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Anyways Alison is a bitch who doesn’t deserve sweet Emily good night.

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Who are some of your favorite bb blogs this season? I just started watching this season and I want to know who I should follow!

Ah! I’m such a bad person to ask because I hardly look at the urls and if I do, people are always changing them so I never know who is who unless I stalk their blog. But even with that it’s kinda hard because with this season and the topics that are being discussed in the tag, you start to see the true mindset of people once you get past the “big brother fan” barrier. So, my suggestion to you is to hang out! People who I might find cool, you might not and vice versa so it’s best if you just pull up a chair and just relax in the tag and people watch! Unlike other fandoms, our tag is literally active 24/7 with a plethora of posts being made at any hour of the day and with that, you’ll quickly see the kind of people you enjoy and if you want to follow them!

And one more thing…

tbh i kinda dislike that portrayal of Byakuren being a mom towards the Myourenji crew, ESPECIALLY Kyouko

Can we talk that there’s one chapter in SoPM where the others tell her the things her disciples (especially Protegees Supreme Shou and Ichirin drinkin alcohol) and how she basically goes “i’m not surprised but i’m heavily disappointed”, and especially with learning that Kyouko makes punk rock music in which she laughs “ok i think i’m gonna teach her a lesson. and cut contacts with that mystia i guess” (which she probably didn’t do because she’s Byakuren™

Like i always see comics going like “not you kyouko youre the best you did nothing wrong”, but when am i going to see fun things of Byakuren doing “hurting yet sarcastic mother” quotes, like

Byakuren: “Kyouko, you went ham on many disciples and said “buddhism sucks””

Kyouko: “that’s because they’re bitch-ass youkais”

Byakuren: “Kyouko I’m extremely sorry for saying this like this, but you’re also a bitch-ass youkai.”

A playlist about a boy who’s one big insecure, self-centered, yet somehow still lovable mess. Cover art by wockykitakis.

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Some Boys - Death Cab for Cutie | Cool Kids - Echosmith | Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood | Hothouse - 78violet | Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons | Fall For You - Secondhand Serenade | Blue Lips - Regina Spektor | Teenagers - My Chemical Romance | #SELFIE - The Chainsmokers

Sometimes this fandom got me fucked up...

Thangs I noticed in the fandom and I’m always like:

Like…policing opinions. Acting like some of you never hated anything or posted something about it. Stomping on other people’s positivity. Acting superior to others. Acting like the feed of your show is better than my feed (It’s Xfinity so it might be tho). Telling people what they can and can’t do as a “fan”. Chill vs. not chill even a lil bit. We’re happy about something!!!  Nevermind, we are certainly NOT happy about something. People saying Carol’s pupils were dilated so she’s in love with Tobin. Saying Daryl’s eyes were dilated so he just wants to be friends with Carol. People hating on Daryl’s size smedium vest.

No one wanting to contribute gas money for our ride to fight Gimple but me and @youwereneveraslicebitch and @thuggums. The cliff of despair when spoilers come out. @sanjamac sweating and pulling muscles trying to pull us back from the cliff of despair (girl you deserve an award). Not tagging spoilers but not meaning to forget, just you have alot of feelings. Trying to figure out which Caryler fan with a picture of Carol has said something out of pocket that one time, but like 30 of them got the same picture so you just glare at the screen. Trying to make sure @lovesdaryl knows Daryl matters. 

Shippers wanting half their ship to die. People wanting the whole ship to die. People shipping half their ship with inanimate objects and weird stuff(SAY SOMETHING– I DARE YOU!!!). People thinking Daryl can last 17 minutes ((you trying to kill him)). Jumping ship and talking shit while wearing a Caryl shirt and watching Consumed on repeat (I might have done this). Staying on the ship even if it’s only one piece of debris in the damn ocean. Having high key Caryler haters act like they care about our fandom feelings. Having low key Caryl haters sending anons about fandom feelings. Anons asking salty ass questions. No one’s writing smut anymore. Some of us only think in terms of smut. People unfollowing people. People following people. People peopling af. I mean maybe, I don’t know, I’m just…this is an interesting dashboard. I love you all though. It’s never boring that’s for sure!

I love my dysfunctional fandom. I need a vitamin though. 

Why you should vote pokeeeeeeee to be the fandom's official mom

• they’re awesome
• they’ll stand up for you if you need them
• they have the perfect name for tattletaling (ex. “Pokeeeeeeeeeee!!! baron bit meeee!!”)
• this dysfunctional fandom-ily needs one
• they’ll make you a photoshop sandwich if you ask nicely

@pokeeeeeeee for soccer mom 2015

Okay so theres this rumor that Fitz is going to be made Evil and Ward is going to be made good

OH HELL NO! While my stance remains I don’t care if Ward lives or dies, stays good or evil (despite the fact I hate him for causing such dysfunction in this fandom), but I rather have Ward be eatten by a pack of rabid dogs then have them pull the same stunt on Fitz.

I WILL NOT HAVE THEM PULL THE SAME STUNT OF FITZ, because theres no way in fuck I am going to have everyone rip Fitz apart like they ripped Ward apart. For god’s sake it will rip my heart out. Please for the love of everything holy not have this be true. -end angry rant-