Dear J,

You’ve never listened to Taylor Swift. Honestly, I doubt you’d like her even if you did. But every Taylor Swift song, regardless of if it connects with you or our relationship in the slightest, reminds me of you.

I miss you, white dragon.

Love, E.

Dear E,

I never knew we agreed to all of this. So lets just continue because I am so done right now.

Let’s walk past each other pretending not to notice. Let’s become close with each others best friends. Let’s steal glances. Let’s ignore each other and never speak. Let’s forget how close we were. Let’s bury the memories we’ve created, the laughs we’ve shared, the blushes we’ve failed to hide. Let’s act like f*cking strangers with forgotten memories.

Just know. I’m over you.

-Someone else’s J.  


To ELF’s best leader, Park Jungsoo, Happy Happy Birthday. We wish you all the goodness in life and more birthdays to come. You‘re one of the biggest reasons why ELF and Super Junior are still going strong after more than 10 years. You’re the best role model for the fans and your members, always approaching life with the brightest smile one could ever have. May SJ and ELF have more and more years to come with you leading us on the way. Happy Birthday, angel. We love you.