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honest kdrama reviews

these are all the kdramas that ive watched and im just gonna put them all here and what you should know about them 


*no particular order 

reply 1997

  • set in the 90s
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time
  • two guys that go after a girl and the drama is a guessing game on who ends up being her husband 
  • good life lessons 
  • good ost (original soundtrack) 
  • it’s hilarious 
  • not a typical kdrama, very original 
  • what stuck out with this drama is it’s creativity. you’ll never watch a drama like this bc of the setting 

reply 1994 

  • set in the 90s (this is a series but they are all different stories) 
  • follows a group of friends and how they stick together during this time 
  • once again trying to figure out who is the husband
  • good life lessons
  • good ost 
  • also hilarious 
  • very original 
  • if you don’t do well with second leads as in you have sls (second lead syndrome) then you will most likely fall for the guy that isn’t the husband but tbh it depends on you 
  • what stuck out with this drama is also the setting. all of these are different settings and they don’t have the same plot

reply 1988

  • set in the 80s-90s 
  • uGH this drama honestly gets to me it’s so fricking good. 
  • if you’re thinking rn that you dont want to watch these dramas bc it’s set in the old times WATCH THESE I GUARANTEE YOU WONT REGRET IT
  • this is the highest rated kdrama in history trust me it’s good 
  • it’s a little bit slow in the beginning but it picks up and it’s worth it 
  • same kind of idea as the previous reply series 
  • everything about this drama is amazing. everything. 
  • this one is different from the other reply series bc it’s not as easy to guess who the husband is. 
  • the director is really good and there is a lot of foreshadowing and clues that you’ll have to work hard to find 
  • this drama is so well put everything connects together 
  • you will fall in love with all the characters they’re so funny ok im done

queen in hyun’s man 

  • ok don’t skip this drama just bc it’s historical 
  • the plotline is basically this guy from the joseon dynsasty time travels to modern day and meets this girl (and obv you know what happens next) 
  • super cute drama and funny 
  • the couple actually ended up dating too!! they broke up but still 
  • what stuck out was the amazing chemistry for this drama 

city hunter 

  • this really smart guy who is also amazing at hunting meets this girl who works as the bodyguard for the blue house 
  • a lot of secrets 
  • it’s a very heavy drama as in there’s a lot to take in and understand 
  • highly rated drama tho 
  • what stuck out is the creative plot line 

rooftop prince

  • after the death of this crown prince’s wife, he time travels 300 years later and meets this girl who looks like the deceased princess 
  • the guys in this drama are so funny and cute and you’ll love them 
  • similar to queen in hyun’s man so if you watch that watch this 
  • what stuck out was the plot and the comedy 

you’re beautiful 

  • this girl who has a twin pretends to be her brother and ends up joining this kpop group lol 
  • she’s pretending to be a guy but she ends up falling for the singer 
  • super funny 
  • you’re gonna love the other guys in this drama they’re so cute and funny 
  • what stuck out was the cold main lead i love when it’s a cold guy falling for the girl lol 

innocent man

  • oh man this drama.. it’s a melodrama first of all 
  • honestly i don’t even like melodramas bc theyre sooooooo hard to keep watching like it’s just so ongoing 
  • this drama tho.. it’s got song joong ki and lee kwang soo so i mean cmon
  • it’s got funny moments 
  • it’s an amazing plot line. the guy takes the blame for his gf who murdered a man and when he gets out of jail she marries this sugar daddy. he’s obv pissed and tries to get back at her by “falling in love” with the girl who’s dad is the ex-gf’s sugar daddy (ik it’s complicated). but then he actually starts falling for the girl and yeah 
  • it’s worth watching im not gonna lie just try it 
  • what stuck out was song joong ki bc he’s amazing 

dream high

  • lol this drama well it’s got singing first of all 
  • basically all these people who go to this music school and everyone has an interesting story to them 
  • actually pretty inspirational 
  • it’s one of the dramas that you just must watch heading into kdrama 

boys over flowers 

  • well if you know anything about kdrama you’ve prolly heard of boys over flowers. if not, you’re in for a ride
  • it’s the kdrama that EVERYONE knows and has seen
  • the heirs is basically the same as this btw but this is the original
  • a group of elite boyz and this one poor girl and she falls for the rich boi
  • it’s much more complicated than that

