dynasty xix

detail from the stele dedicated by Ramose, “Royal Scribe in the Seat of Righteousness and Truth (the Valley of the Kings)” and his wife Mutemuia; XIX Dynasty (ca. 1295-1186 BCE), now in the Egyptian Museum of Torino…
In the middle, the Goddess Qadesh represented as a naked woman standing on the back of a lion, wearing the Crescent and the Lunar disk, holding a serpent in Her left and a bouquet of flowers in the right;
to the left, the God “Min-Amon-Ra”, ithyphallic and wearing the Two-Feather Crown;
to the right, the God Reshep, wearing a crown with an antelope’s head, holding a lance and a mace

fate had others plans // frary playlist

i’m sure i knew in that moment too. that we were fated? i don’t care for that word.”

i. back to you - twin forks | ii. stay with me - vitamin string quartet | iii. the power of love - gabrielle aplin | iv. i still love you - josh jenkins | v. golden - scars on 45 | vi. already gone - sleeping at last | vii. all i want - kodaline | viii. start of time - gabrielle aplin | ix. saturn - sleeping at last | x. writting’s on the wall - sofia karlberg | xi. last kiss - taylor swift | xii. the scientist - coldplay | xiii. all we are - onerepublic | xiv. this love - taylor swift | xv. circles - ludovico einaudi | xvi. deathbeds - bring me the horizon | xvii. like i’m gonna lose you - jasmine thompson | xviii. dynasty - MIIA | xix. say something - a great big world | xx. youth - daughter | xxi. impossible - james arthur | xxii. never forget you - zara larsson

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Stèle avec scribe en adoration devant Anubis by Michaël Martin
Via Flickr:
XIXe dynastie, Calcaire, 51,4 x 61,5 cm, Allard Pierson Museum, Amsterdam

Mummy of Rameses II; : New Kingdom - Dynasty XIX  Photograph by Émile Brugsch(?) Location: Egyptian Museum

SCHOLARS, SCOUNDRELS, AND THE SPHINX: A Photographic and Archaeological Adventure Up the Nile, presented courtesy of Frank H. McClung Museum, The University of Tennessee.