De esto que te pasan un vídeo explicando gráficamente una de las identidades más bonitas del mundo y acabas echando la mañana viendo vídeos de cálculo xDDDD

Otro molón es el que enlaza al final:

dear b,

you drive me absolutely up the wall. I shouldn’t feel like this about anybody, I’m a stone cold bitch who doesn’t need anybody to feel ok.

but you’re different. you walk by and I’m immediately thinking of little kids- our kids- sitting like ducks in a row at church on Sunday and all the little old ladies talking about how they watched us grow up and get together. I see you coming home after a long day teaching and me from my last appointment and cooking dinner together. I see jam sessions where you drum sing at the top of your lungs to mumford and sons songs while i play guitar. I see my dad walking me down the aisle. 

and it’s stupid, i know. this will never work out. but that can’t stop a girl from dreaming right? your ambiguous expression of feelings doesn’t help either

please make it clear how you feel, I need to know


Dear E, 

Wow. I love you, but honestly there are some things that C and J have told me you’ve done that I don’t know how to respond to. You’ve been the most amazing friend and roommate, but lately, all our friends are leaving you. They don’t want to be friends with you any more. I don’t know what to do about that. It scares me that there’s a chance I would have to pick sides. That’s the last thing I want to do. 

But first, I want to talk to you about what you did. You hooked up with my best friend. He came to visit me at school, and you hooked up with him while I was in class. And the worst part about the whole fucking thing? You never told me about it. What kind of friend does that? I had to hear from C. She told me all about it. And to make matters worse, apparently T walked in on y'all and no one fucking told me. 

What kind of a friend starts “dating” their roommate’s best friend from high school and doesn’t tell the roommate about it? Like, at all? In all honestly, I thought you had more class than that. 

The thing about it is, is that I never imagined that I would have to hear the entire story from him. He has been my best friend and neighbor since kindergarten, and he had to be the one that told me y'all are “dating.” And it breaks my heart that you didn’t think you could trust me enough to tell me about it. 

We were supposed to be friends forever. Roommates don’t keep big secrets from each other. Especially when they tell the rest of their friend group. 

Here’s hoping I can figure this all out in the next eleven days. 



Conmigo jugaron, me derrumbaron y me quebraron en mil pedazos, ahora todo aquél que pasa sobre mí, se corta.
—  Juli se lo dijo a Juli y ahora me lo dijo a mí.
Ojalá viviéramos cerca para verte todos los días. Ojalá viviéramos cerca para irte a abrazar cuando estés triste. Ojalá viviéramos cerca para celebrar contigo cualquier meta. Ojalá viviéramos cerca para poder ver películas contigo. Ojalá viviéramos cerca para poder estar con una compañía tan real como tú. Ojalá viviéramos cerca... De verdad te haría muy feliz.

Para Santiago.