dyson hot


Dyson. So hot right now.

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Another iconic Dyson design.

dyson hot

A beatiful heater …and a fan! I was contemplating to buy a dyson tower fan during the summer, but they’re so pricey. But living in Vancouver as it is, I would only really use a fan during the summer time and the remaining of the seasons any fan I would get would simply be stored in my closet until I needed it again. So thinking long term, for the majority of the year what I really needed was a heater. A couple of months pass and the Dyson hot is announced (and bonus that its a fan too)…time to cash in! :) 

Life-lesson: Patience pays off.   

I’ve used the dyson hot for about 4 months now and here are my thoughts.


  • Elegant design, easy to use, safe, and easy to clean
  • If you touch the heater you can’t really burn your hand even on max settings unless you leave it on there for half a minute or so
  • Warms up room fairly quickly 
  • Still really pricey for a heater in general 
  • Magnetic controller, which can be placed on top of the heater is pretty cool
  • Can tilt to adjust angle of heat
  • Precise control of heat 


  • Very loud
  • Temperature only goes up to 37 degrees Celsius
  • The materials its made out of don’t feel like they’re worth the price you paid for
  • The cord is brown for some reason
  • nitpicking, but the packaging it comes in is really hard to take out