War Machine


Let’s get one thing straight.

Death is fair, and death is kind.

We all deserve to die really if you think about it. For some, it will right all their wrongs. It will be punishment for all of their sins. While for others, it will be a sweet release. A ticket out of this hell hole they still managed to call a planet.

I guess now that it’s actually happening… I don’t know which one is me.

{Superhero/Dystopian Future AU}

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*WARNING: There’s some no no word in here. Cursing like a sailor is how I show emotion.

*Authors Note: This turned out way longer then I thought it would

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Chapter 2

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Played Dystopian Wars 2.0 for the first time this weekend. 

The game was fun, though we don`t have specific terrain for DW, so we have to use generic WH40k. Later we`ll to replace this plain blue cloth with specially designed printed cover and make some pieces of terrain that suits better.

My opponent played Prussian Empire and I played Kingdom of Denmark fleet. That can`t possibly happen in DW world, as Denmark and Prussian Empire are allies, but we had no other choice because of limited amount of DW players in our club.

Prussians deployed Blucher Class Dreadnought and I preferred to ignore him - he`s too fat for my ships to wreck him fast enough, so I just concentrated on destroying the rest of his fleet with mines and cannons. 

Considering fun moments, all of my Boarding teams from Korsors died while trying to board Armenius (if I remember right) ships. Then, my Fafnir airship was gravely damaged by another squadron of Armenius ships - they took 4 of his 5 hull poins in one salvo and set it on fire! Happily, it didn`t go down in Hindenburg manner - the fire was extinguished by the end of the game.

Eventually I sank all Prussian crafts except for Blucher and we called it a game. 

Next time I`ll try to make a genuine battlereport with good photos and all the details about the battle instead of this short review.

Flieger`s out.



With New Years Eve approaching, I thought I’d take the time to summarize 2012. More specific, I thought I’d gather everything I painted during 2012, considering I challenged a few of my friends (and everyone else that wanted to) to a bit of a Motivational Challenge. The Challenge was to paint one unit in a game of your choice every month for 2012 (started in march). So here’s pictures of all my pledges and finished units. As you can see there are alot of different models/armies/units from a number of different games.

Now, for 2013 I hope to continue painting, and perhaps finish my 2nd Legion List, add new units and warjacks to my Khador, paint the Swarmlord and a Flying Hive Tyrant for my Tyranids, and much much more.

So, to end I thought I’d wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see more painted miniatures next year. And finally, what did you paint during 2012?

Dystopian Weekend

Number 3

Hello folks, Flieger`s here.

We played another game on Sunday and here`s our first true after action report.

Starting with setup: 

  • Denmark vs Prussia
  • 700 points
  • 48x48″

This time we limited our game field - 48″ square is just enough for 700 points game. 

Here are our fleets:

Kingdom of Denmark
1x Raggnarok + Tesla (8") 
1x Skagerrak MkI 
1x Skagerrak MkII 
4x Korsor 
4x Korsor 
3x Sigurd
4x Support Aircraft Wing - Fighters
4x Support Aircraft Wing - Bombers
4x Support Aircraft Wing - Bombers

Prussian Empire
1x Emperor + Shield + Elite Crew
1x Hussar 
1x Hussar 
1x Hussar 
4x Arminius 
4x Arminius 

My opponent divided Arminius Frigates into 3 squadrons - 2 + 3 +3. Hussars were one per squadron.

Turn 1.

Here`s our deployment.  Prussians focus their forces on one flank.
Danes suffer minor damage this turn - one of the Sragerraks gets critical hit that halves its Attack Dice. Arminius Frigates get wrecked by Korsors, Prussian force advances right to Denmark`s left flank. Everything is rather calm by now

Turn 2.

Korsors advance forward, drop Linked Mine and damage one of the Prussian Frigates. And then happens something totally wrong. One of the Hussars fires at the damaged Skagerrak…

…and gets 1-1 on the Critical Damage table. Skag`s ammunition explodes,  wipes out 3 of 4 Korsors and severely damages the second Skag. Denmark`s left flank is literally devastated with just one ship.
In response Danes fire from the right flank, the last of the Korsors moves around the island and drops a mine in front of Prussian ships. 

This turn was very painful for Danes, though they retaliate on Prussian small ships - now only 3 Arminus Frigates left. The main core of the Prussian fleet is still intact.

Turn 3.

Here`s the battlefield in the middle of the third turn. Minor shootout, my last Bomber takes down an Arminus Frigate. Skag is destroyed by Hussar, Mine does absolutely no damage tto Frigates, my last Korsor drowns. Left flank is no more, but Danes still have the right one…

Turn 4.

Both fleets are getting closer. Do you see that little Mine Marker? Ragnarok Battleship uses its Magnetic Pulse ability and it moves 2″ towards Hussars. During their own activation they trigger the mine. Well, I never ever seen that many sixes on my dice. I rolled for 22 hits (in DW you get 2 hits for every 6 on your dice + you must roll one more die. Of course, you can get another 6 on the subsequent rolls… ) It is three times more than the Hussar`s Critical Rating, it gets 3 Crits and is totally destroyed. Wow. Just wow.  

Prussian Elite Boarding Crew from the Emperor battleship succesfully board one of the Sigurd Cruisers, but 7 out of 10 boarder crews die. It can`t possibly turn out any better for Danes - the last of the cruisers activates and boards the Emperor. Emperor`s AA guns are diabled by one of the crits and Danes easily overcome this assault. Enemy`s Commodore ship is captured!

That`s the end of our battle. Though we both achieved our Combat Orders (to kill all the small ships for Prussians and to disable\destroy enemy`c Commodore ship for Danes), my Danes got more Victory Points - captured Emperor costs twice its price. Totally unexpected finale, I should say!

The final results:
Denmark - 705 VPs
Prussia -  495 VPs

P.S. Folks, let me know - what`s better: a full AAR or just a brief review of key moments of the game? Form of the next Dystopian Weekend post depends on your feedback!

Thank you for reading, Flieger`s out. Stay tuned!