dynasty warrior guo jia


FINALLY!!! My man has FINALLY ARRIVED! PLEASE WELCOME SIMA YI in all of his glory! Those sleeves GIVE ME LIFE!!! 😍😍😍 Also in this batch: Guo Jia with a Bo Staff, Zhou Tai with his Katana and Guan Yinping with the Wolf Toothed Mace. That probably means Pang De keeps his weapon as well. Her hair is great!

the sticks that go through the tiny hats of most dw characters actually have a purpose which is to hold the tiny hat in place using the guy’s hair bun  

yu jin here i can believe has a hair bun 

its these two that i don’t believe have a hair bun 

there is no indication that either of these two have tied their hair into buns 

unless koei expects me to believe that they look like this when you take off their tiny hats