I swore I wouldn’t write more love and heartbreak songs. “I thought, ‘Do one, get it out of your system.’ So the first song is, like, ‘Hold me! Don’t let me go! Stay with me!’ But it wasn’t out of my system. I’m obsessed with writing love songs, I always have been. I think that’s why I started writing songs in the first place.

i’m in desperate need of money right now, between costs for school, my deteriorating laptop and my broken microphone, it’s high time i decided to open up custom theme commissions once again.

the process is very simple and if you have questions after these steps feel free to ask me. if you are interested, message me and tell me what you want and we’ll negotiate on the prices depending on what you want from the examples here. you can also see my custom code on chainpyre​, animalyst​ & heartsnaps​. i require at least $5 before starting so i won’t be cheated of my time and work. the rest can be paid after i’m done.

since i don’t have certain styles, prices are based on complexity &. time. a whole theme background &. included code would be around $20-30, just a background will be 10-20 USD.

once you have your theme, i don’t require special credit, just don’t claim it as yours or ( if i coded it) don’t remove my corner credit. all i want from you is the money. that’s literally why i’m doing this.

extra. if you do not want a theme i’d be happy to do graphics for you instead, they’re even cheaper !

payment will be through paypal ONLY. once the order is done i will give you my paypal.

to the 3-letter E that wrote to here a month ago,

please tell me it’s you. i know it’s you and i can’t think right now. i’m still permanently tired. i shaved off my dark curly hair. i’ve been composing works of musical genius. and i haven’t been able to love anyone else.

-4-letter J.