I GOT TO DO A GUEST COMIC FOR ‘Manly Guys Doing Manly Things’!!!! :D

You can find it up here on the official website!!

And thanks so much to @coelasquid​‘s for letting me do this! It was super exciting to get to help out with a webcomic that I’ve been a fan of for years!

Septiplierrrrrr….comic… :D

I personaly don’t ship it but WHO CARES! xD
I though it be funny to put Pewds here ( cuz when Mark and Jack played Pewdiebot, Pewdiebot said that he ship em, and he said that to both of them xD) And in the past Pewds did a video where he draws some ships and when he finished them he was saying: THE SHIP HAS SAILED!!!! :D
Well hope you like it  :D

You can see the comic in higher resolution on my deviant art :D



“I see you, and think of home. Of simpler times when all we needed was a roof and bedtime stories.”

doodads from a few weeks ago on Twitter 


ian gallagher + ginger hair porn

↳ for gallachester

Bad Daddy
  • Daddy:*going into the kitchen and retrieving a box of donuts*
  • me:*gasps*
  • Daddy:Prinnncceessss, dyou want a donut?
  • Me:
  • Daddy:What is it?
  • Me:*whispers* b...b-but we haven't had din dins yet dada...
  • Daddy:ppsh *taking a bit of a donut* its ok
  • Me:nuuu *repeatedly hits daddy with stuffie* bad daddy!

Brotherhood’s Twist has continued !!

i know it’s not too much progress by now.. but i hope you enjoy it! :D

you can read it more clearly


thanks again to @echidnapower for helping me with the english grammar and
for adding some writer’s touch to the script ^_^

hope i can bring you more pages soon

  • favourite:*doesnt reply to me*
  • my bpd self:okay!! okay!! i see! you know what i have better friends! ya do you hear me?? i dont need you!! i have other friends that are better! ill talk to them instead huh how does that make you feel??? ha!!
  • favourite:*texts back after 20 minutes or so*
  • my bpd self:oh my god wher e did you,go i missed you so muc h pleas dont leave me i ne e dyou so badly i lvoe you dont leave me plea,se

Just a little over a year old and my blog has grown into something that 4000+ people think is worth following?! ITS CRAZINESS, WONDERFUL CRAZINESS!! 

There will be 2 prizes in this giveaway! 


  • Must be following me to win
  • Must be comfortable giving me shipping details
  • No giveaway blogs
  • Reblog/like this post to enter
  • Winners will be picked at random 
  • Giveaway ends August 15th 2015
  • Once the winners are contacted, if they don’t respond within 2 days, I’ll pick a new winner
  • Open internationally 


  • MUST be a mutual to win. I’d like to personalize this one as much as I can, so i’ll randomly pick the winner for this one until its someone that I follow, not just who follows me
  • You also get any 1 book from Book Depository that costs 15$ or less


  • I don’t have to be following you for you to win. But, I mean, i’ll probably follow you after you win (if I don’t already) bc you follow me so you’re probably really cool :*
  • You will receive any 1 book from Book Depository that costs 15$ or less

Im not telling you guys what “A LITTLE SOMETHING SPECIAL” is because i’m still cooking up ideas. Don’t be expecting a lot, be expecting some really mediocre yet adorable homemade stuff :D

This is the first time i’m doing a giveaway with more than one prize, and also with prizes that are more than just books so if you have any questions feel free to inbox me

I love all of you guys so much and appreciate every bit of kindness, every book rec, every piece of advice, every new follower/friend i’ve ever received while running this blog. Absolutely none of your messages/comments go unnoticed and i’ve had some of the most wonderful interactions and conversations with awesome people from all over the world. I’m really not sure how to convey just how much happier, lighter, and more confident i’ve become because of blogging.

So, thank you so much for being the best followers and the most supportive community that i’ve ever belonged to <3