playful kiss

  • this drama :)))
  • typical cold popular boy falls for dumb girl honestly she’s so dumb it kills 
  • basically this girl’s house crumbles after an earthquake (only her house bc it’s crap lol) and so they move into the guys house bc their parents are super close together
  • it’s so so funny lol and it’s very lighthearted through the entire drama 
  • it’s one of my faves you gotta watch it 

it’s okay that’s love

  • this man is a mystery writer and a radio dj. he meets a psychiatry student and they both fall in love but man they got problems of their own. he’s got an obsession and she also has an issue psychology wise 
  • it’s comedy but it’s also not at times it’s good 
  • the characters make it so entertaining once again kwang soo is in it 
  • what stuck out is the interesting plotline 

princess hours

  • so basically this normal high schooler gets to marry this cold hearted crown prince and they start off w a really weird relationship but then you see how the two of them grow together 
  • it’s so weird and funny 
  • the leads are very cute even though theyre super awkward at times
  • the guys are super hot so like yeah  

personal taste

  • another cold man warm hearted girl 
  • the girl thinks that he’s gay so she takes him up as a roommate 
  • it’s funny and it’s got lee min ho 
  • the second lead actors are kinda annoying but you can deal 

hi! school love on

  • this is one interesting drama let me tell ya 
  • it’s not as popular but it’s pretty good 
  • this angel becomes a human in order to save someone
  • it’s interesting bc you’d never find this kind of drama  
  • the actors and actresses are very cute 
  • it’s a cute innocent kind of show 

to the beautiful you 

  • oh this drama 
  • another cute kind of drama filled w delicious looking boys
  • this girl goes to a boys school and pretends to be a boy 
  • she falls in love w this guy who is super athletic but also cold hearted 


  • it’s set in an art university and it’s about pursuing your dreams
  • a music kind of kdrama 
  • good music in here obviously 
  • the lead actor is hot 
  • he is also cold god i love cold guys 

cheese in the trap

  • another cold guy drama heh 
  • basically this guy that has it all (looks money etc) has a dark side to him and he falls for this girl who is poor but she is v smart and he tries to help her 
  • it’s pretty interesting i dont think it’s similar to the normal kdrama 
  • cute actors everywhere 

emergency couple 

  • this is one funny drama 
  • it’s got song ji hyo from running man she’s perfect 
  • basically the two main actors were once married but then they divorced and years later they end up working in the same hospital 
  • there’s sls in this so be careful 
  • it’s a medical kind of comedy drama 

you who came from the stars

  • one of the most popular kdramas and highly highly rated globally
  • it’s quirky in the beginning but it’s worth it trust me 
  • this alien crashes on earth during joseon dynasty and he lives till modern day 
  • he’s perfect and all his senses are like 4x better than humans 
  • he meets this stuck up snobby actress and the rest is history 

the heirs

  • basically the same as boys over flowers (see above) except it’s not so dragging and the annoying parts/concepts aren’t in this one 
  • the actors are all cute and you’ll fall in love w so many people

the master’s sun 

  • this one is precious to me 
  • it’s got the best ost ever it’s so good 
  • this girl is able to see ghosts and they always bother her 
  • one day she meets this guy that is able to get rid of the ghosts when she touches him 
  • so she comes off as a stalker bc she’s always trying to touch him to get rid of the ghosts
  • this is so original and every episode is interesting 
  • it’s funny and you’ll love the secretary. the old man is the best 

my princess 

  • this normal average girl ends up being a princess after secrets of her birth come out and this man who is v successful gives everything up in order to serve and protect her bc of his grandfather’s creed 
  • it’s a typical kdrama but it’s good and it’s super cute 
  • you’ll love the main lead he’s so handsome and the drama is v cute
  • you get to watch how an average girl starts from the bottom and works her way up to become a princess 

secret garden

  • you will not watch a kdrama like this ever trust me 
  • basically this cold rich guy and this cool stunt lady meet at this weird place and drink some weird potion and the next day they switch bodies 
  • they randomly switch bodies and it’s super funny and weird and so they have to deal w each other 
  • it’s funny and it’s v interesting 
  • another one of the super highly rated dramas 

suspicious partner

  • an ongoing drama rn but it’s so good omo
  • this girl in training to be a prosecutor breaks up w her bf and later on is the suspect for murdering her ex. the main lead actor (my bae ji chang wook) is a prosecutor and he is able to save her but risks his job (it’s ok he builds his own firm) 
  • all the characters are super fun and quirky and this drama will make you laugh and will make you feel scared at times but it’s a real mystery and comedy and it’s super good 
  • good drama to make your friends watch for the first time. i did it w a girl who didnt think she’d like kdrama and she watched 17 episodes in one night soooo 
  • no annoying love triangles 

