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chuck is short for charles e is short for entertainment his name is charles entertainment cheese

i googled chuck e cheese just now and an article came up about a brawl that happened in the chuck e cheese thats 5 mins away from my house asdfghjkljhgvfc, but hmmm thats inch resting

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Filthiest smut?

*rises out of the depths of hell*
hello yes i’ve been summoned

School of Fun by staycute1234 [everyone, M, 12k]

natural and automatic by shrdmdnssftw [Vmin, E, 3k]

i wanna feel you in my bones by Bangtanbananas [Jikook, E, 7k]

Two Can Play This Game by ulthosucc [Sugakookie, E, 3k]

Strawberry Heat by darkcinderwolf [Yoonmin, M, 2k]

you can feel it in your mind by depnahh [Jimin/Jungkook/Tae, E, 15k]

In motion by thatbangtanhoe [Namseok, M, 2k]

For Your Love (I’d do Anything) by sobi_baby [Yoonseok, E, 2k]

To the naked eye by mecchayabai [Jikook, E, 5k]

Of Bath Bombs & Shower Gels by cherri_cola [Yoonmin, E, 25k]

In My Head (I’ve Been Waiting) by seikou [Taekook, E, 71k]

I get so breathless (when you call my name) byrapsucka (sonyeondanbiased) [Namjoon/Jungkook/Jimin, E, 9k]

Been There All Day by Bangtanbananas [Yoonmin, E, 14k]

[drabble collection] by shikae (39smooth) [everyone, E, 21k]

Touch and feel by vminhope [everyone, E, 6k]

i can’t hide it (i’m like this every day) by sirradel [Yoonseok, E, 10k]

Principle of Behaviour by rix [Yoongi/Jungkook/Tae, E, 12k]

A Questionable Decision by orphan_account [Yoongi + Maknae Line, E, 21k]

Skin by write_the_impossible [everyone, E, 57k]

Entertain us by NightsBurning [everyone, E, 10k]

got my body so wet by fatal (cumrich) [Minjoon, E, 8k]

you’ll get totally drenched, so bring another pair of panties by voseok [Minjoon, E, 9k]

- Admin Ange (ur local hoe/smut fic enthusiast)

Eh, I don’t really blame Kim and Kanye for using a surrogate. (Kim has medical issues, right?) I just hope the surrogate got paid a shitload.

She’s giving you a child and risked her body, after all.  

At the very least, you can give her a nice house with a big pool. 

And maybe a spin off reality TV of her own. 


I love them, I love them so much.  I could watch them together all day long, and I’d be the happiest person alive.  

Jasmine Tookes & Romee Strijd attend the NYFW Kickoff Party, A Celebration Of Personal Style, hosted by E!, ELLE & IMG and sponsored by TRESEMME, on September 6, 2017 in NYC