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You see what she did there, Jake? How she referred to “her world” like it’s something different from ours?  It’s as if she’s forgotten that we’re her family.

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Sakumo/Orochimaru in a Torchwood!AU.

*sounds of fandoms colliding horrifically*

No no no, hear me out. Orochimaru as the immortal Jack Harkness, only less playboy and more mad scientist. 

Sakumo as Ianto Jones, trying desperately to save Kakashi (maybe not from the Cyberman conversion, because angst overload, but something survivable). 

I have very few thoughts beyond Sakumo and Orochimaru fighting aliens and being dysfunctional but adorable, and now I want to write this gdit.


Ok i’ll tell you all the story of how i started here on tumblr… I was probably 12 or something when i joined tumblr and i didn’t post much. I liked posts but hadn’t started reblogging until later on in the years. I wasn’t as good at drawing as i am now and my family wasn’t as dysfunctional as it is now. Lots of shit happened, lots of tears were shed, lots of sadness and depression, and a shitload of anxiety and stress. I was doing ok in school but after the end of 2014, i started to plummet down and my grades were crappy and the stress of homework and classwork only made it worse. One day, i broke down in class and they sent me to the counselor to talk it out and sort my problem out. A couple weeks later, i was doing ok and finally decided to come back to tumblr out of boredom. I started reblogging stuff and slowly started gaining followers after posting some of my old drawings. I was still bored so i kept reposting and liking posts and even posting some stuff of my own. Day by day, i used some of my freetime to improve on my drawings and saw the progress i was making. Little by little, i was making friends and i never realized how supportive people are here and not once did i ever get hate on my posts. Originally, i went by Sansthepunmaster1, and it stayed like that until this year. I was only liking nsfw stuff and it was a phase i was going through but then i grew out of it but then got back into it again, but only smut drawn by sinner artists. I had improved from a beginner to amateur to almost pro with the help of my art classes once i got to the 9th grade. I’m proud to see how well i got at drawing. Fast forward to this year because i didn’t have Tumblr for 2015, i was reblogging and posting more stuff from other tumblr blogs and taking pictures of things i drew out of boredom. I saw that other tumblr blogs got asks from anons and other users and thought,“ i wanna get asks for drawings and be asked questions too.” so i went on google and looked up how to enable asks on Tumblr and turned on my askbox and suggested people ask me what they want me to draw and what they wanted to know. At first, i only got 1 ask per week and it made me more depressed. So i decided to see what got others lots of asks and saw everyone was doing drawing challenges for their followers or other who like seeing art. I gave that a try and slowly started gaining more asks which made me happy and gave me lots of confidence. I did requests and answered questions and it kept going. I even went and checked out the blogs that looked nice and followed them but some of them didn’t follow back, which is ok, that didn’t stop me from posting my drawings though. I kept going and got more and more asks along with followers who liked my art. I kept reblogging too and got into BABQFTIM and found out who was posting the comic: @thebbros (love your blog btw. Great job) I followed them and i also found out that @blogthegreatrouge was the one who came up with the idea. I followed her too and i kept following my favorite blogs. One at a time, i got new followers that quickly became my friends. I followed my favorite youtubers and my favorite voice actors on youtube. @ihaileysenpai, i love her voice dubs for rouge’s comic and have been watching her ever since i watched those videos. I found her tumblr and followed it. I didn’t think in a couple of days or weeks she would feature 2 of my asks from separate blogs in one of her videos or notice me when i sent her an ask about how excited i was to be in one of her videos. I almost fangirled when i saw it, now i know how she felt when she got noticed by her favorite blog in one of her videos. I was so happy that day and i also followed other blogs like @i-draw-andstuff @askfriskandcompany @lunarthewolfcreations @asktazzieandfriends @askthedevilswing @asktheinkdemon etc. I became good friends with tazzie and luna and i draw. I kept reposting their stuff and liking their posts. I even got to message them and got to see their awesome art! I got to speak with tazzie a little more and me and her became good friends with her. Over time, i kept doing what i love while getting to know her a little more. I was in a slump for a while but i kept getting better and better, practicing different styles and different techniques for drawing my characters and others. While i was friends with tazzie, i developed a crush on her but i didn’t tell her because i didn’t want to ruin what we had. Time went on and i got more friends here and more art requests in my askbox. I was always happy to see stuff from everyone i followed. Last month, i think, july 23rd tazzie asked me out. I asked her why she was doing it and she told me it was for a dare, and i took the risk and asked if she wasn’t dared into doing it, would she still have asked me, and she said yes and at first i thought she was joking but she said she had a bit of a crush on me and i knew at that moment she was serious and took my chance to confess that i felt the same about her. I told her yes and we started dating. Ever since that day, i’ve never been happier or in love with anyone like her before. I kept going and earned 50 followers and it kept getting higher. I eventually tried learning to draw on the computer, my first drawing was ok. While tazzie and i were talking, i asked if she had any other social media accounts and she gave them to me. Youtube being one of them. She’s 16 and i’m 15. I love her and she loves me. I keep doing what i do best, gaining more followers, getting likes, and reblogs on my posts. That’s how i got from where i was to where i am today. Thanks for giving your time up to read this.