fight my way 

  • also an ongoing drama 
  • this is such an inspirational drama
  • a group of friends that once had dreams when they were younger are now working in average jobs and they live off of their paychecks. they still want to pursue their dreams even though it seems to be too late for them
  • it’s so so so funny and the main actor is so hot 
  • this drama is just perfect in itself 
  • it depicts real life REAL life!! it stays away from typical kdrama scenes and honestly this one will move you 

strong woman do bong soon 

  • highly rated kdrama 
  • the actors are so so cute 
  • and when i say cute i mean they are the definition of cute 
  • it’s a hilarious drama that’ll make you cry w tears 
  • this girl has superwoman strength and she becomes this rich guy’s bodyguard but it’s much more complicated than that 
  • she’s out to get the bad guys 
  • this girl is so independent you will love this drama if you’re sick and tired of the typical helpless damsel in distress


  • it’s a historic drama but it’s good
  • this no name guy goes to the capital and his best friend was just murdered so he’s out for revenge but little does he know he ends up being a part of the elite group of hwarang boys that are built to protect the kingdom 
  • the bromance is stronger than the romance and you will love the bromance trust me 
  • the SLS is really strong in this one so watch out 
  • sorry im too excited but the boys in this drama are all perfect and so cute
  • there’s a lot of secrets in this one 


  • another ji chang wook drama he’s so hot 
  • this is centered around a case that has a lot of secrets. it’s a big mystery and this man is trying to go after people related to this case in order to solve the mystery
  • you got a fighter boy who has a history himself and he meets this chill girl
  • she’s a strong independent woman and you will love the action in this drama 
  • everything about this drama is good 

you’re all surrounded

  • such a quirky funny drama
  • a group of people (best squad ever) are all detectives and theyre out to catch the bad guys 
  • a different case every time and you would think there’s no comedy but trust me there’s lots 
  • the characteres are all super funny and loving 

she was pretty 

  • first of all major SLS so fall for the right boy 
  • this girl that used to be super pretty turns “ugly” and then glows up again
  • the main lead used to be a super ugly and chubby boy but he would comfort the girl all the time 
  • they were supposed to meet up but he thought this pretty girl was her bc he didn’t think she would look that ugly 
  • it’s a funny drama and youll like all the characters
  • the ost is really good 

oh my venus 

  • oh man this drama 
  • similar to she was pretty, the girl has a major glow up
  • she also used to be the shit when she was younger but when she grew up she became really fat
  • this guy who is super successful ends up taking her in and helping her change into the person that she wants to be 
  • it’s funny and it’s a sexy and hot drama 
  • they’re super cute but man they really got it goin this couple 

kill me heal me 

  • orgjoiwejfor first of all if youre reading this and you havent watched it already, watch this. 
  • before i get to the plotline, lemme tell ya, this drama has all the genres. it’s a real comedy and mystery and it’s just perfect
  • SO. this man has DID (dissociative identity disorder) also known as multiple personality disorder. he has seven personalities that haunt him and in order to try to suppress it, he hires a personal psychiatrist 
  • this is such a good drama you will laugh and cry and it’ll get you 

  • lol this is gonna sound weird but trust me it’s good 
  • this popular comic series ends up turning into real life when the girl gets sucked into the comic and basically she’s livin a fake life in a comic
  • it gets complicated when the plot of the comic becomes real life and the villain is out to get them 
  • it’s super complicated bc this girl is literally falling for a cartoon character who isn’t real but this one is another must watch 
  • it won’t be boring at all during the episodes 

oh my ghostess

  • this is another drama that is super good 
  • this ghost takes people’s body and controls them and one day she takes this quiet and very introverted girl’s body 
  • she ends up being stuck in it and it sounds bad but throughout the drama, the ghost and the girl help each other in order to get what they want 


  • boi idk how i forgot to add this drama
  • this is def another one of those dramas where you’ll be like wtf is this plot what is this drama bc it’s just so…. interesting
  • the second lead male actor and other supporting actors are super cute omg i die 
  • the ost is good too mmmm
  • alright get ready for another complicated plot… so the main character, kim shin is a v honorable general and the young king is jealous so he kills him. buT GUESS WHAT! this bih comes back alive as a goblin so he basically lives an immortal life. so fastforward to oh you know like 900 years, he’s looking for his human bride who is the only one who will be able to release his curse so that he can turn into ashes and stop living (the guys done w earth he’s been on for too long) 
  • so yeah then the goblin saves this pregnant lady and she dies but the baby lives and the baby grows up with the ability to see ghosts and bc she was supposed to die, grim reapers look for her 
  • i dont wanna hit u w too much plot so yeah go watch it it’s good

let me know what you guys think of the dramas and feel free to message me if you wanna know more about something :) i promise im nice 


