President Trump: The Inauguration

4pm, BBC One / STV

After a long absence, The Twilight Zone returns with one of the most ambitious, expensive and controversial productions in broadcast history. Sci-fi writers have dabbled often with alternative history stories - among the most common is the “What If The Nazis Had Won The Second World War” setting - but this huge interactive virtual reality project, which will unfold on TV, in the press, and on Twitter over the next four years, sets out to build an ongoing alternative present. 

The story begins in a nightmarish version of 2017 in which hugh sections of the US electorate have somehow been duped into voting to make Donald Trump president. It sounds far-fetched, and it is, but as it goes on it becomes more and more chillingly plausible. Today’s feature-length opener concentrates on the gaudy inauguration of President Trump, and the stirrings of protest and despair surrounding the ceremony, while pundits speculate gravely on what lies ahead. 

It’s a flawed piece, but a disturbing glimpse of the horrors we could stumble into, if we’re not careful.

from, The Sunday Herald (Scotland), 15th Jan 2017.

Captivating Captivity - by PurelyPoison

√ Dramione (Draco x Hermione)
√ Setting: 7th year of Hogwarts
√ 19 chapters
√ My score: ❤❤❤❤ (very nice)
√ Rating: M
√ Language: ***** (close to no mistakes)

An attack on the burrow leads to the kidnapping of Ginny and Hermione who suddenly find themselves at the mercy of two death eaters they never expected to see. What happens then when a time that is supposed to be filled with fear suddenly becomes filled with the most confusing of all feelings…love, as they find themselves falling for their troubled captors?

My notes: Alright, I admit, this one made me cry again. Also, lots of angst, I haven’t read anything like this in a while. Very strong Draco, he very believably fought for Hermione without losing his cocky evil (but not truly evil) self. I don’t like how Ginny acted (she survived Voldemort in her head and didn’t fall, why would she now?😕) and I don’t believe Ron would ever do what he did in the end (nope, won’t tell you what he did!). Somehow, I feel like I’ve read this fic before, or one very similar to it, a very long time ago…

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And Kelsea wondered suddenly whether humanity ever actually changed. Did people grow and learn at all as the centuries passed? Or was humanity merely like the tide, enlightenment advancing and then retreating as circumstances shifted? The most defining characteristic of the species might be lapse.
—  Erika Johansen, The Invasion of The Tearling

theadminchamomile  asked:

hey this sounds really weird but do you have any prompts for a character that's just a head? like a talking head.


this was a very weird prompt, but I came up with a couple you might like:

  • Take the Doctor Who approach! In the show, the headless monks are a member of a religious order who remove their heads since they are considered to be the doubt whereas the domain of faith is the heart. In turn, a room full of living heads occurs.
  • To nix the usual zombie apocalypse idea, this isn’t really a zombie apocalypse, but rather a time where no one dies so when Character A gets beheaded, they continue living.
  • Character A is paralyzed from the neck down so they truly believe they are just a head and nothing more, which leads to acute apotemnophilia (a want to remove a limb that the owner feels is dead / not their own) but for their entire body. Concerned, a friend or family member sends them into therapy and their first meeting with Character B.
  • Character A was beheaded in a war and is now a ghost, but only their head remained in phantom form. Feeling a bit peeved by this turn of events, they enlist the help of living Character B in burying them with the rest of their body so they can pass to the other side. (this should be pretty comedic)
  • A curse leads Character A to be completely invisible but their head.

dystopian society AU - star wars trio:

Poe, once a talented pilot, is now simply another struggling artist, performs wherever he can, with songs being the only way he can rebel against the dictating government of the First Order. FN-2187 has spent his whole life within the system and within a factory campus, always a part of a crowd, always being just a number, always doubting what he’s actually working towards. Rey is a homeless girl, abandoned long ago by a family that’s been forgotten, scavenging whatever she can to make ends meet and still hoping one day she’ll find a home to call her own. Alone they are no one, but together they could bring about a new awakening.

Military/Mercenary! Au Concept


Setting: Post-war apocalypse, 2040, dystopian Japan.


4 years after the great nuclear war that devastated Japan and its surrounding countries, Emperor Ushijima ascends the chrysanthemum throne. The country is thrown into messy politics, shady deals, drug cartels and the underworld.

14 years later, their former military instructors; Takeda itetsu and Ukai Keishin are executed for treason.

Daichi and Sugawara decide to continue the rebellion to overthrow the oppressive government.

They recruit promising assassins Tobio Kageyama and Hinata Shoyō in hopes of turning the tide of war in their favor.

Main Pairings:

• Kagehina • Daisuga* • Iwaoi* • Kiyoyachi

already in a relationship in this fic

Side Pairings:

• Kyouhaba (both of them are detectives) • Yakulev • Bokuaka * • asanoya • kuroken * • tsukkiyama* (long distance relationship actually) • Ennotana (?) • matsuhana *


• Bokuto & Hinata • Kenma & Hinata • no wait…basically everyone and hinata. • Noya & Tanaka • Sugawara & oikawa • Seijou third years


• Scary Sugawara • characters with dark pasts • death of ocs • detectives


Hinata Shoyo, Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tōru, Iwaizumi Hajime, Daichi Sawamura , Koushi Sugawara, Ennoshita Chikara, Tanaka Ryuunosuke, Nishinoya Yū, Asahi Azumane, Ushijima Wakatoshi, Ushijima’s father, Tsukishima Kei, Yamaguchi Tadashi, Ukai Keishin, Takeda Itetsu, Hanamaki , Matsukawa Issei, Terushima Yūji, Natsu Hinata, Hinata’s mom, Oikawa’s dad, Kageyama’s dad, yahaba shigeru, Kyotani Kentaro

Co-writer : @hqloverxxoo

Reviewer: @nishinoyalovesyuu


Chapter 0: «http://yahaba-is-bae.tumblr.com/post/142448634599/operation-katharos »

Chapter 1: «http://yahaba-is-bae.tumblr.com/post/142775833394/operationkatharos»

Chapter 2:« 🔜 »

Re-designed a re-design I did a while ago for Crocus-san’s SB Dystopian AU.

My old design for Kenshin really wasn’t dystopian enough, so I decided to re-draw the entire costume. But…I feel like I missed the mark again. (T____T) Meh, I’m still pretty happy with this costume design, at least as an AU version of some sort…>_>

Oh well. It’s Kenshin-sama. Give him some love! XD