How do you go beyond a dysfunctional relationship with the present moment? The most important thing is to see it in yourself, in your thoughts and actions. In the moment of seeing, of noticing that your relationship with the Now is dysfunctional, you are present. The seeing is the arising Presence. The moment you see the dysfunction, it begins to dissolve. Some people laugh out loud when they see this. With the seeing comes the power of choice - the choice of saying yes to the Now, of making it into your friend.
—  Eckhart Tolle, ‘A New Earth’
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  • me: i just don't understand,i just can't understand-
need recommendations!

anyone have any good recommendations for keeping track of your calendar/assignments? do you use a paper calendar, a digital one, both? what method works best for you for writing things down and checking them? thanks guys!

Clipped Wings

Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic

Rating: M


Riko Moriyama/Kevin Day, Neil Josten, Ichirou Moriyama, Andrew Minyard


Graphic Depictions of Violence, AU


Riko Moriyama survives the meeting of Neil and his brother after the Raven’s lost game - but at what price?   Kevin would never accept that some people declared a life not worth living anymore - least of all the young man he had grown up with. 

Chapter One - Broken crown

“Riko Moriyama is Not suicidal”, Kevin Day said with conviction.

“Well, seems he is”, Matt answered, “Did you seen his interview? He stepped down. Looked like a ghost.”

Last week, the Ravens had made it public: Riko Moriyama was stepping down as team captain and leaving the Ravens. All hell had broken loose on social media. Watching the interview had made Kevin’s skin crawl, but he had spoken to no one about it. His own team was still celebrating their well-deserved victory and Neil’s freedom.

This evening, the Exy sports community had held its breath when the news about Riko Moriyama’s suicide attempt had gone viral. The young striker had been found near death after OD’ing. Riko Moriyama doesn’t do drugs, Kevin thought bitterly. Something was very wrong here.

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Malec - Rant - “True Love Cannot Die”

Ok so… Since 2.10 first aired I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the “I love you” scene between Alec and Magnus. Some seem to think it was too early in their relationship, not fully true or that it was done for the press or even shock value. Also, prior to the episode airing there were a lot of people insisting that Magnus and Alec would break-up following the “fight” over Izzy’s yin fen bullshit.

However, I think the point of their relationship was always this. A story of intense, raw, open, honest, true love from the start. And they both knew that going in…

 Click it or ticket (I did warn you it was long) 

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You Belong Percy Jackson x Reader

Title: You Belong

Character: Percy Jackson

Warnings: Swearing, injuries, angst

Word Count: 928 words

Author: Fizz

A/N: Sorry, I went overboard with the angst.


“Well this is new,” a voice whispered into your ear. You rolled your eyes, begging for this to stop. “A child of Aires who doesn’t speak. Very interesting indeed.”

You did talk, actually. You just didn’t want to waste your breath pointlessly arguing like the rest of your siblings did.

“Just go away, Clarisse. I’m not in the mood.”

“Well you never are, are you!” she yelled, the whole thing sounding a lot more like a statement than a question. She took a step closer and went straight to your face before saying, “You’re just the runt of the litter. You will never be a descendent of Aires.”

