e 6mm

I’m happy to announce the date for the second pre-order period for re: s e n!

the price for this lil’ head has been raised a slight bit compared to the previous order to compensate for taxes and other costs of production (and distribution) that I hadn’t anticipated when doing the first pre-order.

re: s e n takes 6mm eyes and has a (skull) circumference of 18 cm’s. the head was made to fit on bodies for +/-50cm dolls (I specifically had the Dollstown elf body in mind while sculpting). it will come with a tooth part, 3 pairs of magnets and a certificate.

this pre-order re: s e n will be available in lighter resin tones only (for ease of hybriding), it will also be the last time she will be available in these resin tones.

as cast through @harucasting, the available resin tones are:

normal skin 01: matches with volks normal skin
normal skin 02: matches with dollstown fresh skin

there will be a third, and final, pre-order for this head as soon as the 52body is finished. during that final pre-order re: s e n will only be available in darker resin tones. (the 52body, however, will also be offered in the resin tones that I am offering now)

For orders, information on payment in terms and general questions: contact me at dissipation (@) live (.) nl   

Big thanks to all of you whom have shown interest and support throughout the first order and after, you’ve made this possible! : )