dyson house

Why Katryna and I have the best room:

Here’s just a small list of the things we’ve collected so far for our dorm room:


  • Doctor Who
  • The Beatles
  • Glittery YOLO (we couldn’t resist)
  • Sirius Black
  • Destiny’s Child (we couldn’t resist this either)
  • Two Sherlock posters
  • Avengers
  • John Lennon

Other things

  • Rainbow kitty shower curtain
  • Owl rug
  • Paper lanterns
  • Christmas lights
  • Zebra rug
  • Yin/yang door beads
  • Purple couch (if it even fits in the room WE’LL SEE)
  • Drapes (which we’re going to hang from the ceiling and such)

So basically, we have the best room in existence

Okay so holy shit, we opened our curtains so everyone could see how cool our dorm is and not even kidding, we had at least 40 different people at different times just cycle through our dorm and tell us how fucking awesome it was.

At one point I counted 16 in our room at one time. That may not sound like a lot to you, but our room isnt that big, and it was CRAZY. And freaking awesome! Basically our amazing room is like the biggest wingman ever.

Like everyone who was like hey come hang out at our rooms? It happened to us. And it was fucking awesome.

I cant wait to make a dorm tour video. It will be the BOMB.


When he finally found out where Dyson was, which was harder than he planned since Oli was being a moody fuck. Seriously how ungrateful could a kid be? He hitchhiked all the way here to bring back Dyson, so Oli would stop with the theatrics and instead of calmly telling him where Dyson lived Oli decided to be a moody brat instead. This was why he didn’t bother with people, they always had drama and got moody and it made him mad just thinking about it.

When he got to Dyson’s apartment he debated whether he should break into the place, it would probably be a bad way to try and convince Dyson to come back. Part of him thought he could just kidnap him and drag him back but Oli would probably get mad or as close to mad as Oli could get. Which really was just a giant headache.

So instead he just knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Fully prepared to force his way in if necessary.