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leans her head on his shoulder.

        “Ah —– Laei?

The informality came as a quick reaction to the touch, Takumi’s gaze immediately focusing on the presence beside him. Their time together, however brief, was one of the few things he would look forward to. Her presence was like a breath of fresh air that felt undeserving, though Takumi still welcomed it and craved it from time to time. There was something uplifting with even sitting in silence and watching the view. Having friends, especially a friend like Laei, felt surreal, an unexpecting dream which seemed to diminish any lingering nightmares.

       “You, uh… are you comfortable?”

Lazy Day - Isaac Lahey Imagine

Request: I don’t know if you’d want to do it or if you have ever done it before, but could you do a lazy day with Isaac. Literally you could do anything with Isaac and I would be a happy bean.Ç

 A/N: Hey guys! I’m alive! Sorry for not writing imagines these days I’ve been in a writer lapsus. Anyways, I’m back! So, If you guys have any request, tell me! (Btw, If I don’t like the request or I don’t understand what you guys are trying to say, I’m sorry, but I will delete it. Anyways, happy reading! Xo M- 


 It was sunday, and like every sunday Isaac and you go to the gym together. It was 7 AM and Isaac was kissing your nck to wake you up. You move slowly and smile with your eyes closed. You finally wake up and you see that Isaac had all the sports clothes waiting in the table. “So… Are we going to the gym?” These week was exams week and yu were exausted. You rub your eyes and sit at the bed. You look at Isaac with a sleepy look and say “Do I look like I want to?” He smiles and he brings his computer. You two lay on the bed while you watch some movies and he prepares you pop corn. Basically this was the whole day with him. -Hope you like it! Sorry if it’s short-