my dear l, 

it’s been 3 years since i last spoke to you and my heart still aches.

i’ve tried moving on, but it always just crash and burns

the first girl looked a little like you. her eyes were as blue as the ocean. i still think i could’ve loved her, but she was too damaged and i couldn’t fix her. 

the second looked a lot like you. she had a passion for living everything to the fullest. she was everything i was not, and that broke us. 

the third, and last, looked nothing like you. she was so small that she often caved in on herself. she hurt me in the ways that you didn’t. 

if there is one thing these 3 girls have in common, it’s that they aren’t you. 

we’ll probably never talk again, and that’s something i’ve made my peace with. 

i don’t know what you look like now, who you’re with, what you’re doing, or how your life turned out. 

but i hope you’re happy. that’s all i ever wanted for you.

if you ever think about me, and smile, 

know that i’m thinking about you, too. 

-j, (your first love)


Marinette’s nickname for Adrien in 10 dubs + their closest English translation
Miraculous Ladybug

Special thanks to my amazing translators:

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