dzhokhar tsarnaev

The following is a list of people who killed and the jobs they had prior to their capture:

Jeffrey Dahmer- army combat medic, mixer at the Ambrosia Chocolate Factory

John Wayne Gacy- shoe store manager, KFC manager, children’s birthday party clown

Ted Bundy- grocery store bagger and stocker, shoe clerk, bus boy, campaign volunteer, suicide hotline worker

David Berkowitz- letter sorter for the United States Postal Service, army veteran

Dennis Nilsen- British army cook, police officer in London

Dean Corll- vice president of a candy factory

Andrei Chikatilo- literature teacher, regional sports manager

Harold Shipman- doctor

Dennis Rader- ADT alarm installer 

Donald Harvey- worked various jobs in the medical field

Fred West- ice cream truck driver

Robert Pickton- pig farmer

Miyuki Ishikawa- midwife

Cary Stayner- motel handyman

Jack Unterweger- author, radio host, journalist

Karl Denke- church organ player

Peter Sutcliffe- factory worker, grave digger, truck driver

Norman Afzal Simons- grade school teacher

Richard Angelo- nurse

Randy Steven Kraft- bartender, forklift driver

Arthur Shawcross- Watertown Public Works Department employee

Doug Clark- mechanic, boiler operator

Daniela Poggiali- nurse

Michael Swango- physician, laboratory technician

Thomas Neil Cream- physician, surgeon

Arnfinn Nesset- nurse, nursing home manager

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev- lifeguard, marijuana dealer

Dylann Roof- landscaper

To be honest learning about Serial Killers, Mass Murderers and being part of the True Crime Community, Is probably the best thing that has ever happen to me.


One of the most astonishing things about covering the Boston Marathon bombing trial has been seeing how much of the crime was captured in photos and video. Not only has the jury seen incredibly gruesome images from the bombings, prosecutors have presented surveillance video from the scene where MIT police officer Sean Collier was killed and just about everywhere else a crime was committed.

But as grisly and horrible as some of the evidence we’ve seen has been, perhaps nothing has been weirder than the video unveiled today from a Shell gas station where the Tsarnaev brothers pulled over after carjacking Dun Meng. It was about 11:30pm—several hours after the FBI had released photos identifying them as prime suspects in the bombings and about an hour after Collier was killed. The video shows Dzhokhar Tsarnaev casually walk around the store buying snacks until older brother Tamerlan rushes to the door to alert him Meng has escaped.

By then, prosecutors say, the Tsarnaev brothers were coldblooded killers. But the video ends as Dzhokhar turns around and dumps the snacks before running out the door to flee in the stolen Mercedes. After everything, he refused to steal Doritos.


Facts about Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

  • He is twenty-two years old.
  • He’s an ethnic Chechen.
  • He was born in Kyrgyzstan.
  • He is in the Islamic Faith
  • He is supposedly 5 foot and 10 inches tall.
  • His last known address is at 410 Norfolk Street in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • He was a student-athlete of the month for wrestling at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.
  • He had “foreign military training.”
  • He was popular and untroubled in high school, according to a friend.
  • He’s a “second-year medical student” (and “an angel”) according to his father, who lives in Russia.
  • He smoked pot, and was also a marijuana dealer on his college campus.
  • He was born on July 22, 1993
  • His parents are Anzor Tsarnaev and Zubeidat Tsarnaev
  • He has two sisters; Ailina Tsarnaev and Bella Tsarnaev
  • His brother Tamerlan participated in the Boston Bombing with Jahar.
  • After 14 hours of deliberation, the jury of five men and seven women came to its decision; he was sentenced to death by lethal injection on June 24, 2015.
  • He worked as a lifeguard as well
  • If you’re feeling generous, you can send him a book.  Here’s the link  and the guidelines.
  • The Daily Mail edited his picture to make him look more ethnic.
  • He was incredibly popular and had lots of friends.
  • He remained silent during his trial (except to plead guilty) until he released his statement, apologizing for his and his brother’s actions and for the victims, the survivors and their families. You can read his statement here.

**This is an on going list*

Hospital records show that Mr. Tsarnaev suffered gunshot wounds, including one to the
head, which likely caused traumatic brain injury. Following emergency surgery, Mr. Tsarnaev
was prescribed a multitude of pain medications, including Fentanyl, Propofol and Dilaudid.2
The side effects of these medications include confusion, light-headedness, dizziness, difficulty
concentrating, fatigue, and sedation. Damage to cranial nerves required that his left eye besutured shut; his jaw was wired closed; and injuries to his left ear left him unable to hear on that
side. Although apparently able to mouth words when asked about his medical condition by
hospital staff, he was unable to talk, in part because of a tracheotomy. He was handcuffed to the
bed railing and under heavy guard.
A “high powered” gunshot wound had fractured the base of his skull. See transcript of
April 22, 2013 testimony of Dr. Stephen Odom, at 4, DE 13. This injury would likely have
caused a concussion. Immediately before the initial appearance on April 22, Dr. Odom, who was
treating Mr. Tsarnaev, described his condition at that time — approximately 36 hours after the
agents began their interrogation and two hours after it ended — as “guarded.” Id. Mr. Tsarnaev
had received Dilaudid, a narcotic painkiller, at 10 a.m. on April 22.


A police photographer, furious with a Rolling Stone magazine cover photo he says glamorises the surviving Boston Marathon suspect, has released gritty images from the day Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured. The photos released to Boston Magazine on Thursday (in August 2013) by Massachusetts State Police tactical photographer Sgt. Sean Murphy - who has been relieved of his duties and ordered not to speak to the media as a result - show a downcast, dishevelled Tsarnaev with the red dot of a sniper’s rifle laser sight on his forehead.

Murphy said in a statement to the magazine that Tsarnaev is evil and his photos show the ‘real Boston bomber, not someone fluffed and buffed for the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.’   

The photos were taken when Tsarnaev was captured April 19, bleeding and hiding in a boat in a suburban backyard.