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netflix and chill...



She’s not crying.

He pretends to believe it.

“I made hot chocolate. Put a little extra in it.” He lifts two mugs and both eyebrows and she smiles tightly back at him, winds her way through living room furniture to take one.

Castle knows how to play it. She appreciates that, the chance to not talk about it. His hot chocolate is spiced with rum and it goes down so smoothly that she feels her body relax despite herself.

“Easy night in,” he tells her quietly. He’s cupping her elbow as if to help her hold up her mug. “That’s all.”

She nods and turns away, heads for the couch to sink into one corner. She draws her knees up and presses the mug to her chest for the heat. Her limbs are stiff.

Castle brings his own mug and a big bowl of trail mix, settles them on the coffee table before her. He’s put in a random selection of ingredients, so she picks out the M&Ms and raisins, popping them into her mouth, ignores the Lucky Charms marshmallows (where did he get those?) and the Funyuns. She leans back and sips hot chocolate for the rum that burns, and she tilts her head to rest against the back of the couch.

Castle comes back with his laptop and a big furry blanket she’s never seen before. He sits on the other end of the couch and puts the laptop - open - on the table behind the couch, angling it towards him.

“Come here,” he says, no room for arguments.

She curls her hand around her mug but she slinks towards him, laying her head at his shoulder. Castle takes her hot chocolate and places it beside his own next to the laptop, and then he unfolds the blanket over both of them.

Warm and heavy. Like a big teddy bear. 

He tucks the edges around her shoulders and she nudges down into his shoulder, her ass hanging off the couch. She twines a leg around his to hang on, and he shifts deeper into the couch in response, getting them both comfortable.

He uses the arm not around her shoulders to reach for the laptop, adjusting it again, and then he opens the browser and types n into the search bar. Netflix automatically fills in and then the page loads to his account.

“What are we watching?” she asks finally. Her cheek is smashed against his shoulder, her forehead to his neck. She can feel the vibration of his voice as he answers.

“Arrested Development. All four seasons.”

She huffs, but her eyes track to the description before he can click on it. Quirky, irreverent, witty, deadpan.

Sounds about right. She could use some irreverence. Castle, though, usually has witty covered, while she does deadpan. Quirky is just - them. Together.

“Ready?” he asks.

“Bring it on.”

The first season loads, and then the first episode. He makes it full screen as the quirky music starts, the voice over and the boat party and the comedy bits she knows so well. All of it.

Castle’s fingers comb through her hair, the rum is doing its job. Her eyes are heavy and she just listens for a moment, listens to a family entirely dysfunctional, the bubble of amusement in her chest despite the heaviness of her heart.

After a while, Kate sighs and feels things slip, shift, as if the burden has been redistributed.

She lifts her head and lightly kisses his mouth. “You’re much better looking than Bateman. Promise.” Strokes two fingers at his throat. “And so good to me. Better than I deserve.”



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I forgot that this existed


Have you all seen this? TELL ME YOU HAVE SEEN THIS.

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Headcanon: Rei and Nagisa's siblings get a long well because Nagisa's sisters love to torture Rei's brother, but their parents don't get along because Rei's parents hate how Nagisa's parents deal with Nagisa.

Oh my God I love this. The idea of both these families at a giant dinner, like at a holiday or the boys’ graduation, gives me life. 

I see the Ryugazakis as being very quaint, organized, and educated, but obviously with some level of quirkiness because they produced Rei. On the other hand, I see the Hazukis as entirely dysfunctional and a bubbling pool of emotion yet somehow a bit eliteist and snobby. 

Like I envision the Ryugazakis are better educated but the Hazukis as having more money, based off Nagisa’s spending habits, and that their attitudes toward strangers have been shaped by these things regardless of their predispositions. 

So imagining the insanity at that table is fantastic. I imagine Nagisa’s sisters are teasing him in front of the Ryugazakis because although they love him and love Rei (they totally ship it) they are little shits to Nagisa. Rei’s brother is probably teasing in a more subtle, gentle way, so Rei isn’t embarrassed in front of the others but gets the inside comments. 

And the parents. The Ryugazakis thinking the Hazukis are stuck up yet simultaneously unhinged, disappointed in how they are unable to honestly communicate with others and even their children. The Hazukis holding a grudge against the Ryugazakis because of how Rei has influenced Nagisa because though they are grateful for his rising grades, they aren’t totally in to the relationship. 

But everyone pretending to be civil because none of them as assholes. 

Nagisa would try so hard to be fake-happy but when it comes to his family he shuts down so he may get moody. Rei would try so hard to be a perfect host/son/inlaw in order to appease the Hazukis, and would be internally panicking to the highest degree the entire time.