150705 Inkigayo Mini Fanmeeting (V & Jimin Focus)
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For now, this is what Ryland or Chalcedony will look like. (It’s a stone that is close to the color of his skin, which is pale blue, in most cases). 

Btw, on my previous posts about this AU, you may have noticed how the clothing keeps on changing, that’s because I was still thinking on the design, duh. But now, this is what he will look like in the fusion form of his daddies. //phew

But Chalcedony’s appearance won’t stay like that forever. Come on, gems poof and change at some point.

The three peaks of Lavaredo by Tom via Flickr
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1. i am so sorry i cannot love you better– without dark nights, doubts, and with promises.
2. i am so sorry i cannot love you like you have been waiting to be loved– with flowering words, sweet nothings, and without question.
3. i am so sorry i cannot love you the same way i loved him– constantly, completely, and without regard to his faults.
4. i am so sorry i cannot love you the same way you love me– fearlessly, fully, and without reservation despite my flaws.
—  four apologies. a.g.

Enjoy! ;)

cma20150704-1-20 (Olympus E-PM1 “PEN Mini” with Leica Dual-range Summicron 2.0/50)

The E-PM1 was introduced in 2011 as the basic “Digital PEN” model – and it shows: Usability is a desaster, it can’t be hold without involuntarily pushing some buttons, the kit zoom is all plastic and weighs near to nothing, and the sensor quality is abysmal – even my iPhone 4S gives more detail with its 8MB compared to this 12MB camera. The attachable EVF (electronic viewfinder) is what makes such a camera interesting for me, even though it is of low quality too (the newer EVF from Olympus is far better).

But with a Novoflex adapter and manual lenses it gets interesting: Now I can have an aperture priority mode with exposure correction – because normally there is no exposure correction in A mode (the wheel on the back is used to set the aperture in this mode), while in P mode I can’t set the aperture (but have exposure correction on the wheel). Using a manual lens in P mode provides both: aperture setting on the lens and exposure correction on the wheel. Neat …

anonymous asked:

Kellins a douche irl, he doesn't have even have to show his personality online bc he shows he's a douche irl and people know it

kk but like heres the thing: he isnt

every time ive seen sws live hes been so fuckn thankful for the fans the band has nd he always says a tiny speech during a show to express his grattitude he’s so sweet to fans nd people always assume he’s a dick bc of what assholes like you say on the internet 

have you ever met him?? how do you know he’s a douche?? fucking explain to me anon how you know this bc personally when i met him he was fucking sweet as could be and thanked me literally 5 times for coming and supporting the band

this whole “i feel so fucking cool for hating on kellin quinn” thing is fucking annoying and its fucking rude band members are human beings they see this shit they see the comments on instagram, they see the tweets they aren’t fucking blind they know people like you are talking shit nd i bet it doesnt feel good to see it