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Okay, everyone talking about this or that in season four, but I think more importantly we should be asking; Where is Sendak? Because, we know he isn't dead from the pod putting him to a slumber. I'm wondering where he could be without his other arm.

anon asking the real questions here. the T R U E cause of the rift in the team


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Hey, do you by any chance know the fic where Derek moves in to the mountains (I think it’s the mountains) and stiles finds him there while attending college in the town???

Shot in the dark here, but is it this one?  -Emmy

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In Quiet, A Favor by Helenish 

(12,619 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

“You like happy endings, huh?” Stiles says, lying pressed in against his back, sliding his fingers along the edge of Derek’s chest, along his ribs and up his sternum.