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anonymous asked:

Am I watching the same tour..b/c I've seen most of the concert footage so far and Harry and Louis are barely interacting AT ALL? The first night they did a little during Strong, we got all excited about, and magically they don't do that anymore. How are people not seeing they are limiting their interactions the same amount that they did last year? Walking together on a runway doesn't change the fact that they don't even talk to each other. Please tell me what I'm not understanding here?

Nobody is saying they’re not being closeted. They clearly are–we saw the ridiculous article, and the activity on Louis’ twitter, right after the press conference as proof of that (let alone Gemma). As well as separation during the Brits, etc. But people are seeing new things that didn’t happen last year: first and foremost, a sharp decrease in elounor. Instead of Louis and Harry publicly seen apart on important days, radio silence. Instead of elounor publicity on expected days, radio silence. We’re not getting all of the tweets, from Eleanor, Louis, and Jay, that we used to get before.

Last year, Louis seemed especially on edge. In December, he suddenly, very dramatically, seemed happier–and he’s seemed happier and more lighthearted since then.

The boys as a whole started tweeting about things they didn’t do so much before: Zayn being Muslim and Pakistani, alcohol references, more cursing. Louis followed a very obvious larry shipper on twitter.

I generally don’t keep tabs on the tabloid press, so I don’t know if we’ve been getting the same heavy onslaught of womanizer stories as before–or in reaction to ‘pr problems’, like Harry embracing Ben Winston.

We did get to see Louis and Harry in a public outing together–I think the last time was Cardiff? And we got to see them together in the Sun profile photo, in an interview–God knows if those are one offs, or part of a trend. If it is part of a trend, I would put it together with the power couple strut–the fans are getting used to seeing Harry and Louis together again. Before, fans had been trained to react hostilely against seeing them together at all.

And that power couple strut is significant, because there is no way in hell it would have happened during TMH. Whatever limited interaction we did see between Harry and Louis on the TMH stage was soon shut down.

We’re all speculating—everything is still early and we don’t really know how this tour is going to go yet.

(I still don’t know what the fuck to think of that whole Duck Dynasty and reality tv show thing.)

I myself am speculating that the boys negotiated in their contracts more freedom for themselves, but are still being closeted–the boys have a lot of leverage, but powerful entities still have a powerful interest in keeping them closeted. And I don’t think the boys could have endured the hard closeting of last year without an explosion of some kind sooner or later. Being so harshly closeted like that probably had an effect on them as well, in what they’ve become used to (vs. the playfulness of the UAN stage).

I am also noticing how people have commented on how Louis and Harry coming out at all would cause a huge backlash because of the harsh closeting, and how some of the factors that would cause such a huge backlash–like elounor–are being mitigated.