Dyzee - “Before Art Was Judged” (1998)


snc classic battle of the day. shout out to hustle kids!

When I pray before battles, I thank God for this moment and my friends and this opportunity to dance once again. I’m asking not just for us, but also for my opponents to dance amazing and for our battle which will be remembered in history. I’m not asking to win but to dance freely. The will we have been created in this world, which is to be bboys. And after the battles, win or lose, I thank God for this culture for what it has given to me in this short lifetime. I pray for unity in this culture for all styles, approaches, and perspectives. That we all can learn to respect one another through peace, showing each other love, unity, and of course having fun together. This is what hip-hop is supposed to be all about, so I pray that we will be a culture that honors our pioneers, OGs, and legends. And together, creates a better bboying/bgirl future in a self-sustaining industry and lifestyle for all of us and for the following generations of bboys to come. Amen.
—  Dyzee’s prayer

Dyzee’s newest video. The ideas, motions creations and their influence are massive. 

Part 1: Immortal Creations
Rare footage from the years 1999 to 2000 (maybe 2001?)
Showing many steps and moves that I created, and brought into the bboy game, which many bboys worldwide are now doing. 
My intention is not that the bboys will stop doing them, but rather know where they came from, and atleast learn the names of these moves.
Many of these moves I can no longer do anymore, due to age, injuries, increase of weight and especially loss of flexibility. 
Long after I retire, many or some of my moves, steps, concepts and techniques will live on through the future generations…
my immortal creations

Dyzee’s “Points Corrected” video lesson series
-Sharing accumulated knowledge and secrets since 1993
-Teaching origins and history of essence, moves, concepts and philosophies.

More on Dyzee’s YouTube Channelhttp://www.youtube.com/user/dyzeesupernaturalzzz


7 Commandoz vs La Smala & Bboy Meda (Subskillz)

if there’s any crew not to mess with its probably the 7 Commandoz

there’s just too many living legends in one crew


This keeps me going.

“Before Art Was Judged”


Dyzee - Footwork threads (2003)


Real Streets of Seoul Part 1

“Real Streets of Seoul is an 8 part series that takes you through the street scene of Seoul with B-boy Dyzee. Check out this week as we start off right in the middle of Seoul with the neighborhood called "Itaewon”.“


Dyzee - Classic Newskool Powermoves (by Dyzee Supernaturalz)

Some pretty advance and creative power back then


Supernaturalz Crew vs DDT/Flowrock

B2DU4 - 2000


Bboy Dyzee’s wedding video.