dystopian science fiction


@outerkevin showed me this. FUCKING AWESOME.

The signs as book genres
  • Aries: Adventure, Action, Epic
  • Taurus: Cooking and Recipes, Romance
  • Gemini: Books criticizing society, Satirical, Comics
  • Cancer: Romance, Drama, Biography
  • Leo: Drama, Novel, Classics
  • Virgo: Crime, Contemporary
  • Libra: Chick-lit, Art, Mythology
  • Scorpio: Mystery, Crime, Paranormal, Thriller
  • Sagittarius: Adventure, Spiritual, Travel
  • Capricorn: Historical, Economics, Politics (opinion books)
  • Aquarius: Science Fiction, Dystopian, Futuristic
  • Pisces: Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry
Out of the jungle of cyber-kinetic gadgetry and techno-acronyms that are apparently the future of the human species, Joseph MacKinnon has constructed and charged into life a character with the brain to play in those fields and the heart to balk at the most egregious aspects of its arrogance. Dr. Paul Sheffield, determined to destroy the overreaching CLOUD that he helped create, is a character any reader can get behind in this story that sparks and sizzles with radioactive intelligence. Read it on your plasma-screen or download it from the noosphere directly into your head.

MARK FRUTKIN, Author of the novel, Fabrizio’s Return, Winner of the Trillium Award and the Sunburst Award for Literature of the Fantastic

Hey guys! Did you know I’m an author?

Hey there! I know many of you don’t know me well, but I write novels in my spare time! I’m so proud… My first book is on Amazon!

This book was in the works for 14 years, starting off as a really crappy 30-page story about robots and an angsty teen. After eleven revisions, different routes for the story, and a bevy of various character introductions, Godling finally settled into the book it is now, and the book it will stay. It’s my baby.
Please go take a look! A print version will be available later this week! It’s a book inspired by the Immortals that I work with.

Godling by Rydre Dusks