What do you want, Kanato-chaaann~?
Sakamaki Kanato, Mukami Yuma

Tattsun and Kaji-kyun or maybe Ban and Meliodas from Nanatsu no Taizai? XD


*Sound of steps*

Kanato : Ngh! Let go of me! Shit, let me go!

*Yuma drops Kanato to the ground*

Kanato : Ouch! Why you suddenly let go!? It hurts! Don’t fuck with me!

Yuma : Haaaa? You were the one who said to let go!

Me : Let it go~ Let it go~ Cant hold it back anymoreeeeee~

I have not meta-ed in like a minute and I swear I will never stop thirsting for Alya/Chat SO 

  • Alya asks Chat Noir for an interview about being a superhero mostly just wanting to ask him a million questions about Ladybug. Adrien naturally assumes this is what any interview with Chat WOULD be about. 
  • They are both very confused when they accidentally get onto the topic of Chat himself. She blames him. He blames her. It’s actually the waiter’s fault for assuming they were on a date. 
  • (In the waiter’s defense, this interview is being conducted at a cute and trendy cafe and Alya and Adrien are both VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY ANIMATED about the topic of Ladybug. They look pretty friendly, basically.)
  • Alya is like “nO” and Adrien is like “oh I’m not allowed to date”. 
  • Alya is like “… not ALLOWED?”
  • Adrien is suddenly regretting opening his mouth.  
  • Alya is like “oh my god how OLD are you under there” and Adrien is like “five thousand obviously ANYWAY BYE”. Alya is like “OH NO YOU DON’T” and grabs him by the tail and one very frantic/manic bickerfest later Chat Noir has accidentally BUT OFF THE RECORD-LY confessed that okay his home life is a liiiiittle controlling and being Chat is almost the only time he has where he gets to make certain decisions for himself and do certain things. Like. Lots of things. Many things. 
  • Alya is like “oh my gOD” again and Chat is dyyyyying. Seriously, OFF THE RECORD. HE SAID THAT, RIGHT?? LADYBUG IS GONNA KILL HIM IF THIS GETS PUBLISHED. 
  • “So what, you couldn’t even go on a DATE if you wanted to unless you were, what, TRANSFORMED?” Alya asks disbelievingly. 
  • “I–well–I guess?” Adrien says, turning red at the thought. “It’s not like, you know, I go around meeting girls like this. Aside from my lady and akuma victims, I mean. Obviously.” 
  • “Excuse you, I’m a girl!” Alya says, mildly offended. Adrien stares at her. She stares at him. Then they both simultaneously turn BRIGHT FUCKING RED and RECOIL. “I DIDN’T MEAN–” 
  • “Oh. Yeah, no, I mean! Of course you wouldn’t!” Adrien manages to blurt, and then Alya gets offended all over again although she’s not actually sure why SHE’S offended from him sounding like THAT. Then Adrien has a prior engagement he has to leave for (aka a fencing lesson) and Alya realizes she blew half the interview on stuff she CAN’T POST and is like “aghhhhh nooooooooo” and Adrien is like “… we could try again tomorrow?” 
  • and that is the story of how Alya Cesaire and Chat Noir have coffee at the same cafe four days in a row before Alya gets enough to make a proper, ON the record post on her blog, and also the story of how Adrien Agreste accidentally gets his first date. 
  • … first FOUR dates, actually, as they both are currently refusing to admit as they simultaneously do desperate mental gymnastics for a reason to have a fifth one. >> 

anonymous asked:

sorry, strange question and youre probably a pretty random person to ask, but i saw your tag about it. just curious - what is "DaMGtMaNSF self-portrait" :? thank you!

Anon, I’m glad you asked, and you can ask me pretty much anything and I promise I will try to answer even if (especially if?) it’s totally random. I love random facts; I am a trivia addict, and I love pretending to be knowledgeable.

DaMGtMaNSF is Dipper’s and Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun which is a cute little book that’s basically “Dipper and Mabel write their own journal.” More of a kids’ book but super cute, well-written, and worth getting ahold of.

