Trappist System!

NASA have just finished a conference where they announced the existence of the Trappist-1 System, thought to be the greatest chance of life in space.

The system has a ultra cool red dwarf star in the centre called Trappist-1a, this dwarf star is thought to be about half a billion years old and so will have passed it’s solar active young years.

The system has 7 planets named Trappist-1b through to Trappist-1h. Planets e f and g are in the habitual zone and are earth sized rocky planets. Currently there is no signs of water on these planets but with the James-Webb telescope being launched in 2018 we should be able to get a better idea of their atmospheres. If there is water then the three planets will probably be close enough to cause tidal forces on each other (because they don’t seem to have moons). The distances between planets are around 5times the distance from the earth to the moon and the distance from Trappist-1b to the star is about 5% of an AU distance (distance from earth to sun). This means from the surface of one planet you would be able to see the other planets clearly. The orbits around the star are from around 1.5days to 20days, with 1.5 being the closet planet and 20 being the furthest, so one year there would be 1.5 to 20 earth days.

This system is about 39light years away and so not somewhere we can travel to currently but is so far the best signs of life outside our solar system.

(All information from the NASA conference on the 22nd February 2017 and the photo from the NASA Twitter page) 

Se nos segurarmos com força a qualquer coisa dada a nós, sem a disposição de deixar isso ser usado como o Doador quer que seja, então tolhemos o crescimento da alma. O que Deus nos dá não é necessariamente ‘nosso’ mas somente nosso para devolver a Ele, nosso para renunciar, nosso para perder, nosso para deixar ir, se quisermos ser quem verdadeiramente devemos ser. Muitas mortes devem acontecer para atingirmos maturidade em Cristo, muitos ‘deixar ir’.
—  Elisabeth Elliot, citada por Francine Veríssimo em “21 dias com minha amiga Elisabeth”


You taught me something really important. Maybe I should thank you, but instead I’m gonna say fuck you. Fuck you for making me think there was something wrong with me. Fuck you for making me wonder what made her so much better than me, so much better that she could pop up out of nowhere and I would disappear. Fuck you for making me cry.

She’s easy and everyone knows it. That’s why you threw your attention at her instead of me. I cared so much about you. I waited while you were gone. And she was fucking your friend the whole damn time. I wrote you letters on here. You can find them if you look.

You didn’t have to put in any effort for her and that’s why you stopped talking to me. But I didn’t realize that until after I had cried and looked at myself in the mirror, wondering if I was too chubby, too boyish, too tall, or too ugly for you to like.There’s nothing wrong with me.

I hope you’re happy together, I really do. But fuck you for making me think I’m not beautiful, wonderful, and worth it as fuck. Because I fucking am.

G. who’s never going to write to E ever again.


It has been a fair few months now but I dreamt about you last night.

I was changing my notification sound today and I unknowingly played the one that used to be your notification tone. It pulled at my heart strings a little, mainly because it was unexpected.

There will always be the little things that will remind me of you. Always.


My Old KilluGon Edit


I have NOOOOOOOOOO idea why i’m watching my old deleted videos… maybe I miss them?? hahah… I probably do ;w; Btw… I killed Killua here. *SOBS FOR ETERNITY*


Weeks ago I wrote a letter ( this letter for anyone who wants to read it) 

and on the 6th of February the blood came. It came and I have never cried over a period before but christ was I near.

The people at the pharmacy, with their quiet tones and soft eyes… are the best people in the world. They saw my young features, the fear in my eyes and they were patient. I was down forty bucks and nothing has been more worth it before.

To C, my lovely boy, who was possibly more relieved than me. Which I didn’t think possible, thank you. For standing by me, for waiting with fear until I told you about the blood, who continued expressing your relief through the week. Who recognized the importance and how happy I was to feel the cramps for the first time since they first came four years ago.  I do love you. 

Dear D,

I miss you. We haven’t seen in years but I miss you.

I think even with E I just searched for another you. I never felt such a strong connection as I felt with you but you’re gone, found a beautiful girlfriend.

Maybe I’m chasing a ghost but I just can’t get the feelings out of my head anymore and I do feel kind of lonely lately because I just can’t open up to any other boy.

But I hope you are okay. And maybe, in another life, we’ll meet again and this time the timing will be right.

S (who will call herself overemotional girl from now on on here to avoid any confusion)