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eene-fangirl  asked:

What is your favorite Edd line?

Oh man, but there’s so many! I don’t know how one is supposed to quantify which one is best! So I’ll list a bunch of favorites.

#1. “Greetings microorganisms! Hop aboard! Welcome, bacteria! Oh, happy day!” (Cleanliness is Next To Edness)

#2. “I’m conversing with puerile imps.” (Take This Ed and Shove It)

#3. “Remind me to ask you how you did that, Ed.” (Ed, Ed and Away)

#4. “Why are Eddy’s clothes lying on my floor? Is he running around naked again?!” (Eeny, Meeny Miney Ed)

#5. Anything in this video.

I like sassy Edd. Also Edd making adorable noises.

dkthunderiv  asked:

a concept: when simon and athena are alone (and by alone i mean when none of their friends are around to hold this over simon's head), he calls her dear and other comparable terms of endearment in a 'worried-though-i-damn-well-know-i-shouldnt-be' mother hen fashion?

It’s so good it’s too good I’m wiping away tears as we speak

Athena does NOT stop laughing the first time he does it, and Simon’s a sourpuss, but he does it again later that night, and she tells him she doesn’t mind it. Just so long as he doesn’t get any ideas and thinking she’s some 11 year old girl again.

He is CERTAINLY a mother hen when it’s just them hanging out. He’s such a dad/brother/uncle to her and always makes sure she has enough food and if she falls asleep on him (which probably happens a lot) he’s getting her to bed proper. And he always manages to make it seem like he’s annoyed for having to do these things, but Athena can hear the truth and also she knows Simon better than anyone else bye

Everyone probably wonders what their friendship is really like since Public Athena and Simon are different than Private, Best Bros Athena and Simon. It’s the best friendship, they pick on each other all the time and have nice heart to hearts and there is nothing more pure in this world amen 



To the boy with the large blue eyes:

You barely know me and we barely speak. But when we do, my heart flutters. My mind instantly thinks of the beautiful crescendo of violins present in the beginning of Gustav Holst's Jupiter, Bringer of Jollity from his infamous piece The Planets, Opus 32. I want to tell you that I like you, but I feel you just know. Sometimes there is a knowing gaze in your eyes. With me it is not impossible since I tend to wear my emotions on my face. The thing is, my dear, I want to share beautiful things with you. By that I mean the ideas that constantly stay with me, those that are too precious too share with anyone else. But I know I can’t do that. This is because we treasure different things, different people, and different ideas. Every fiber of my being wants to reconcile these differences; however doing so will only cause me pain. I speak to my mother of you. She told me to embrace the pain of wanting what I don’t have. You see, I have the luxuryof not knowing you completely. The reason being that I can leave so much to the imagination. This all I want to say to you.

To the boy with the deep hazel eyes: 

I have only spoken to you once. Even still, there seems to be a deep sort of something in your eyes. You also have a strange place in my heart. The thing is I am afraid to give my heart to someone. What if the burden of my heart is too great to bear? What if I am not willing to carry the burden of your own heart? I, too, want to share beautiful things with you. I want to speak of things that I will never understand. I want to read and discuss books with you. Have you ever had the luxury of watching someone from afar? Have you ever embraced the anonymity of doing so? I do no ask you from a place of twisted desire, rather I ask you from a place of genuine curiosity. It is pleasant to think of the things that can and will be or the things that never were and never will be. In all this I must remember that the heart is a delicate as it is wicked and deceitful, for I cannot dictate its deepest desires. So there you have it , my dear.

to the both of you:

I have done a dangerous deed. We all need to live a little, ya know?


The girl who can barely speak who also likes to bake sugar cookies

ask-heretohelp  asked:

How do you feel about Misa? Both as a friend, a person, and romantically~

I don’t… know what you mean by romantically… 

I’ve been on my own for most of my life, so I never really… “fell in love”?… I have no idea how it even feels like… and I don’t know how to identify those feelings really…

Misa is great… She’s so funny and open minded… She makes friends so easily and everyone likes her a whole lot… It makes me… kind of jealous actually… But at the same time it’s also really inspiring!

She really inspires me to be braver… and most importantly… she makes me feel… well… like I belong? Being a legendary Pokémon can be… lonely. Specially when you’re always hiding… like me…

I don’t mind being alone… But to be honest… I really like her company… Even though I feel kind of nervous around her, I’m glad we can be friends…

((You sure are persistent, aren’t you? :3c))

Esfreguei o queixo enraivecido enquanto lia a nova noticia pro Profeta Diário, descente daquilo. Como se já não bastasse ter acordado com um berrador irritante de minha mãe, ainda tinha que lidar com olhares mais curiosos e feios do que eu já estava acostumado a receber. “Ah, vai pra porra.” Xinguei assim que joguei o jornal no gramado do jardim, mas logo que levantei o olhar pude perceber a presença de mais alguém ali. “Não foi pra ti, antes que pergunte. Foi pra esse diabo dessa Skeeter. Acredita que agora eu virei, aparentemente, um assassino?”