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i'm pretty sure that anon was winding you up because ':)' is so fucking passive aggressive and it used to be a nice thing but now everyone has make sure they use different emoticons because otherwise they look like an ass

still pissed abt that lmfao. im so sick of ppl thinkin its funny to be like “haha why do dyou draw karkat as a girl all the time”

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what dyou mean by self love? im struggling to understand how that could be a bad thing

on a really basic level i just feel like self-criticism, in the service of personal growth, is more important than self-love. 

i mean, every single person i’ve shared this opinion has told me that it’s a deeply unhealthy way to view the world and myself, and has told me to seek help, so, you know, take it with a grain of salt, but still, that’s how i feel.

i just don’t think the world is necessarily improved simply by “more people feeling good about themselves” and in some ways i feel the opposite may actually be true.

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M I H A W K ? ! ? ! ? :D

YES LONG AGO I wrote a Mihawk backstory fic called Subtlety .  It remains unfinished, the last chapter still a WIP (and it has been for years now), and by now I’m too embarrassed to re-read it, work on it, or look at any of the reviews. ;-;