And that was five years ago! Hooray for dysfunctional families! At least now you had a couple of friends to help you through. Grover, Percy, and Annabeth. Without them, you would’ve crumbled under the Aires’ family pressure years ago.


“Well, well, well! Looks like I’m going up against the disgrace. This should be an easy take down.” Clarisse sneered.

Oh Gods, she’s going to slaughter me. You thought.

But, despite your internal cascade of fear, you rolled your eyes and pretended to not be bothered. That had become your coping mechanism over the years.

“Let’s just get this over with.” you said, trying your hardest to sound bored. You hoped it worked.

“Alright then, runt. Let’s do this.”


So, it turns out, you were right. She slaughtered you. You were usually really good at sparring, but this… this was different. Her mind games always worked, despite you trying to keep them away from the darkest corners of your head.

You sat, extremely annoyed, in the infirmary because the nurse was keeping you there against your will. You had a sky high pain tolerance, and you didn’t understand why you couldn’t just leave.

Percy came barreling into the sick bay, worry painted on his face. He spotted you from across the room and you could swear you saw tears in his eyes.

“Shit, Y/N. Are you okay? Oh, Gods, of course you’re not okay! Why are you sitting up? Lay down. I’m going to kill your sister. What happened out there? You’re usually so good! Did she try to psych you out before the fight? That asshole! I swear to-“

“Percy, shut the hell up! I’m fine. I’d be even more fine if they would let me out of here.” you shot a glare at the nurse who was within earshot of you. She gave you a sarcastic smile.
“Um, how? You have bruises all over your face! You blacked out before they brought you here.”

“I have a high pain tolerance. Listen, you have two options. Number one: sit here and keep rambling out the obvious, or number two: help me break out of here.”

“Y/N, there is no way I’m breaking you out of an infirmary. Have you lost your mind.”

“Yes. A long time ago. So, are you gonna help me or not?”

“Fine. What do you want me to do?”

“Distract the nurse, and I’ll make a break for it.”

“That’s your brilliant plan?”

“We’re in a low budget hospital in the middle of nowhere where the most threatening person in this room has only gauze and ice for weapons. We don’t need a getaway car and laser-limbo lessons.”

“Good point.”


As soon as you had gotten far enough away from the infirmary you collapsed on the ground. You started laughing due to your ridiculous jail break. It would take a maximum of twenty minutes before somebody found you and brought you back. Then you started crying. Teardrops dotted your face, he skin on your cheeks like a window pane when it rained. Your chest heaved, and you couldn’t make it stop. You hated crying, especially when one of your siblings caused it. You hated this feeling, like you were going into them. You tried so hard to be strong, you despised feeling weak.

“Y/N! Y/N, where are you? Y/N?! Y-oh no.” Percy dropped to the dirt next to you. “What happened?”

“I just… I… Perc, I can’t take it anymore!” you spluttered out. “Clarisse and the others…they’re such absolute assholes, and I’m so much like me mom and nowhere near like my dad! I’m weak. Every other descendant of Aires is strong. They never lose a fight and they aren’t quiet. They dream of death and destruction not purple horizons and Dr. Pepper. I’m not one of them, Perc. I don’t… I just don’t belong here.”

“Don’t you dare say that.” Percy berated.

“What?” you asked, tears cladding your vision of the son of Poseidon.

“Don’t say you don’t belong here, because you do. You are nowhere near weak. You are the strongest out of all of us. You put up with constant shit and you smile through it all. You take beatings and then run away from infirmaries,” you laughed and sniffed some tears away. “Who cares if you don’t want to cause wars. You want to finish them, and that proves you are just as indestructible as every one of you siblings. You fit, Y/N. You belong.”
“Percy, I-”

And then he kissed you. You were shocked. You never thought that Percy Jackson would want to kiss you, the “disgrace”. But he was right. You were perfect and you don’t need anyone else’s crap. Wow, you thought. I can’t believe it took getting the shit beat out of you to realize that. You smiled and leaned into the kiss.

He pulled away and smiled at you. You mirrored him.

