Well, you guys did it. You helped Daniel Young Skateboards raise his $35,000 ($43,000 Total) for a commercial grade laser engraver. You launched his business to the next level, and lots of you are getting some super quality Daniel Young Skateboards gear in return. 

You have to send me some pics once you start getting everything in the mail.  

Thanks to everybody that supported, backed, or helped spread the word. There is no way this would have happened without all of you.

Thanks guys,

Dan (Zelikman not Young)

I got my @danielyoungskateboards Kickstarter Edition Moleskine. Thanks @danyoungskate #dysbhi (Taken with Instagram at The Greenhouse Innovation Hub)

Today is the first day to get everything ready. Lots to do and a few months to do it so that we will be able to find #APlaceToCarryOn. #roadtrip #PeopleNeedWild #skateboarding #skateboard #longboard #sunrise #vwvan #vanlife #vanagonlife #vanagon #homeiswhereyouparkit #didwedothisright #DYSBHI.COM (at On that HW 70 Drive)