i really, really like all of the stress/anxiety stuff in yuri on ice. it’s one of my favorite parts of this show.

like that scene with seung-gil after he messed up and yuri sees him crying. and that scene where victor’s listening to the announcers talk about what a great job the other skater’s doing, and yuri’s just been warming up next to him with his earbuds in, and then victor turns and sees that yuri’s holding his earbuds in his hands and he’s actually been listening and is just FUCKING TERRIFIED. or when victor tries to “motivate” him by threatening to leave and instead it just makes yuri break down because holy shit dude how the fuck could you say that to me right now??

it’s all so incredibly realistic and poignant. it feels really strong without feeling melodramatic and i love it. you don’t see that balance struck well very often, and rarely are male characters shown to struggle with it in a way that doesn’t make a joke out of them or criticize them for “being weak”. (other characters within the show might do this, but the tone of the show itself shows these moments of anxiety in a light that’s clearly meant to make them understandable)

it’s a show where a guy can be brought to tears because of how incredibly stressful everything is and the tone of the show overall is very “yep that’s a valid reaction” while still letting the characters figure out ways to try and handle these emotions healthily and as someone who has to constantly muscle through petrifying anxiety i just really really enjoy this portrayal.


I know that you won’t ever read this letter, first of all because you don’t use tumblr often, but also because I am not sure that I want you to read this. Just know that I love you more than I will ever love someone.

I know that because you are the only one that matters to me, beyond everyone that I ever known. You are truly and honestly my everything. I am pretty sure that I could not do this without you.

I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I already see our house, our dog and our children. 

I know that I hate seeing you mad or sad.

I am truly sorry for you thinking you’re not enough, and believe me, you are more than enough. 

The first thing you are going to say when I will finally show this to you is “you wrote that in english ???” and let me answer that now : tf were you thinking this is an english tumblr !!!

See, I can’t be serious event when I am talking about you on a website. Probably because you are the funniest person I have ever met. 

Don’t leave me.

Je t'aime mon amour


It Must Have Been the Mistletoe -moonblossom
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Dear Charlie,

I thought I would never need to write this. I have been felling stressed with my career, pissed and very fucked up this week and I hope this helps me relax and feel better. One week ago I told a girl a love her and that I have been feeling that way for almost two years, she said she didnt know what to say and that we have to talk. We havent. I feel torn apart, like I have wasted my time.

For now we are just friends. I know this is childish and doesn’t really matter, but she means the world to me , she is the most beautiful person I have ever met, she is just like the song Something or Asleep, smoot and beautiful as no other. I wrote a few songs about her and are the best song I haver ever write.

And if that was not enough I had a fight with my father and he wants me dead and says that I was a mistake, he’s allways pushing. I’m smoking too much.

Now I feel a kind of pain I thougth I’d never feel. She is my happiness I stare at her and my problems fade away. I feel like I’m crazy, this things are driving me insane. Help Me I wanna take her out of my head.

Love, E.


this is the first letter I am writing to you. we just started dating and you’re all I think about. it scares me but it feels so good to love again. i am scared you’ll get bored and leave or you’ll find someone better. I’m also scared that you won’t understand my random sadness and breakdowns. you say you’ll work on it but it’s hard. how could you possibly understand anyway? it’s impossible, it seems.

-b (im falling so fast for you)

Dear Charlie,

First of all, thank you. You’ve helped me so much, in so many ways, and I love you for it.

I am in love. I’ve only recently fallen, but oh, god, it is already so devastating. I love him. I’ve slept with him so many times and woken up in his arms, he’s grabbed me and kissed me and made me feel protected. Yet he is so distant. He doesn’t talk to me. He leaves me wanting more. I don’t think he wants me more, though. I don’t think he ever will.

Worst of all, I know how this hurts, and how it will end, and I still let myself be vulnerable to him. Sigh. Help.