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Making Minifee Magnet Wrists!!

I love the idea of magnet hands.  The ease of changing clothes, and changing hands appeals to me.  And recently, I decided that my DZ Mo was getting some new arms and hands.  We had a spare pair of MNF arms around, but not any spare hands in the correct size and color that I liked, so I ordered a pair of MNF hands from Denver Doll.  I doubted they came with the wrist attachments, otherwise I’m sure the secondhand market would be flooded with them.  So, I decided to make some, so I could purchase more magnet hands later, if I so chose.  And because my girl and I have gotten lots of questions and comments about our mod work, we unanimously decided to start attempting to document the process.  I will probably cross-post this on the Den and on Dollieh Sanctuary, but for now, my tumblr peeps get the lowdown.

First things first.  You need to have a few things.  In order, we have the most important part, the hands!  These are #3 hands, though I eventually want to get #4, #6, #7 and #8.  You will also need a wrist ball from another company.  These are Dollzone girl wrist balls.  If you don’t have a pair, you can make one from Apoxie, but it might not be as pretty.  If anyone knows a company that will sell the wrist parts alone, let me know and I will update this post, but as it stands, I don’t know of any companies that will sell them alone.  If you have resin casting experience, you could probably make a mold from a wooden bead.  An important thing to note: make sure the wrist part you are using fits both the hands and the wrist you are using it with.  I have a pair of dollzone boy wrists too, but they are just a shade too big.  The next thing you will need are some magnets.  These are 1/8x1/8 inch cylinder neodymium magnets, also known as rare earth magnets.  Don’t use anything less, or you run the risk of two things: your magnets losing strength over time, or not being strong enough at all.  I had to stick these to a piece of metal to take a picture because even as far apart as two inches, they would shoot across the table and snap together.  You can get a pack of fifty of these little jobbers on ebay for less than $15, and I’ve seen them in increments of ten for $3.  You could get away with 3/32" too, but ¼" is too big for minifees.

A few other things you will need include your choice of two-part epoxy-based clay, such as Apoxie Sculpt, milliput or Magic Sculpt, and a dremel or rotary tool.  Mine was $32 at harbor freight and included over fifty attachments, I’ve had it for four years and it’s only just now starting to give out, with near constant use for some heavy duty mods.  You will also need some sort of plastic wrap to line the inside of the wrist joint, and if you would like to tint your Apoxie, you will need pastels or acrylic paint/ink.  I ended up using some acrylic inks, instead of the pastels.  If you tint your Apoxie, tint both parts separately and then mix them.  The Super White Apoxie that I’m using has a work time of one hour and a full cure of 24 hours.

Take two pieces of the plastic wrap and hold them loosely over the openings in the hands, then drop your magnet into the opening, allowing it to take the plastic wrap with it.  Then fill the wrist joint totally full of Apoxie.  Once that is done, using small bits at a time, fill the cavity in the hand around the magnet.  Try not to move the magnet too much, but don’t freak out if you do.  It will pull itself straight again.  Once the cavity is full, mush the wrist ball into it.  Wad up the plastic wrap loosely, and leave them the hell alone so they can dry!