Not All Transgender People Have Dysphoria – And Here Are 6 Reasons Why That Matters
If you thought all trans people have this experience with their bodies, you're not alone – even this author was skeptical at first. But you've got to find out what he learned for a deeper understanding of trans lives.

Heres a good article on why dysphoria is not a requirement

Gender Dysphoria (cw):

Something I hate about dysphoria is how quickly and unexpectedly it can manifest. I found myself in a social situation today where a really attractive girl was flirting with me. I couldn’t even get her number because my dysphoria has taught me to have no self-esteem during those situations. I felt absolutely horrible about myself afterwards.

Dysphoria is not always and not simply just hating how you look. Dysphoria can exist in different ways and it can absolutely destroy you.

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I've been feeling just so dysphoric lately and I don't know what to do. My binder is getting too small as it is an Asian brand one but I'm getting so dependent on it. I can't afford a new one and I feel so depressed anymore. I feel so alone

There are binder programs where you can get one for free. They wouldnt want you to be using one thats too small for you and if you cant afford another thats what they’re there for. Check the Donation Programs on this post or there may be individuals on tumblr giving them away so check tags like ‘binder giveaway’ as well

Today we chose to tackle Gender Pronouns and Dysphoria, which are two topics that are hand in hand, for example using the wrong pronouns can lead to dysphoria for people. Respecting people’s pronouns are one of the most important things to do. It’s okay to ask, in fact if you don’t know don’t just assume, ask it’s better for both you and the individual. Respecting pronouns is A MUST not an option. Respect people for who they are and love them for them!💙❤️💜💛💗💚🌈

Fact #386: Your experiences with dysphoria, or the lack thereof, doesn’t ever invalidate your trans identity. You can be ok with some parts of your body and hate others. You can feel slightly uncomfortable or completely disgusted by your body. You can feel 100% at ease in your body. Or anything beyond or inbetween those things. All of these experiences are equally valid.


The only check list you need to worry about is whether or not you identify as Cis.

That’s literally it.

You don’t need to have the following to be True Trans:
- Physical Dysphoria
- Social Dysphoria
- Gender Dysphoria
- Gender Euphoria

There are trans people who are gendervoid or feel they have no gender at all. They don’t feel dysphoric or euphoric about their gender. Guess what? Still not cis.

There are trans women who don’t hate their facial hair. They don’t feel physical dysphoria from their natural state. Guess what? Still not cis.

There are trans men who never medically transition in any way and don’t mind. They don’t wish society perceived them differently because they know who they are and literally don’t care. Guess what? Still not cis.

There are nonbinary people who don’t feel physical or social dysphoria from being misgendered. There are nonbinary people who are incredibly flexible with their pronouns. Guess what? Still not cis.

These people are all trans even though they can’t check all truscum’s shitty requirements.

Trans people need to stop telling other trans people how to be trans. Stop trying to enforce rules upon us that Cis people laid down in order to police us. You’re only hurting your community by enforcing gatekeeping and keeping people from living their lives authentically.

I’m not saying being trans is a costume. Being genderqueer and genderfluid is still trans, because their gender is constantly inside of them even though it fluctuates. Gender is inside of you, and you can just feel it even if you can’t explain it. Even if you don’t feel dysphoria/euphoria from it. Being trans isn’t a costume you can take off when things get uncomfortable.

Trans people have enough to deal with without your shitty checklist.

Tomorrow we are going to be heading to the beach. It’s getting into the (very humid) 90′s here in Minnesota this week, and of all the things to do with the kiddos on a hot, humid, sunny day heading to the beach for the morning seemed like a pretty good call.

But the tougher decision, at least on my part is what to wear to the beach. Bathing suits can be a challenge for almost anyone, but as I’ve shared before, swimming/swimwear is a big point of dysphoria for me, and often I’ve just avoided the issue all together by staying on the beach fully clothed. I bought this bikini a couple years back on sale at Target, and for all sorts of reasons I think I’ve only worn it twice, and never out publicly. But it’s going to be great weather to splash around with Minky in the water, I’m feeling reasonably comfortable with my body, and I’m just getting tired of letting my anxieties around this stuff get in the way of living my life fully. The water is fine, just jump in. 

Fingers crossed that I can hold this confidence through tomorrow, and that the only thing I’ll need to worry about is whether I’ve sufficiently covered my pale body in sunscreen.

Gender is complicated

It’s not about clothes, though some people express gender through clothes and feel more comfortable in certain gendered clothes than other

It’s not about the body, though some people experience physical dysphoria

It’s not about makeup or hairy legs or hair length, though for some people that’s part of their gender presentation

It’s not about acting traditionally masculine or feminine or neither, though some people integrate these traits into their behavior

It’s about all of these things and none of these things and more, it’s about a sense of identity that ties groups of people together

Biological sex vs biological traits.

Biological sex is a social concept and is _fake_ . biological traits (penis, boobs, voice, vagina, hormones, genes, chromosomes, etcetc) are real as we see them and they increase or decrease risks, but they come in thousands of combinations and can be changed.

So putting people into two boxes, biological male and biological female, based on only two combinations of biological traits is ridiculous. And even more ridiculous to try and fix it by having a separate miscellaneous box that people ignore the existence of.

And here is where people say “But, Cameron, the doctor needs to know your biological sex!” No they don’t.

Having “female” (ouch) on a clip board does not tell the doctor what my chromosomes are (those were never tested, they were assumed) or what hormones are in my body (more testosterone than estrogen) or what genitalia I have (vagina, but that can be changed).

If a doctor wants to know what I’m most at risk of, they need to have a list of the traits that effect health. Because assuming my traits based off of an “f” in records, could harm me.

“Biological sex” is often used as a fancy way to misgender people,
and harm people. Its used to harm intersex people (disclaimer I’m not intersex) and trans people, and maybe even cis woman.

If you are talking about a penis, say penis.

If you are talking about a vagina, say vagina.

If you are talking about how society perceives us, say that.

If you are talking about what we were designated or assigned with at birth, first make sure its not to call us or our body the wrong gender and that it’s not being used to segregate gender based on binarism .
If not, say afab or amab. (Assigned female/male at birth.) Don’t use it wrong. Don’t use it to replace trans male trans female or nonbinary genders. Don’t use it if it makes since to just use the gender.

Just, please, don’t be an ass.

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the best way I've ever found to explain dysphoria to cis people is that it's like wearing shoes two sizes too small, soaking wet, and on the wrong feet. you have no idea that not every feels like this, you just assume all shoes are uncomfortable and pinch and soggy, until one day you realize that other people are perfectly content in their dry, well fitting shoes and that you can do something to change this and make yourself feel better