This is my happy face. No dysphoria. No hate and I am in peace with my own mind, and it feels good.   Waiting for my diagnosis and i will in a few months start with testosterone. And I really am starting to enjoy life and I am starting to feel some hope.

Sending out some love to any one who struggles with life and having lots of dysphoria. Hang in there, it will be better and life will gets easier.


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anonymous asked:

i've been feeling really confused lately. it wasn't until i joined tumblr and learned about nonbinary genders that i ever started questioning my gender identity, so i feel like questioning now invalidates it. i'm dfab and she/her/hers are fine with me, and while i identify with what i was born, i also feel as though i would have been better off as a boy. i accept the body i have now but would change it in a heartbeat if i could, but it doesnt feel like a pressing need and the only times i (1/2)

really have a problem with someone misgendering me is when they say i’m cis. but when i first heard of demigirl, everything seemed to just fall into place. i guess my big question is that i dont feel like i have dysphoria and do i have to have dysphoria to identify as a demigirl, or do i really fit the meaning of demigirl? i’m just afraid of upsetting anyone who really has dysphoria. (2/2)

A lot of people started questioning thanks to tumblr because tumblr allowed people to realize that there can be things to question about in regards to gender and that it’s totally okay to do so. Don’t worry about being invalid.

In regards to the feeling better off if you were a boy idea, that probably has to do with some misogyny, internalized or otherwise thanks to gender roles and patriarchal systems and what not.

If you kind of feel like a girl then demigirl is an applicable term for you.

You do not have to experience dysphoria to identify as any gender identity. Your lack of dysphoria does not make you less valid. Your lack of dysphoria doesn’t invalidate others with dysphoria. It just is what it is.


if you’re trans, no matter your state of transition, whether it be pre-op, post-op, or partial, never forget to acknowledge your biological sex.

if you’re a transwoman, always remember to get checked for prostate cancer. if you’re a transman (especially if you still have a uterus or breasts), always remember to get checked for cervical and breast cancer. if you still experience menstrual cycles, and they are extremely painful and/or heavy, don’t be embarrassed to seek treatment. don’t pretend like you’re not having them. you don’t deserve to suffer in silence.

no matter what, don’t let your dysphoria harm you physically as well as mentally. if you’re having any health issues relating to your biological sex, don’t be afraid to tell someone close to you. don’t be embarrassed. there are people who love you and support your identity that want you to be safe and healthy.

Hey tumblr, what are some of your favorite songs with female singers which are in the contralto range? Examples would be “Set Fire to the Rain” by Adele or “Rhiannon” by Fleetwood Mac.

I’m asking because I’m trans and tend to get really dysphoric about my voice since I like to sing, which can be really hard because it makes two of my biggest anxiety relievers, singing and listening to music, potential dysphoria triggers. Listening to/singing songs sung by women who are in my range is one of the most helpful things for me when I feel like this, so I want to start making a playlist.

And if you could respond by reblogging this (or if you wanted to just reblog the post without responding) so that enough people could see and respond to it for me to get a decent sized playlist together that would be really helpful, thanks!

My entry for this year’s Transgender Day of Visibility. This, beyond question, is the most painful, difficult selfie I’ve yet taken, but I felt it a very necessary one. (as you can see, my eyes are poofy from crying)
We (transgender people) are here and we’re not going anywhere. If my moment of heartbreak, vulnerability, dysphoria, fear and shame are enough to instill a modicum of inspiration to any other transgender person living in fear, living in the closet, feeling as though they are all alone, this photograph will have served its purpose.

