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Dynasty Warriors - a TV series

So I was having a dream the other day where instead of the Battle of the Bastards, we saw the Battle of Jieting in equal detail - and it dawned on me. What if Dynasty Warriors was a TV show? Similar to Game of Thrones but in DW-style. Think DW cutscenes but turned into an actual episodic journey where we watch the events unfold as if it was a TV show. A cinematic and strong story. I decided to draft up my ideas as to what the seasons would look like. Ultimately, we are telling the stories of the three kingdoms, so we will be following Sun Jian, Cao Cao and Liu Bei quite closely, initially of course. It would be closer to history than DW is, but of course it will still be a unique interpretation of events. I’d have it run closer to history than the novel, however, and allow for new unique models and such.

I managed to draft up a 14-season story proposal, explaining events episode to episode. 10 episodes per season. Very rough and I’m looking for a way to draw the 264-80 stuff into the season that covers 258-63, since I want to portray Wu post-263 as quickly collapsible. I’ve gone to lengths to avoid dates so characters age slower. It would appear as if the characters age over the course of about 40 years and not 95, but since Koei have no ageing system in place at all, it’s an improvement. For example Sima Yi and Sun Quan would appear about late-forties at death and not early-seventies.

Season 1 would cover the Yellow Turban Rebellion, and would present the Han as if it was still repairable at this point, as opposed to the games and fiction which seem to doom it from the get go. Cao Cao (and Sun Jian) would be portrayed as ambitiousless loyalists at first. Liu Bei will show the side from the view of the peasantry who want to make a change. Certain Han figures will have a lot of screen time, such as He Jin, Zhu Jun, Huangfu Song, Lu Zhi, and the eunuchs in the background. Also follows the Sima family in Luoyang.

Season 2 would cover the death of He Jin quite early on, Dong Zhuo’s takeover, the political scene at the time. It would end with the coalition’s collapse, Dong Zhuo escaping with his life to Chang'an. Also shows the Sima family return to the ruins of Luoyang (I know they fled historically beforehand but story purposes)

Season 3 would start immediately with Sun Jian’s service to Yuan Shu and death, and show Sun Ce and his father’s vassals trying to cope. Cao Cao would be a struggling warlord throughout this season, gaining his lands through charisma or conquest, warring with Tao Qian. Liu Bei will begin to show signs of ambition beyond serving with Gongsun Zan and Tian Kai. Lu Bu will journey from killing Dong Zhuo to being thrown with Yuan Shao and then ultimately attacking Cao Cao at Puyang.

Season 4 will start with Cao Cao setting his sights on Luoyang and his losses at Wancheng; Liu Bei and Lu Bu’s machinations in Xuzhou; and Sun Ce paving a name for himself in Yangzhou. Yuan Shao and Yuan Shu will be at the centre of this season too.

Season 5 will feature Cao Cao, Liu Bei and Sun Ce working together. Initially they don’t trust each other, but all understand that Yuan Shu is a threat to the Han (which they all claim to be loyalists of). Since Lu Bu is now Yuan Shu’s ally and Yuan Shao is building bridges with his brother, they work quickly to eliminate Yuan Shu’s allies and put him down. Yuan Shu is this season’s big bad.

Season 6 will start with Liu Bei murdering Che Zhou to claim Xuzhou but failing. Yuan Shao makes movements against Cao Cao now while Sun Ce deals with Yuan Shu’s loyalists and Liu Biao. Culminates in his death at Xuchang after turning against Cao Cao. Liu Bei also abandons Yuan Shao to his death and becomes a bandit.

Season 7 will have Liu Bei find solace in Jing, while Cao Cao removes the last of the Yuans before turning his intentions on Liu Biao. Sun Quan, who is also warring with Liu Biao, must decide whether to give up his quest for vengeance to assist Liu Biao in defending Jing or whether he wants to surrender to Cao Cao to achieve his goal. Season will end with Red Cliffs and it’s aftermath, Cao Cao’s retreat from Jing.

Season 8 covers Ma Chao’s rebellion and Liu Bei’s takeover of Jing and Yi. Cao Cao is attempting to recover, he has difficulty governing the land in his grief at first. Season comes to a nice end as Liu Bei and Ma Chao work together to destroy Liu Zhang while Sun Quan is eliminated by Zhang Liao at Hefei, giving Cao Cao momentum.

Season 9 covers Liu Bei’s successful Hanzhong campaign while Guan Yu fucks up at Jingzhou. Sun Quan ultimately makes the decision to allow Lu Meng to lead his campaign in Jing. Season penultimate episode is simultaneously Fancheng and Mt Dingjun battles ending. Just as the Han seems as if it can be restored, Cao Cao dies in final episode of the season, and Cao Pi announces his intention to usurp the throne.

Season 10 starts with Cao Pi’s coronation. He is shown to be a very conflicting leader, but Cao Rui learns. Covers Sun Quan and Liu Bei’s earlier wars before Cao Pi attacks his new vassal Sun Quan while his attention is elsewhere. Zhuge Liang puts down Nanman rebellion and aims north.

