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  • Joe: If you've never listened to heavy rock music [The Damned Things] might be a decent gateway. I know for some younger kids, especially Fall Out Boy fans, a lot of them have already used this band as a way to expose themselves to bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. It'd be awesome if we could be a gateway to, like-
  • Andy: Harder drugs.
  • Joe: Essentially just treat us like marijuana, and use us to get to the heroin.

On a rainy night in September, I sat in on a music panel podcast discussing “How Artists Make Money In The New Music Business”. I was joined by the Dynasty Podcasts’ Jaime Black, John Williamson (Music Dealers), Miss Alex White (White Mystery), and my good friend Mark Rose to discuss a wide range of topics about being an artist in today’s changing music landscape. Check out the video and audio from that night at the links below.

Video - https://vimeo.com/52601938

Audio - http://soundcloud.com/dynastypodcasts/rockit-live-004-how-artists