Message for all trans* people:
  • If your friend gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND, DO NOT TRUST THEM.
  • If your significant other gets mad at you and attempts to hurt your feelings by making fun of your gender - DO NOT GO BACK TO THEM. DUMP THEM RIGHT THEN AND THERE AND NEVER LOOK BACK.  They are not who you’re supposed to be with.
  • If anyone ever says your birth name on purpose to upset you - DO NOT TOLERATE THEIR CRAP. THEY ARE NOT GOOD HUMAN BEINGS.
  • There is no such thing as “not being trans* enough.”
  • You do not need to pack/bind or tuck/stuff in order to pass.
  • You can wear make up or go without makeup all you want.
  • You can wear as much jewelry as you want.
  • You don’t have to start hormones or have surgery.
  • You are allowed to want to be called  by your chosen name and correct pronouns. 


Here’s to all the trans* or non-binary or agender folk with large breasts. Here’s to the ones that even when they bind they can’t get completely flat without injuring themselves. Here’s to the people who struggle to find clothes that suit them because no matter what they wear it still looks like they have breasts. Here’s to the kids with the DD cups and spend their days tugging at their shirts to try and make it flat. Your gender does not depend on whether or not your chest is flat, your breasts do not define your gender. You are beautiful, no matter what.

its important to know that not every dysphoric trans person hates themselves and their body.
i think one of the things lots of cis people have difficulty understanding, is that dysphoria isnt always just “i hate my body and want to change it”

its often “i like my body but i hate the way people see it and label me based on it. i wish i could exist however i want without the restraints people put on me because of it. i feel trapped by that and i wish they could see me for who i am.”

i love my body and im proud of my body, the thing that gets me down more than that is people’s perception of it.
the thing i resent about my body is that when people see it, and see me, they label me with something that is not who i am.
the hatred comes from the outside, from others around us, not from within.

anonymous asked:

SUPER IMPORTANT!!!!! I'm feeling really dysphoric and for Easter I have to wear a dress because no one in my family knows I'm trans and when I get home I'll be alone for a really long time and I don't know what to do to help get rid of the dysphoric feeling. Please help

Ren says:

To all my lovely trans sisters and brothers and siblings having to undergo Easter dressup (or Passover dressup, or any holiday dressup):

You’re valid. No matter what clothes they put you in. Maybe you’re undercover, like a spy; maybe you’re crossdressing; maybe you just look really darn good in a dress or suit or whatnot. Your clothes don’t determine your gender. You do, and you’ve already done that, so - congratulations! You’re valid and you and amazing.

But that doesn’t always help dysphoria go away. So what’s a [your gendered noun of choice here] to do?

Help me purchase a binder!

My name is Spencer and I’m a Trans Boy who is in desperate need of a binder as soon as possible.
 Recently, I have been experiencing extreme dysphoria with my chest to the extent where it’s getting extremely hard to function. I have tried binding using a cheap binder in the past and it left me with brusing and very painful back problems, which makes me even more desperate to get a safe binder.
I would greatly appreciate any donations as they would all go directly to paying for a gc2b binder and shipping to the UK.

Even if you can’t donate, please reblog so more people see this! 

Thank you! 


a stone fruit being cut and being opened: a mix about dysphoria

1. xiu xiu - sad pony guerrilla girl
2. perfume genius - my body
3. sonic youth - secret girls
4. mary margaret o’hara - body’s in trouble
5. afghan whigs - miss world
6. tori amos - precious things
7. pj harvey - man-size sextet
8. a stick and a stone - written on the body
9. pretty swans - bones
10. mogli - sleep
11. kit wilson-yang - boat/celebrate
12. the velvet underground - candy says
13. baby dee - when i get home
14. unraveler - i’ll be your lady
15. joanna newsom - only skin
16. placebo - burger queen
17. antony and the johnsons - bird gerhl

Terms and Conditions (phan)

After being rejected ONCE AGAIN by his transphobic parents, Dan goes home suffering from an intense amount of depression and dysphoria. Phil comforts him while Dan only just wishes he could be the perfect “son” for his parents.

Warnings: dysphoria, depression, rude parenting
Genre: angst, trans!Dan (we need more fics like this)
Pairing: phan
Status: complete
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Enjoy ~ 

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