“You belong.”

it’s funny, when i was coming up with my design for henry, i was like… like i know smaller eyes would make him look older, and i wanted to convey that he was older, but i was like… no… no… i want him to have big, sweet, soulful eyes. i don’t care if i have to sacrifice maturity for it. puppy dog eyes for henry, please.

so he just ended up kinda being babyfaced. which actually works for me, because i like to think that, during his time as a soldier, he was the baby of his troop. like, an animator?? among probably what are mostly manual labor dudes? and he’s short and those big eyes, he was their baby bro. i like to think he made a lot of friends in the army, not because he was such a great social butterfly or a charmer or anything, but because he’s just an earnest guy who you just can’t help but kind of believe in the goodness of. and he’s sorta nonthreatening and just willing to help for the most part. he’s easy to warm up to, in a way i don’t think he himself is really aware of.

i like to think it was kinda the first time that lampblack henry really felt… how it feels to be part of a supportive family? like his friends and co-workers in the animation studio i think he considers to be more like… biological family, where he’s like, sigh. this place is a part of me, and he feels love for and responsibility toward it to a point, (and that’s one of the reasons why he’s not just like “fuck this i’m out” in the game haha. like… this was a huge part of his life, the most defining one even, and he’s not someone who’s just gonna up and abandon it) but through tapes and stuff it doesn’t sound like THE most stable environment

i think he really learned how to be a part of a supportive and generally well-functioning group in the army, and now he’s applying that knowledge to the Kreepy Krew. like, he was the baby in his army troop, but now he’s taking on the leader role, and he feels like he’s got a handle on it because of what he learned, and he does. like he’s stumbling a little, but he knows what it feels like to be in a supportive environment and a dysfunctional one, and so now he, in theory, knows how to find that balance, because he can feel it, and see the differences.

in case you haven’t guessed, lampblack henry isn’t particularly swamped with biological family… there’s a reason why he’s not uncomfortable with the idea of being that much of a part of the lives of people who aren’t his flesh and blood. they may be more like, his paper and ink, but bendy and boris are the closest thing to that he’s ever had.

“Jade Green Eyes” Part 1

Summary: Alexia Hargrove, Class 5 mutant. She possesses the power of telepathy and  shapeshifting. Growing up with Professor Xavier at his school for “gifted” children, she learned to harness and expand her powers. Now, HYDRA’s on her trail and the Avengers want to keep her safe.

Pairings: Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes x Mutant Black Reader, Alexia Hargrove (future chapters will include X-Men)

Word Count: 1,320

Warnings: Swearing, angst

A/N: I’ve never attempted to write a mutant fic, so I’m nervous. If all goes well, there will be 2 or 3 more parts. Italics denotes speaking telepathically. Comments are welcome. ENJOY!


Alexia Hargrove’s life spiralled out of control at the tender age of 5. In kindergarten, Jimmy Watson the class bully, shoved Alexia in the mud during recess and what ensued next was, um, otherworldly? Alexia narrowed her jade green eyes and Jimmy was hurled face first into the mud, coupled with a bloody nose.

The Hargrove’s were summoned to the Principal’s Office, where the child was reprimanded like an adult. They made a decision that day to “fix” her abnormality.

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SSLL asks; spoiler warning

*If you haven’t read the latest chapter, you may wanna keep scrollin’.  


I love that he’s such a smug little shit.  x]
And I def recommend that galaxy drink.  I can say that the magical properties of monster alcohol will definitely come into play in the future.  The Lady’s going to have a fun night at Grillby’s eventually.

Oh, he’s pissed.  During the exorcism chapter (yep, that’s going to be a thing that happens), there’s a high chance that he’s going to try to create scenarios where he and the Lady might kiss.  
I’m talkin’ like out-of-season mistletoe and other silly things.


Accurate summary is accurate. xD

I’m glad you liked it!  It was a bit daunting at first to take on so many skeles in one setting, but I tried to make sure everyone was included.  I even drew a diagram of where everyone was standing for the drinking game and kept a tally of who had the most drinks.

For anyone wondering, Axe took the most drinks during the game, and Blueberry took the least.  


Heh–they’re never going to apologize.  That entire group is dysfunctional, and now that they know Axe smooched the Lady (and they suspect it was after the dinner), they’re going to do what they can to sabotage everything.