The Turtle Ships of Medieval Korea,

In 1592, the de facto ruler of Japan, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, ordered the  invasion of Korea.  Hideyoshi, the successor to Oda Nobunaga, had grandiose plans which began with the conquest of Korea and ended with the conquest of Ming Dynasty China.  Little did he know that the Koreans would fiercely resist their invasion, nor did he know that the Koreans had weapons technology far more advanced than that of Japan.  Among that advanced technology was a heavily armed and armored warship called the “turtle ship”, a tough and mighty gunboat that better resembled a floating tank rather than a ship.

Invented by the Korean Admiral Yi Sun-sin, the turtle ship was named as such because it resembled a turtle.  Unlike other vessels of the day, the turtle was enclosed in an armored shell.  Around 100 to 120 feet long, the turtle ship featured a large armored roof to protect its crew from arrow or musket fire.  While some suggest the armor may have been iron plate, thus making the turtle ship the first ironclad, most historians disagree.  Regardless the roof was armored with strong materials as well as anti-incendiary materials.  The roof was also lined with metal spikes to prevent boarders from climbing on to it.  While the turtle ship had two sailing masts, primary propulsion in combat was from oar power.  Crew numbered to around 130, with 80 oarsmen and officers, and another 50 marines.

While the Japanese had firearms, Korean technology had developed far past Japan’s due to their contact with China.  The key to the turtle ship’s power were its heavy cannon, about a dozen mounted on each side.  The Japanese, who never mounted guns on a boat or ship, preferred to get in close and board the ship, fighting in hand to hand combat.  Against the turtle ship, this wasn’t a very good idea as the cannon, with a range of 300-600 yards, pounded away at the Japanese ships from a distance.  The front of the turtle ship also sported a dragon’s head, which typically concealed a flamethrower.  A sulfur gas thrower was also available to create a smokescreen to hide the ship from the enemy.

Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded Korea with a force of 158,000 soldiers and Samurai.  However, all of his men and equipment had to be shipped across the Sea of Japan.  Thus, Hideyoshi needed tremendous naval power to support the invasion.  Although heavily outnumbered, Korea’s fleet of 40 turtle ships, as well as hundreds of other warships, harassed and decimated the Japanese fleet.  At the Battle of Hansan Island, Admiral Yi Sun-sin ambushed a Japanese fleet of 133 ships with his fleet of 3 turtle ships and 52 panokseons (a traditional battleship wihch was also armed with cannon).  In the ensuing battle, 60 Japanese ships were sunk.  The Koreans lost no ships of their own, with casualties numbering only 19 dead.

Despite the might of Korea’s fleet and the power of the turtle ships, eventually the Japanese were able to overwhelm the Koreans with superior numbers.  The Japanese invasion was a success, but a short lived one as the Chinese intervened, pushing out the invaders with a superior army.  Hideyoshi attempted a second invasion in 1597, but by then the Koreans had strengthened their defense and reformed their military.  The second invasion quickly ground down into stalemate, a stalemate which would be ended once against with Chinese interventions.

Wanna One as Princes [Part 2]

Originally posted by lookgoodkpop

Once again, I am back with the second part of this series and for some reason, this was a little harder to write. ^^;; I’m not sure what happened, but the ideas did not flow as well so I hope that this does not become an awkward read. D: Nevertheless, I tried my best to capture their characters in real life and put them into my writings, and with that, I wish you guys a happy reading experience from the second part to this request by @theresnowarinbasingse

PART 1: Yoon Jisung, Ha Sungwoon, Hwang Minhyun, Ong Seongwoo

Kim Jaehwan:

