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Raise your hand of BTS’s new album is the only reason you’re gonna make it through the school year

so far (for my multi-fandom peeps)

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Things My Friend (a) Said While Watching Kpop Things: PART (2): EXO's 'KOKOBOP' MV For The First Time
  • Before:
  • "EXO? the group that keeps loosing members?"
  • me: okay 1, too soon, 2 kinda true tho
  • "OH are they the guys who did 'Lucky One'? The song you're so obsessed with?"
  • me: ,,,,,,yes
  • During:
  • "are,,, those dreads? is he wearing dreads?"
  • "Still looks like a god tho"
  • "are they going for reggae? i'm feeling reggae"
  • *mhmmm* "me too -OH tHISE BODY ROLLS"
  • "'Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop' makes no sense but i'll take it"
  • "'I Think I Like It'" me too"
  • "I like his hair - IS THAT A MULLET?"
  • me: *dying*
  • "This whole thing is just aesthetic"
  • "Where are they? in like the Bahamas? the Caribbean? can they come to my house?"
  • *Talking about D.O* "I think I like him, nice voice, nice face, nice hair - is that natural?"
  • "Who's the guy doing the 'awooo's'?"
  • me: Xiumin
  • "I like his face,,,, and voice"
  • "I'm just gonna have to get over the dreads aren't I?"
  • "Are these tattoo's real?"
  • me: no
  • "idk if i'm relieved or not, some of them look cool
  • "UNICORN HAIR! Wait is that one Chanyeol?"
  • me: *nods*
  • "cool I know people. Rapper dude, right?"
  • *Chen sings chorus* "I like his voice too."
  • "You know what, I like all their voices."
  • "dancing on point though. are they always this good?"
  • "was they a galaxy in a toilet? sweet"
  • "I like these transitions mate, their trippy af but their cool"
  • "I count 8, I thought you said there were 9?"
  • me: Lay, Yixing, isn't in this comeback
  • me: *Just laughing, like always*
  • "I like these vintage video effects."
  • "How are all of their faces so,,,, nice to look at?"
  • "Hamburgers in the sky. Okay no biggie"
  • "ChanYEOL IS BACK"
  • "Mullet Man™"
  • "Who's Mullet Man?"
  • me: Baekhyun
  • "Nice Face™ Number 1"
  • "Boi *clapping after every word* Get Your Feet, Off That Table"
  • *Talking about Xiumin* "Is he,,, high?"
  • "Self Driving Car Of The Future"
  • "I sEE ABS"
  • *LiSteN* "I... I don't know if I like that"
  • "Okay... ball becomes fireworks. Logical."
  • *singing along to the English of the chorus*
  • After:
  • "yeah okay that was cool."

The days are long–
unbearably so, sometimes–
yet the years are short.
They tell you this,
but you don’t grasp at first
how right they are.

Memorize the moment, and then the next, and the next…

Just yesterday he fit on my chest;
Now he’s almost too heavy to pick up.
She was just born yesterday, wasn’t she?
And yet she’s walking and we are planning
a first birthday party.
I ache for his first soft golden curls, now long cut;
For her tiny swaddled body, now stretched out in bed.
Time isn’t always kind to a mother.

Memorize the moment, and then the next, and the next…

There’s no way to stop time,
but would I really want to if I could?
Each day, week, month, year
is new to their eyes and mine;
and aren’t I lucky for this chance
to walk beside them through it all?

Memorize the moment, and then the next, and the next…

React to K-Pop

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Zhang Yixing/Lay x YouTuber!Reader - Fluff

Words: 4.9K

Summary: It all started when you, a YouTuber, got invited to a famous react channel to react to EXO. Being a huge fan of them, your reaction sparked an interest in not only your fans and their fans, but EXO themselves.

A/N: This was a request from @icehooligan - Iโ€™m actually SO sorry it took so long, but it was really fun to write! Thank you again!

โ€œYour voice is just amazing!!โ€

โ€œIf you had a concert, iโ€™d definitely go!โ€

โ€œSheโ€™s so prettyโ€

The corner of your lips lifted when you read the comments to your latest song cover of a popular pop song. Glancing at the view count, you pearly whites shined at the 1.2 million views. You kicked your legs in the air and spun on your chair, smiling brightly for achieving your goal of 1 million views in just three days. You leaped out of the chair and stretched your arms.

โ€œAhhhh quitting my job was such a great choice!โ€ You exclaimed to nobody in particular so you glanced at your plants. โ€œThanks for always being there for me.โ€

Poking a leaf of your innocent succulent, you sat back down with a radiant smile ever present on your gleaming face, adding to the appeal. Inhaling deeply, you closed your eyes and allowed the sunlight to seep through your curtains to caress your face gently. You soaked in the heat of the sun and sighed.

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