Crooks would accept all the hugs. <3  He could always use more!

I’m so glad you liked him!  He’ll definitely have some moments in upcoming chapters.  And I’ll probably do a POV chapter with him soon!

I’m so glad you enjoyed it, but hey–don’t die!  xP

Yess, Mutt was a good boy–although, he partially didn’t trust us to be able to stomach the burrito without making a face that would crush his brother.  And that kiss!  Ahh, I just couldn’t resist.  The firework situation was giving me too many feels from my other fanfic, so I had to ramp it up a bit.  


Did you know that you’re actually the one with the heart of gold and the sweet soul?  Look at all this kindness!  And all the sweetness!  And–just everything.  You always brighten my day.  <3  


I know, right? xD  It went from trying to get the Lady drunk to trying to figure out who’s done what with her!  And hell yeah, it had to involve tongue.  It’s Red, and they’re both drunk.  Ahh, I so wanted it to go a little further–or at least a little longer–but we’ve gotta ease into it.  


I’m so glad you liked it!  xD  It was fun to write the drunk Lady.  Admittedly, I was drunk for the last half portion of the chapter.  Which is apparently why the Lady grabbed his collar.  mmph.


-Catches you when you trip.-
Whoa, careful there, kohai.  Seems like Sans didn’t clean up his mess–there’s wires everywhere!
I’m so glad you enjoyed it! <3  Yeah, they were probably confused because they thought that the cannibalism thing would be a deal-breaker for a human.  xP  I’m planning on doing a POV bonus for Mutt during the chapter (and probably the latter portion from Red’s POV too), so we’ll find out!

I hope you had a great day!


Thank you!  <3  Could’ve probably used more Blueberry. ;)


Ahhhhh!!  No prob~!  
Hell yeah, Red’s suave. ;)   Everyone thought Axe was the smooth one.  xD

He’s just–ahh.  Despite everything, he’s a good guy.  


Struggling with ADHD (and other mental illnesses) organizing things and keeping them organized is not one of my talents. At all. No.

The first two pictures are in fact good days
I’ve had much worse. (much. worse.)

So while I actually consider the before to be just a small mess it still took me 3 days to clean.

  • I’d rather not do something at all than not do it properly. It has to be perfect.
  • I get distracted easily :))))
  • I only have super short time periods in which I can force myself to stay motivated.
  • executive dysfunction strikes again….

But now I am more than just satisfied with the outcome, because I was able to do it myself and it reached the level of perfect I am comfortable with.
I didn’t only clean up my room but I also bought some plants and fairy lights to make my room look cuter.

In general I just think my room now looks like it popped right out of an Ikea catalogue. And everything has its place even though my space is so limited.

side note: I used to passionately hate pink.. now look at me ^.^

avadarain  asked:

Do you think Tweek gets jelly sometimes because Craig is one of the more attractive kids in the grade, and Tweek gets scared someone will steal him away ?

Maybe… not so much that someone else will steal him away, as he’s afraid that Craig will find someone else attractive, realize he’s definitely not gay, and leave Tweek. I think there will always be this insecure undercurrent to their relationship of “is this real or not?”, because of how everything got started. and I think maybe for Tweek more than Craig, that will always manifest as an intense fear that Craig is lying to him, that he doesn’t really love or care about him. Tweek’s really anxious and paranoid and prone to overthinking things. So Tweek will always be clingy, jealous, and suspicious, looking for signs that Craig is lying to him. I guess I see this as being a bit of a motivation for Tweek’s abusive side; he’s constantly pushing Craig, and if Craig gets upset or angry, or threatens to break up (or really does) it just becomes confirmation to Tweek of “I knew it, it was all a lie, he doesn’t care about me”. I imagine that Craig’s somewhat cold demeanor and apparent disinterest is constantly frustrating and alarming for Tweek when he’s already often second-guessing whether or not Craig cares about him. It’s funny and a little sad to picture Tweek trying to make Craig jealous, because I really don’t picture Craig as the type to get jealous. 

My brain is going down the rabbit hole of their dysfunctional relationship now…