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everyone’s making jokes about how reigen’s gonna stop ???% but honestly? i feel like reigen isn’t going to try to stop him? i feel like reigen’s going to walk with ???% to tsubomi and just. take it all in his stride

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I hate b/b/r/a/e but I don't understand why it is dead? What is going on?

BB’s actor for the new live action show was cast, and he’s a one Ry.an Pot.ter, who is an adult.

Ra.e’s actress is only about 14-15, I believe.

So canonically, for the live action show, it’s dead-o-rino. BBR shippers have a way of pushing and demanding for their ship no matter what incarnation it is (/gestures at TTG and the post 03 comics) so to have such a large gap between actors means nothing will happen between the characters outside of friendship. I’m not sure if there’s more to it than that yet, but that’s what I’ve gathered.

So basically the rest of us who have had to deal with the shippers the last 10-ish years are living. It’s plenty petty, but as someone who’s been attacked for not shipping it, I’m v happy.


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Ultimate bias: My hope, my angel, Jung Hoseok. If we’re counting other groups as well than Chanyeol from EXO (i have other biases in other groups but they don’t really come close to these two…maybe Youngjae frm got7 idrk..)

Ultimate bias wrecker: Kim Seokjin and the meme himself, Jeon Jungkook. These two they really… give me a hard time…TT

Favorite kpop song: …..currently? I’m Fine by VROMANCE, Roach by Moonmoon, and this song by AKMU that i forgot the name of… but it was a bop

First kpop song: first song i ever heard?? save me - bts… song that actually got me into kpop?? OVERDOSE BY EXO LKAJDSFKJDSA THATS STILL MY JAM

Favorite kpop album/single: ooh tricky… i REALLY liked the Dark and Wild Album, as for singles I think I’d have to go with The Manual by Eddy Kim..(not sure if that counts..)

Favorite kpop ship: taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook taekook (also..yoonmin wOW)

Hard stan or soft stan: soft stan plz im smol and innocent

Favorite kpop company: um i guess big(s)hit?? i dont really know enough about the other companies to judge but based off of what ik, bighit would probably be the way to go

Backstory of how you got into kpop: oooh boy how do i keep this short? okay..

1. I watched this behind the scene of tae’s scene in INU where he stabs that guy

2. I completely forgot about it

3. Timeskip to a few months later I saw the Save Me MV… I was interested but not interested enough to really care

4. Timeskip to anoTHER few months later and I hear Overdose by EXO, long story short i completely fell in love with EXO

5. I remembered the Save Me MV after a while stanning EXO, BS&T showed up in my recommended so I watched it and basically abandoned all my former EXO-L glory to become bts trash

lmao thats basically it

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sarah`s pretty power hungry , ngl . she , most likely , will not rest until she gets what she wants . it`s insane to me how persuasive she can be when it comes to certain things . 

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what thing did you do that you regret😱

opened up to someone. it was one of those things where it was either gonna go well or blow up in my face and it’s more or less taking a wrong turn and i’m just over it. im not going to wait around for someone to realize they want me in their life or not, you know? like if they do then they can make the effort but im done putting myself out there just to get basically ignored again.


Have u heard this…?
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