The thing is I’m not pissed that this episode had a severe lack of CS

I’m pissed that they made Princess Emma this complete airhead with absolutely no fight in her. I hate that they had to make Emma into this pathetic and weak shell of herself in order to prop up Regina. 

I’m pissed that they just completely disregarded their own canon in order for this AU to happen.

I’m pissed that Regina has still not freaking learned anything from the split queen nonsense.

Mostly I’m pissed that they took the opportunity to have something so many fans have wanted and have looked forward to for YEARS and shit all over it.

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faequeen40  asked:

Lord have mercy I love your writing! Your kiss prompts are so well done that on a scale of one to even, I simply can't. Of course, leading up to that. I really want the K. :D

*takes advantage of the fact that ‘apprends moi’ (teach me) and ‘ah, prends moi’ (ah, take me) are a simple hitch of breath apart :3c*

(am i doing year-old prompts? yes i am absolutely doing year-old prompts)

S'il vous plaît = please (polite)
apprends moi = teach me
prends moi = take me
beau gosse = approximately ‘good-looking kid’ or ‘stud’ (what marinette calls adrien instead of ‘hot stuff’ in the french dub)

dedicated to @isadorator for her help with betaing my remix, THANK YOU AGAIN ♥♥♥


18: Underwater Kiss

Ladybug took stock of the situation:

The three of them (her, Chat, and the akuma) had been thrown into a town square of sorts: an open space that was now surrounded by walls of water on all sides. Geyser had taken a break from blasting powerful waterspouts at them to pose and laugh maniacally, but still wasn’t wearing any obvious accessories or objects that she could see.

The city at large (or what she could see of it, at least) had been turned into an elaborate deathtrap of a water-park-slash-fountain-showcase. Their attempt to curb the flooding by Cataclysming the public fountain that Geyser had designed had backfired, simply allowing more water to burst forth from beneath Paris’ paved streets. And Chat…

Chat was casting nervous, wincing glances at the last flickering light of his Miraculous.

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I’m actually livid after that episode. My expectations were at rock bottom and they somehow made it worse.

There was so much potential with the AU concept and they literally picked all the worst possible elements and went with that.