If you haven’t done so yet, listen to the latest track we remixed by @calvinharris ft. #Disciples - “How Deep Is Your Love!” here by @dyphektaa & myself ( @vista_superb ) ! Press play ▶️ & bump the preview loud & head over to my @audiomack page in my IG profile to listen & download the FULL version! 👀 #CalvinHarris #Dyphekta #VistaSuperb #djpjay #EDM #Trap #HDIYL

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Possible new sponsor: RAVEattic :D Got a cool little partnership going on. I design some stuff, they put it on their shirts, we get paid to rep their shirts at our gigs, and spin at their fashion shows! Damn. Everything’s really paying off. Dyphekta’s just skyrocketed within the past couple months. Got 3 t-shirt sponsors (Good Times & Co., Electro Beat, Rave Attic). Been getting some great gigs :D Everything’s just falling into place like it should. Our next big gig is SHARK club on October 29th. I hope at least ONE of my tumblr friends makes it out haha. Our next big project is getting a gig at elecTRONica at Disneyland. I think it’s doable… we’ve already talked to some people in charge :)

OH and we made a new mix the other night and I’ve been shoving it down everyone’s throat… It’s a tribute to Steve Jobs :) Check it out if you get a chance!
///// Shuffle Ode to Jobs– Dyphekta

In a house kinda mood.

Well… I always am. But I just had an Americano with 6 SHOTS of Expresso. So I’m kinda REALLY FUCKING wired right now. Currently “studying” and listening to JIZA but I can’t really focus with all this adrenaline running through my veins! I don’t think I’ve ever been this jittery in my life :O I may just go to the gym and work it off (…work it out?).

Made a new song today called “Whoomp, There’s the Wildcat” with JT. It should be on DYPHEKTA’s soundcloud shortly. Mixed 3 songs together with some hot cues spliced in ever so perfectly! Planning on making 3 songs a week and getting our shit out there. Just ordered 1000 business cards! Sooooo… I guess you can call us legit now :) We have 2 gigs this week, including one at CSUF. So if you go to Cal State Fullerton and are on campus Friday from 12p-3p you should stop by the quad :D. We also have a gig at some rec center at the end of the month… Plus some Debuts and Sweet 16’s and a couple house parties here and there! ‘Tis a great accomplishment if you ask me (considering we’ve only been doing this for 3 months) :)