Season 11 covers Zhuge Liang’s capture of Jiang Wei, showing both as incompetent while Wei Yan is neglected. Cao Pi is also shown to be incompetent too, while Sun Quan scores a victory over Youting. Cao Pi is killed (strayed from history but for drama purposes) and his friend Meng Da is revealed as the killer, who attempts to escape to flee to Shu. Cao Rui recovers by utilising Zhang He, Cao Zhen and Sima Yi to hold off Shu, and Man Chong to destroy Wu’s famous fleet at Hefei in the season finale.

Season 12 would show post-Wuzhang. It becomes clear that factions are forming when Cao Rui is on his deathbed after being taken by illness. Sima Yi retires while Cao Shuang messes up. Jiang Wei takes over Shu’s military and exhausts them in campaigns while Sun Quan tries to deal with the factions dividing his children. Season ends with Sima Yi’s elimination of Cao Shuang and then his own death. He is presented as a Wei loyalist through and through.

Season 13 features Guo Mingyuan and Sun Luban as the big bads for their respective kingdoms. As Sima Shi tries to restore order in Wei by removing political opposition and building his own faction, he is assassinated. Sima Zhao quickly steps into position. Sun Quan also dies and Sun Luban monopolises power in the shadows. Season ends with Zhuge Dan’s death, revealing Guo Mingyuan’s influence.

Season 14 shows the collapse of Wei after Sima Zhao thwarts Cao Mao’s coup attempt, and Deng Ai and Zhong Hui proceed to march towards Chengdu. Ding Feng and Sun Luban attempt to save Wu from Sun Jun independently but end up working against each other. By this point, Sun Hao has already wasted away Wu’s resources. The season ends after Liu Shan ultimately surrenders.

Season 15 starts with the end of Shu. Zhong Hui masterminds his attempt to become an independent force in Chengdu with Jiang Wei but is ultimately thwarted. In the meantime, Lu Kang attempts a last ditch defence. Sima Yan usurps the throne and advances on Wu once and for all.

In a way, it will have anachronisms - some characters will be born earlier or later to accommodate their eventual presence as adults in a way that makes the events seem to occur seamlessly rather than over a century. You’ll see Zhong Hui as a child while Zhong Yao is still serving Cao Cao, or Sima Shi and Sima Zhao as young teens when Sima Yi joins Cao Cao. Cao Rui as a child/young teen at death (albeit an automatically incredibly wise and mature one) throughout his presence, as he’d be born in season 7 and die in season 12. The timeline will be off but necessarily so for story purposes. Think the Advisors Alliance.

I’ll be posting the episodes in detail soon, under the tag “3K TV show” or something, so look out for it if you’re interested.

I could also condense it into seven or eight 20-episode seasons instead?

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anonymous asked:

Am I watching the same tour..b/c I've seen most of the concert footage so far and Harry and Louis are barely interacting AT ALL? The first night they did a little during Strong, we got all excited about, and magically they don't do that anymore. How are people not seeing they are limiting their interactions the same amount that they did last year? Walking together on a runway doesn't change the fact that they don't even talk to each other. Please tell me what I'm not understanding here?

Nobody is saying they’re not being closeted. They clearly are–we saw the ridiculous article, and the activity on Louis’ twitter, right after the press conference as proof of that (let alone Gemma). As well as separation during the Brits, etc. But people are seeing new things that didn’t happen last year: first and foremost, a sharp decrease in elounor. Instead of Louis and Harry publicly seen apart on important days, radio silence. Instead of elounor publicity on expected days, radio silence. We’re not getting all of the tweets, from Eleanor, Louis, and Jay, that we used to get before.

Last year, Louis seemed especially on edge. In December, he suddenly, very dramatically, seemed happier–and he’s seemed happier and more lighthearted since then.

The boys as a whole started tweeting about things they didn’t do so much before: Zayn being Muslim and Pakistani, alcohol references, more cursing. Louis followed a very obvious larry shipper on twitter.

I generally don’t keep tabs on the tabloid press, so I don’t know if we’ve been getting the same heavy onslaught of womanizer stories as before–or in reaction to ‘pr problems’, like Harry embracing Ben Winston.

We did get to see Louis and Harry in a public outing together–I think the last time was Cardiff? And we got to see them together in the Sun profile photo, in an interview–God knows if those are one offs, or part of a trend. If it is part of a trend, I would put it together with the power couple strut–the fans are getting used to seeing Harry and Louis together again. Before, fans had been trained to react hostilely against seeing them together at all.

And that power couple strut is significant, because there is no way in hell it would have happened during TMH. Whatever limited interaction we did see between Harry and Louis on the TMH stage was soon shut down.

We’re all speculating—everything is still early and we don’t really know how this tour is going to go yet.

(I still don’t know what the fuck to think of that whole Duck Dynasty and reality tv show thing.)

I myself am speculating that the boys negotiated in their contracts more freedom for themselves, but are still being closeted–the boys have a lot of leverage, but powerful entities still have a powerful interest in keeping them closeted. And I don’t think the boys could have endured the hard closeting of last year without an explosion of some kind sooner or later. Being so harshly closeted like that probably had an effect on them as well, in what they’ve become used to (vs. the playfulness of the UAN stage).

I am also noticing how people have commented on how Louis and Harry coming out at all would cause a huge backlash because of the harsh closeting, and how some of the factors that would cause such a huge backlash–like elounor–are being mitigated.