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What breed is your beautiful boy?? I'm crying he's so cute ahdkfk

he’s a mix between a jack russel terrier and a poodle!! jackadoodle!!!

he’s asleep right now but im sure he’d be very flattered if he knew you thought he was cute. heres a picture!!! he’s a beautiful boy on the right and on the left is our other dog, muffin!!

It’s not just how many LGBTQ characters are on the tube, it’s how they are represented. Marcus (Ben Daniels) on Fox’s superb thriller “The Exorcist” is perhaps the most complex gay man on the tube: a handsome, sexy, butch ex-priest with no pedophile past who is attracted both to his fellow priest, Father Tomas (the gorgeous Alfonso Herrera) and another ruggedly handsome middle-aged scientist. This is a leading character in a show where two of three leads are a Latino (Herrera) and Asian (Korean-born John Cho). Of the supporting characters two are black, one is Asian, one is lesbian, three are disabled, and all are seamlessly engaged in the storyline. Which means it can be done.

The Exorcist doing it right not only in regards to lgbt rep but also poc AND disability rep