#Twinsies lol Met up w/ Anthony at the mall for his gf’s #DYNOv5 tee & we both had the same #DYNObeanie AND same facial expression. Unplanned haha Thanks again you two for always supporting! (at Rasputin Music)

As Marc met up today for his ’D-Y-N-O v.5’ he suggested i re-release v.1. What do you guys think? v.1 on the bottom half. @proMarc got everything from v.2 on to the very recent v.5 so that’s all he’s missing. I DO miss that design, as i do still have the original cutout placed on the #DYNOmobile….we’ll see! But thanks again Marc for the support & was also awesome to see you rockin the #KYHU2 tee today as well. #DYNOv5 (at Starbucks)

Here goes the finalized #drawing of ‘DYNOPOOL’! A bunch of you messaged me if i was going to put this on a shirt…hmm…i was actually only creating this as the first #sketch of #2013 (for fun) BUT since i received a lot of positive response from it, I WILL! Just debating to push #DYNOv5 to a February release OR release #DYNOPOOL next month…(inspired by #Deadpool)

#MYSUPPORTERSAREAWESOME!!! When delivering their DYNO gear, @annaromero_ surprised me w/ a #GSW bracelet she made for me! Thanks so much!! I’ll cherish this on my wrist along w/ the others people have given me! Thanks again @ayel0ve for placing the order for your #SuperSplashBros tee & your sisters #DYNOv5 tee! Happy you guys continue to support my art! #SplashBrothers #DUBNATION #WEareWARRIORS (at Starbucks)

I always find it difficult to meet up for gear in downtown #SF but always up for the challenge as long as the one who wants gear is down for it. haha Today it was @swimmalita who got her new #DYNOv5 tanktop on this nice sunny day in the #BayArea! Thanks again Via & happy that even though i had to watch my parking to make sure i didn’t get a ticket, we still got to catch up. For everyone else, follow this artist! She just did an awesome painting of Ariel & she says she’ll be working on more Disney princess’s as well.

Once again…..WARRRRIIIOORRSS! Enjoying a #brew w/ a bunch of #lemon tossed in the #bottle! HOW ABOUT A SALE??? THE NEW DESIGN #DYNOV5 TEES, TANKS CREWNECK SWEATERS & PULLOVER HOODIES IN THE YELLOW ON BLUE COLORWAY 25% OFF! Told ya every design this year will be available in #dubnation #blueandyellow! Deal ends at midnight! Check my previous post for a photo of ’D-Y-N-O v.5’. #WARRIORS #WARRIORSGROUND

My goal for the first month of #2013: Release 2 new designs! Starting w/ ’D-Y-N-O v.5’ as well as ‘C/O 2013’ gear. I have yet to start on either but a rough release date will be 1/13 for #DYNOv5 & 1/27 for #DYNOClassof2013 gear. Every year i come out w/ a ’D-Y-N-O’. Last year’s #DYNOv4 (pictured) was cut short but i’ll be bringing it back for a moment in a new colorway for those that didn’t get their hands on one last year. Stay tuned & Happy New Year! #MakeGoalsandConquerThem

Back in the #707 to work on orders but before that met up w/ @coach_shortie for her #cafeDYNO #crewneck, at #Starbucks. Made sense that we met there because i would ALWAYS run into this high school friend at this location. And fitting that she got the #cafe inspired design as well haha *thumbs up* for rocking the #DYNOv5 crewneck today as well!! Always nice seeing you & appreciate all the support you have shown me!!! #mysupportersareawesome (at Starbucks)

Made a stop at Rodriguez High to deliver gear to these cool kids! Well actually just to Justin but shoutout to @hey_yaz @1noni3 & @brandonsantos for helping @jluuukkkea hold all his gear (#RCv3 #DYNOv5 &#Dubs4Life2) for the photo op! Happy I still have your support Justin! & till next time…remind me i owe you a #RCv3 art print lol. Thanks again & nice meeting you guys! #mysupportersareawesome (at Rodriguez High School)

#MYSUPPORTERSAREAWESOME! Forgot to post this a couple days ago but shout out to @raawzell who picked up 3 ’D-Y-N-O v.5’ tees! The new design has been doing pretty good but could be using more support! For those trying to complete the ’D-Y-N-O’ run i DO plan on re-releasing v.1 for the first time since i released the extremely limited design. But for now, find a #DYNOv5 that fits your mood. Your choice of (white, yellow, silver, or teal) ink on (black, navy blue, royal blue, purple, or orange) gear. Thanks again for the support Roselle & hope you & the twins like their new gear!

After a day of driving all over #SanJose apartment hunting it was nice to stop n chill. Even better is that I met up w/ @msjasminedenae for her new #DYNOV5 tanktop! Once again thanks for supporting & always awesome to see you & Bryan!! (at Westfield Valley Fair Shopping Center)

@hotmomanator & Ron picked up gear for their sick son Noah. I hope his new gear makes him feel better!! I still wonder how he knows about #Deadpool at his age….haha. But thanks again for the support & picking up a #DYNOPOOL hoodie & #DYNOv5 tee. (at Starbucks)

#HappyEaster to @reyna_boebaanga & @coach_shortie! Kristina being the awesome sister that she is, surprised Reyna w/ #SFGIANTS GAME TICKETS by placing it in a #DYNObeanie w/ she also bought for her. Not only that but got her a ‘BUSTER’ pullover hoodie as well! Thanks again! & hope you like your new #DYNOv5! (at Starbucks)

Make your own custom NEW ’D-Y-N-O v.5’! w/ 4 different color inks & 5 different color gear its your creation! #DYNOv5 is available in (yellow, silver, white, or teal) ink on (purple, orange, black, royal blue, or navy blue) gear. Order yours on a tee ($20), tank ($20), crewneck sweater ($40) or pullover hoodie ($50) & be included in the 1st batch being made! Email your orders to DYNOisthename@gmail.com or message me on Facebook.

HERE IT IS! #DYNOv5 releasing at 11pm tonight! ORDERS TILL MIDNIGHT WILL GET THEIR GEAR FOR 25% OFF! Just completed cutting the design. Will be available on tees, tanks, crewneck sweaters, and pullover hoodies! More previews coming later today! Stay tuned! (at Starbucks)