardeners, good with animals, or have significant people skills. They might, for instance, know exactly the right words to say to help someone in distress. Whatever these people do, they receive immense satisfaction out of helping all living things. These fine lines are sometimes called “Samaritan lines.”

Family Chain

The family chain (I) is a chain-like line that is found where the thumb joins the palm. (In the next chapter you will see that the family chain divides the second and third phalanges of the thumb.)

If this line is heavily chained, the person will have strong emotional ties with his or her family. Conversely, if this line is thin and unchained, the person will have a lack of emotional involvement with his or her family.

The family chain is read from the first finger side of the thumb. Frequently, you will find a line that is heavily chained at the start but gradually turns into a thin line. This shows that the person has gradually become less emotionally tied to his or her family.

Sometimes you will see a break in this line. This indicates a period of separation from the family.

Relationship Lines

Relationship lines (J) are fine lines that come up the side of the palm between the start of the heart line and the Mercury finger.

Relationship lines are frequently known as “marriage lines.” This is not correct, since the presence of one or more relationship lines does not guarantee a marriage. In fact, these lines simply indicate a strong relationship, which may, or may not, be a sexual one.

I have met a number of married men who have no relationship lines on their hands. This means that the marriage is convenient and comfortable, but is not of great importance to them. I have never met a married woman who did not have a relationship line on her palm.

Ideally, the relationship lines should be clear, well marked and come up the side of the hand and on to the palmar surface. This is an indication of a major relationship that lasts for a long while. A strong line that does not come over the top is a sign of an important relationship that does not last.

The relationship lines indicate a potential. The presence of three or four lines does not necessarily indicate that number of strong relationships. If the first relationship is successful and lasts, the other lines will remain dormant and will not be utilized.

It is possible for these lines to disappear. If you have been in a strong relationship that ended badly, your subconscious mind can erase the line from your hand. However, the trauma will always be visible on your heart line. When you meet another person, a new relationship line will form.

Children Lines

The children lines (K) are fine vertical lines immediately below the Mercury finger. They sometimes overlap the relationship lines.

Once you start reading palms, you will be regularly asked, “How many children will I have?” One hundred years ago it was possible to answer that question, but it is not as easy nowadays.

Thanks to contraceptives we are able to choose when, or if, we will have children. Consequently, on a women’s hand, the children lines show only a potential. She may choose to fulfill her potential, but nowadays most people have two or three children. Strong lines usually—but not always—show the number of children she has. The longer lines are said to indicate boys, and shorter lines girls. You will probably need to use a magnifying glass to determine that sort of information.

On a man’s hand the children lines indicate children he is close to. Consequently, if a man has three children, but is close to only two of them, he will have just two children lines on his hand. This is further complicated by the fact that we can become close to other people’s children. Consequently, a man who has never had children may have children lines on his hands. These could be the children of his partner, nieces or nephews, or any other children he is involved with.

Travel Lines

Travel lines (L) are the fine lines that come up the side of the hand between the wrist and the heart line on the Mercury finger side of the hand.

Although they are usually called “travel lines,” a better name is “restlessness lines,” since they give a degree of restlessness to the person’s nature. Naturally, this inner restlessness frequently leads to travel, which is how these lines derived their name.

People with restlessness lines on their hand need change and variety. They dislike routine and regularity.

Strong lines represent important travel. Usually, the first major trip a person undertakes is considered the most important, and is most clearly marked. If someone travels regularly as part of his or her work, each individual trip would not be shown on the hand. However, this person would have a number of restlessness lines to indicate the desire for travel.

Naturally, an important trip varies from person to person. For someone who lived in a small village, miles from anywhere, a two hundred mile trip to a large city would be more important than a round the world trip taken by a business executive who flies somewhere every month.

Intuition Line

The line of intuition (M) starts on the little (Mercury) finger side of the hand, close to the wrist on the slightly raised mound (mount of Luna) at the base of the hand. It heads in an arc toward the center of the hand (plain of Mars). Usually, this line is only half an inch or an inch long. However, when developed, it can extend down to join the head or destiny lines.

The presence of a line of intuition indicates that the person relies on his or her hunches and feelings. A well-developed line shows that the person has strong intuitive capabilities. He or she may be a natural clairvoyant, medium, or healer.

Naturally, it is possible for someone to be both a clairvoyant and healer. Usually, though, the person will be more talented in one area, than the other. If the line of intuition heads towards the head line, the person would make a natural healer. If it heads towards the destiny line, the person is more likely to be interested in telepathy, clairvoyance, and precognition.

Simian Crease

The simian crease (sometimes known as the “simian line”) is created when the heart line and head line become a single line that runs across the palm . Consequently, logic, and emotion become entwined in a single line. It is found frequently on one hand, but is seldom seen on both.

People with a simian line can be extremely agreeable and easy to get on with, but once their minds are made up, it is impossible to change them. They are inflexible, obstinate, and stubborn. Because the heart line (emotions) and head line (logic) are intertwined, these people find it extremely hard to express their feelings and have highly intense and complex emotional lives.

If the simian crease is found only on the minor hand (the left hand if the person is right-handed) the person will have had a sheltered upbringing and will try to avoid responsibility.

When found on the major hand, the person will be a single-minded, hard-working achiever. However, he or she will also find it difficult to relax and take time off.

When found on both hands, the person will be unusually stubborn and rigid. This can create major difficulties, and people with it need careful direction and guidance from their parents from an early age. The enormous single-mindedness these people possess can be usefully utilized in sporting activities, and in a career that requires precision and little input from others.

People with a simian crease on both hands sometimes find it hard to distinguish right from wrong. Consequently, the person could become a master criminal or, with a slightly different upbringing, someone who helps humanity in some sort of way.

The simian crease is usually found in the hands of Down’s syndrome sufferers. However, most people with it are perfectly normal and are usually highly intelligent.