In it, Stan provides this delightful self-portrait (seriously, Stan drew this? Check out his initials on it, “$P,” I’m dyyyyying):

I just had the WORST day at work and I really need to vent. This is probably gonna be pretty long, fair warning and apologies. So it’s always kind of a crapshoot when I first get to work, especially after having a day off, whether or not I’m gonna be grumpy first thing, mainly due to nothing being put away, no notes about ongoing things, no communication, that sort of thing. Plus people moving stuff around and that. Today wasn’t too, too bad, but then right off the bat started getting shitty customers. First there was some lady who was just dyyyyying to use some weird online coupon with no scan code–which, hey, that’s fine. I had called a manager over for an override already since we had manually marked down a product she was buying and I had to adjust it (as instructed) with the manager’s permission in the computer. Then, since he was already there, he handled the coupon thing (which I could have done  no problem but whatever) and even though I had told her at least twice we’d need to put in the coupon code (and thus need to keep looking at her smartphone where the coupon was) she put it away before he could finish entering the “event number” which is where the code’s supposed to go. He kind of muttered, “we’ll make something up,” and I replied, “use the date?” since there’s something else we do that for occasionally. He didn’t do that, fine, I didn’t care, but as everything’s processing, he says to me, “you have to stop doing that.” Slightly confused, I asked stop what? He says putting in the date for the coupon thing. All I said was, I don’t do that for coupons, I put the code. The date thing is for something else and I couldn’t even remember what it was since I’ve done it so infrequently, which I told him. He says there’s some report that says it’s been happening, and I said, well, it’s not me, man. Note that this “manager” is really only a supervisor, and not even my direct supe at that, and he’s also younger than I am so we kid around a lot, and I know for sure he didn’t care about me saying any of that stuff. However, the customer tells me I shouldn’t “argue” with my supervisor in front of customers. I wasn’t really arguing??? Just kind of defending myself lightly, and he wasn’t mad, I wasn’t mad, it wasn’t like a heated discussion or anything. I really had no response to her, so I said nothing. She waits a beat, then tells me how mad she’d be if one of HER employees did that. And I was like, so mad, though I said nothing to her, but internally, I was like, well I don’t work for you, you don’t know our policy, our personal dynamics, and it’s not like I yelled or swore or something in front of her?? Just said, hey I don’t do what you’re saying I’m doing, in a very casual way to someone who did not care that I said it.  SO that ticked me off, then I had a guy complaining that we didn’t have the same exact kind of BIC pens in black he’d been using for 20 years. I told him everything is controlled by corporate and we don’t know when or if something’s going to come back into stock, and it may well be that the company of BIC itself might be discontinuing that particular pen since they have been pushing their newer products pretty hard in-store and I wouldn’t be surprised. The box of blue ones he brought to show me what kind they were was the only box in the store left, so who knows? But he got all shirty and said they’ve been making them for 20 years and they wouldn’t just stop etc. etc. even though bruh, that shit happens all the time! And Bic has plenty of other kinds of pens to shill, so it is extremely possible, but whatever. Then I get a guy come up to the register with my co-worker, who sets down a printer without a word to me, and walks off. I was dealing with another situation at the same time, so I was trying to assess for a second what to do to best help everyone, and I decide I can ring this guy’s other, smaller items + the printer as I’m talking to the person I’d been speaking with immediately prior. Decided, I grab a package of pens he had and he turns his head and BARKS at me, “I’M NOT READY YET!” I immediately set his pens down and apologize, but he was right in the middle of the small counter I check people out at with a bunch of stuff?? Just standing there?? Like, no one else could’ve checked out until he moved???  Anyway, I go back to the first person, keep dealing with that, then see my co-worker return with a laptop, and the guy grabs his stuff, goes to the other register, and has my co-worker ring him through. And I knew he wasn’t like a friend of my co-worker’s or anything based on previous comments from said co-worker, so he just was waiting for the computer from lock-up. Like okay, but it only took a second to bring it out, and in the meantime I could have rang up his small stuff and bagged it, entered his rewards number, signed him up for a protection plan on the printer if he wanted it….there was absolutely ZILCH reason to yell at me for trying to deliver quick service?? So all night I just had these icky people being rude for no reason and I was kind of already bugged by it. Then, I go to put some stuff away from the returns bin which I normally can’t do as front-end but since we had an extra person tonight AND we were really slow, I could leave front-end to do it, and of course, I find like three aisles completely messy and a bunch more stuff out of place, and at this point it’s getting later in the evening and I had asked my co-worker earlier if the store needed faced, and he a) was like, I just faced it last night! (even though it’s supposed to be done daily AND it was like 6 when I asked so a lot of stuff probably had been messed up by then) and then b) said he’d do it before close, but then when I go to put stuff away everything’s still a mess and there’s not a ton of time left to do it PLUS I would have done it if he’d not said he would do it earlier (even though it’s not my responsibility as a cashier). On top of this, he and the other person who was training did some returns a while before I did, and a calendar I had handed to him to put away at that time (because he almost forgot to grab