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exo stuff that i’m never forgetting:


-suho and kris being the eternal parents

-EXO showtime

-jongin’s laugh

-i got that good good

-suho as a rv member


-their first music show win

-growl and the one take

-jongin’s hat falling 

-sehun + bubble tea


-’chicken is not my style’

-manly luhan

-actor soo

-chanyeol being scared of soo

-tao wearing sunglasses inside the dorm


-the really embarrassing/hilarious wolf teaser




-lay humping the floor but being stopped by his mom aka suho

-haunted house 

-’oh shit’ by Park Chanyeol

-chen’s vocal range

-xiumin’s high note

-EXO-K ‘history’ dance practice video

-shaking pants

-super powers

-11 minutes

-depressing christmas songs all the time

-lay owning SM after being the only chinese member left

-MAMA performances

-specifically the 2013 one


-’my lady’ live performance

-sekai dancing on water

-’artificial love’ performance

-acoustic medley

-’open arms’ cover

-chanyeol’s rap on ‘lightsaber’ and ‘overdose’

-teasers featuring 75% by kai

-pathcode teasers

-baekhyun’s hands

-new abs all the time


-lay’s solo debut album breaking guiness world records

-beagle line

-kim bros

-kai’s ‘deep breath’ solo stage

-EXO-K singing in spanish

-EXO next door

-heart attack VCR

-EXO as little chickens on ‘happy camp’

-chen whinning

-lipstick chateau

-blow it like a flute

-rich suho

-everyone just wants xiumin to talk

-vocals everywhere

-dancing af

-baekhyun’s high note in ‘el dorado’

-tree of life

-’unfair’ stages

-everyone teasing suho

-they’re really random

-chanyeol is the most multitalented person ever

-intro dubstep

-lay + butts


-english covers

-cringe moments

-EXO-M ‘two moons’ dream kpop fantasy concert performance

-tao + martial arts

-the video they imitate animals

-breaking every record ever


-’when the skies and the grounds were one legends through there twelve forces nurtured the tree of life. an eye of red forces created the evil which covered the heart of tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry.
to intent an embrace for heart of tree of life, the legends hereby divide the tree in half and hide each side hence time is overturned and space turns askew.
the twelve forces divide into two and create two suns that look alike, into two worlds that seem alike. the legends travel apart. the legends shall now see the same sky but shall stand on different grounds, shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies.the day the grounds begin a single fault before one sky in two worlds that seem alike, the legends will greet each other.t
he day the red forces purify and twelve forces reunite into one perfect root - a new world shall open up’

A/N: feel free to add more stuff, i was bored

I’ve been listening to s/c/a/r/e/c/r/o/w for 30 minutes and im about to cry like holy shit i just love this song so much the lyrics are so amazing and the guitar at the beginning i just…. i cant… too beautiful i cant comprehend it

A late birthday gift for the lovely @ciy-e. A hardworking admin in the Discord art server I’m residing in, and a wonderful friend!

Fun fact: I started on this last December as a thank you for maintaining the art server. But the thought of backgrounds, coloured linework, and picking colours just art blocked and delayed me for months. Until now where I forced myself to finish it, since Ciy’s birthday already went past wehhhh

I’m wondering if whichever admins answers this (or all three of you!) can list off your absolute favorite fic for each one of the ships? (Like… all of them 😋) also, Admin Talia, I love your writing!! ❤️

asdfghjkl THANK U SO MUCH CMERE SO I CAN GIVE U A HUG *attacks u with love*

and this is a hard one whew, so I’m gonna do what admin nana did and list ones that come to mind first but theyre also ones that I’ve either read more than once or considered rereading, which for me, is a Very Big Deal as I’m quite picky :)

Namjincolor my heart (like that red sunset) by sophia7 [T, 9k]]

Taegibecause fries and mixtapes by hoars [NR, 6k]

Namgithe lost seasons (i try to restore them) by sugastruck [G, 12k]

YoonjinSing For Me by resonae [T, 2k]

Yoonminbecause you’re you by bullwolf [NR, 10k]

Yoonkookthe garden of eden by xiajin [T, 13k]

Yoonseokkit-kat, kitty cat by sweetlyblue [M, 15k]

2seokVending Machines and Bad Ideas by smiles [G, 5k]

Taejinthe first and the last by shrdmdnssftw [G, 7k]

JinminThe Golden Rule of Love Curses by smiles [G, 16k]

JinkookForever Young: Boy’s Side [Seokjin Walkthrough + Review] by numberts (numberthescars) [T, 32k]

Namseoka hollow tune by ienveeus [M, 15k]

JihopeShaken Up by jvante [T, 6k]

vhopeThe Days We’ll Never Get Back by fluffyjimins [T, 41k]

junghopeLionheart by nivo [T, 2k]

MinjoonSnowflakes by pornographicpenguin [E, ongoing]

VmonAcrylic Skies by busan_brat [T, 4k]

Rapkookiefollow by darling [NR, 6k]

Vminif i wanted to (i do) by kaythebest [T, 41k]

Jikooki like how desperate you seem (in the way you look at me) by fatal (cumrich) [E, ongoing]

TaekookYou Were My Versailles At Night by seikou [E, 20k]

this was so hard to do omfg, but yeah, I cried/laughed/clutched my heart multiple times while reading these fics and I hope u enjoy!!

-admin talia


Modern Erik enjoys skiing because he can wear a ski mask and face the public without a single person even sparing him a passing glance. Christine regrettably tags along, as she is absolutely dreadful at it and Erik thinks to himself that she vaguely reminds him of a fawn feebly attempting to walk for the first time. Christine thinks it isn’t so bad after all because Erik, insisting only on the best, makes sure to book a reclusive room at the Solhyllan Lodge in Björkliden, Sweden; one of Europe’s finest luxury ski resorts. Christine knows he chooses this particular resort for her sake, as she jumps at any chance to once again be immersed in Swedish culture. She thinks to herself that a few tumbles were certainly worth the opportunity to be in her home country… And after all, Christine ponders, those tumbles do end with her in Erik’s sneakily strong, sure arms. How unpleasant could that truly be?

Jack’s Egos At Chuck E Cheese
  • Chase: Playing ski-ball and the basketball hoops. Actually pretty good at it. Got the most tickets out of the group and bought a slinky with it. Also a big bouncy ball. Ate a fair amount of pizza and cotton candy. Had a great time, but missed his kids the whole time since they went to places like this together. 
  • Anti: Playing a car chasing game and being pissed he isn’t winning. Plays the crane games and the other games with the prizes inside. Can’t win a prize. Goes and stares at the animatronics for a very long time. Then stands by the ticket muncher even though he doesn’t have any tickets and just glares at people using it. 
  • Sneeple: Doing that coin lottery game that slides and hes going “vis is completely vigged”. Goes over to other people and tells them what they are doing “wrong” but giving them really bad advice. Takes tickets people left in machines but only buys cotton candy and the cheap prizes like the fangs. Gives a pair of fangs to Anti (he actually really likes them but he won’t tell) 
  • Jackaboy Man: Just watching the animatronics in wonder and getting really involved in audience participation. Stares wide-eyed at all the ticket prizes. Kids stare at him in both wonder and confusion, wondering if he’s cosplaying or something. Eats way too much pizza. Chase gave him the slinky and so he had a really great time.