Do you wanna touch || Kyder para

He was standing at the door for a few minutes watching her before entering. He did not want to say anything, today it was already said too much. How did they come to this? Previously, they were required half of the evening to dare to kiss each other, and now they were sexting and she sent him private pictures. But he could not deny that it turns him on.

He walked slowly to the bed without saying a word and without taking his eyes off her. She looked beautiful and hot as always, maybe even a little more… There was no point in waiting or in pointless talking, so he pulled the shirt over his head, remained in jeans; the idea of not removing jeans seemed reasonable, but he did not want to scratch her soft skin, so he took them off remained in boxers. Sitting on the bed, he put her on his lap, her back to his chest and after brushing her hair to another shoulder, he started to kiss her neck. His hand parted her legs, running his hand up and down with one hand and holding her breasts in his other hand. Ryder placed two fingers on her clit, starting to move slowly, continued to kiss her neck and shoulders, before whispering, “Hey you…”