The Pillbug Hunter

Aberystwyth Castle, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales

When I was down the castle for a lecture I was fortunate enough to bump into this beast, It’s a Woodlouse Spider , Dysdera crocata (1) which uses its massive jaws to pierce the carapace of woodlice and other insects, it’s latin name Dysdera means  hard to fight against and it is one of the few spider species in the UK to be able to bite through human skin.

Most Awkward Shower Ever?: A Shower with a Spider.

So while I was in the shower today, just a few minutes into it, I notices something crawling up the wall. It was a little adolescent dysdera spider, which are pretty harmless, but apparently hunt down black widows, so I didn’t want to kill it (plus I don’t like killing things besides flies and black widows and asshole spiders that won’t let me catch them and release them outside.

External image

(You’ve probably seen them around your house, too).

Anyways, the whole time I had to keep an eye on him and tried not to get him splashed too much, otherwise he’d fall and probably drown as he went down the drain, and after I got out and dressed I caught him and put him outside. 

Juuuuust wanted the internet to know of that little story.