it) was just sitting on top of some random display of storage bins. So not one, but TWO of my fellow employees neglected to put away something they were supposed to, and had plenty of time to do so, and left it sitting out randomly, where I found it, and then I had to put it away. The real kicker is the endcap where it belonged was like maybe two feet away from where they had ditched it. Everything was just irritating me after that, but whatever, I was trying to soldier through. We just got a list of daily chores for each position that are supposed to be done, and I checked mine and it said remove cobwebs from entrance. So okay, I go to do that, and since most of the really bad cobwebs are way up high in the corners, and I’m not that tall and our broom is short, I was jumping up and down to get them, and I could both see and kind of hear my co-workers laughing at me–even though two of them are taller than I am and could have offered to help me, but nooooooo. Then, everyone else ordered in Chinese food without even asking me if I wanted anything, and then went to the manager’s office to eat it, once again (because this happens A LOT) leaving me alone to deal with every single customer that came through the place. Now granted, we were pretty dead, but that’s not always the case and it was just really aggravating that they just plain didn’t ask if I wanted food and then went and ate it without asking me if I was okay by myself or if I wanted some, or literally anything. Finally, end of the night rolls around, I go to clean the counters, and the brand-new bottle of 409 I had gotten store-used the last shift I worked (Sunday) was now (Tuesday) missing from where all the cleaning supplies are kept. I had no other cleaning liquids to use, and I was really annoyed that I couldn’t do what I am supposed to do because in the ONE DAY I had off it had disappeared, because of course, NOBODY PUTS THINGS BACK WHERE THEY GO WHEN THEY ARE DONE WITH THEM. So ofc, I start looking and it is NOWHERE. Checked every drawer and cupboard in the break room, both bathrooms, back in receiving, on the desks in the furniture area, and when I went to take out the garbage in the manager’s office, I checked the little cupboard in there and looked on the counter–nothing. I checked every register, on the tech bench, even went back to the print center and looked under all their counters–nothing. I checked the shelf against the inventory numbers to see if for some dumb reason it had been put back out. I asked my supervisor, who had begun counting out, to check the cashier’s office for me (since it’s locked) when he went in. FINALLY–after a great deal of rage and looking–I go back to the manager’s office to ask him if it was in the locked office, and I see it! It was tucked away next to a binder that was angled so I couldn’t see it where I was standing before, but saw it when standing perfectly straight across. So I hurry up and do the counters, and as I am, realize that three different people were in and out of that office all night, eating their fucking food and all, and everyone knew I was looking in a panic for the stupid 409, and not only did none of those fuckers even OFFER to help me look or actually help, none of them saw it in there all night?????? And I bet if they had helped me look one of us would have seen it sooner. And I have helped people look for things more than once–one time I went through garbages that had already been checked and found a key for another co-worker!!! SO at this point I have MCFREAKING LOST IT and since there’s no customers I’m ranting and raving to myself, but still out loud about everything. Everyone , as is their general habit, isn’t even listening or caring or anything. The last thing I did before clocking out was I had to take a returned printer to the damaged and defective product lock-up (which is different than our regular lock-up room) and so I ask over the radio to be let into both lock-up and dnd lock-up. Supervisor comes and lets me into regular lock-up, and even though he could see I only had very few things to put away in there, doesn’t wait for me so he can let me into the other lock-up. But I figure he’ll be there in a second, since I already told him I needed into both AND he was the one whom I had asked if the printer needed to even go into dnd lock-up, which he said it did. So I make my way back there, half-expecting him to maybe have already gone back in anticipation of my arrival, and he’s not there, so just in case he forgot, I radio him again to let me in. After a minute or two, with radio silence the whole time, I radio again, PLEASE let me into lock-up. After another several minutes, he finally comes and says, “oh did you radio me? I took my radio off! I was wondering where you went!” as if I hadn’t told him IN THE FIRST PLACE WHEN HE HEARD ME ON THE RADIO BECAUSE HE LET ME INTO REGULAR LOCK-UP I ALSO NEEDED INTO THE OTHER ONE. then, I go to clock out, and ofc everyone else besides me and the supe have left, and they didn’t even leave the clock-out window open for me, so I had to log all the way back in from the  customer portal to the employee one. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big deal or anything, but after this long whole night of shitty customers and shitty lack of consideration on the part of my co-workers the fucking LEAST they could do is leave the damn clock-out window open for a bitch.  I just can’t believe how fucking oblivious and self-centered and just downright RUDE people can be. I am not always the nicest person, but I try to do a good job and be a good team player and help people out when they’re clearly upset about something (i.e. the unnecessary search for cleaning products) and at least uphold the little social niceties like asking everyone before ordering food if they want!! It just rankles me really badly how things went tonight. I mean the crap from the customers, if annoying, is at least par for the course and could be overlooked, but when I get treated like that by my co-workers, it just sends me over the edge! How hard is it to not be a dick or to put things back where they go? Anyway, rant over.

TL;DR: customers are rude; co-workers are shitty; this girl loses her mind for a night about it.