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

  • Another prince who nobody would have guessed either that he was part of the royal bloodline.
  • Often gets mistaken for a typical government official or a scholar, because he always carries this book around in his hands.
  • The lowkey prince who is often found in the city centre reading his book (I wonder what) and listens out for the problems in society.
  • Puts in his input into political conversations while reading and nobody knows who he is, apart from the fact that he’s someone whom they always see at the fountain and is “extremely smart”.
  • Reads the people’s letters sent to him and combined with whatever he has heard or seen on the street, he gets quick and efficient work done.
  • The people are relatively happy and peaceful, but they are a little sad that they can never thank the prince himself. (He was right under their noses the entire time)
  • Not only wise, but extremely talented.
  • Participates in talent shows that the community organises and everyone knows him as a “Vocal God”
  • Always gives his winnings to others under an anonymous tag or charity.
  • Terrible at combat and would probably suit the marching band more but tries his best anyway.
  • When he likes a girl, he would be THE cheeseball and make use of his vocal talents to express his love for her.
  • Depending on his mood, he would either set up a stage in the city centre or give her a personal performance when the two are alone.
  • Probably leads to a quick mutual kiss or just two blushing beings waiting to make the first move.

 Kang Daniel:

Originally posted by kimdcnghyun

  • Carries a noble aura, so people can suspect that he’s of royal descent.
  • Is often seen walking with a skip in his steps and a bright smile on his face, occasionally waving to the people of the town.
  • Everybody knows him as that smiley noble whom they can trust and be comfortable with in sharing their problems and concerns.
  • Champions for the rights of animals and is always seen with a pouch of food for stray animals. (Probably started an organisation for their protection too)
  • Effective and efficient solutions to rectify the people’s problems, but it does not go without some effort from society themselves.
  • Fosters a close-knitted, peaceful, hardworking and resilient society where everyone stands together in the face of adversity.
  • Another all-rounder; looks exuding charm, great personality, talented in both sports and arts (namely ball games and dance) and obtains scholarly achievements.
  • Good combatting skills and can handle a range of weapons in practice, and definitely in battle.
  • Confessions to a girl he likes would probably be the cheesiest, yet cutest thing EVER.
  • Will not say it openly but will show it through his actions (the way he treats you, buys you random gifts etc.) and also the type to lend you his 60cm wide shoulders to lean on.
  • Will probably take his girlfriend stargazing to say, “I need the starshine in your heavenly eyes after the day’s great sun.” and would later say, “I like this, don’t you think? I like…. us.”

 Park Jihoon:

Originally posted by ong-seungwoo

  • Blessed with good genes and a mature aura, everyone knows that this boy has to be a part of the royal family, because there’s no way not to be for his case.
  • Doesn’t really carry any fixed expression when he walks around town, but it tends to be gentle and a little awkward when people bow and greet him out of respect.
  • But still bows back awkwardly anyway and pulls off his signature small smile that makes the girls’ hearts flutter.
  • Older citizens fawn over him and tend to pass him home cooked food whenever they see him around, invites him over for meals and basically treats him like their own son.
  • They would naturally open up to him and he would take all their concerns to heart, mentally taking notes while his bodyguard also listens in to take them down physically.
  • Doesn’t speak very much, but provides comfort and security with the people he interacts with.
  • Will go back to the palace almost immediately with a troubled heart, but a determined mind, to sort out all the troubles that his people face, while comparing notes with his personal bodyguard.
  • Might seem like a gentle being who can’t kill a fly, but he does not tolerate incompetence when it comes to settling societal issues (has probably fired a few government officials)
  • A little on the naive side sometimes, explaining the need for a bodyguard to prevent him from making rash decisions.
  • His community is hardworking, honest, peaceful and grateful towards their rulers.
  • All in all, he is a gentle and quiet being, serious with his work, has a soft spot for the children and the elderly and always attains top grades with ease.
  • Is a little clumsy with the sword because of his relatively small stature (and the lack of strength), but has an affinity with the bow & arrow and throwing knives, utilising them with deadly accuracy.
  • His bodyguard still tries his best to tutor Jihoon with the sword, and thankfully, he is getting better (as long as he works a little more on his upper body strength).
  • At this point, he sounds like a tsundere, but he actually does show it when he likes someone with the way he behaves and acts around her.
  • Would think he’s obvious with his crush and doesn’t feel the need to say it, until friends start commenting why they are not together and the reply is because they have not talked about it.
  • When he realises this, he would talk to the girl once the two of them are alone to his favourite hilltop, overlooking the scenery of the town and say, “If only I knew that all I needed to do was ask, we would have started dating a long time ago.”

 Park Woojin:

Originally posted by ichnite

  • If everyone in the list was mistaken as either a scholar or a noble, Woojin would be none of those.
  • He would be assumed as a lost and awkward teenager trying to find his place in the world because of his naturally shy behaviour.
  • Doesn’t really appreciate crowds so he’s not found often in the bustling city centre and is instead found in the outskirts or the quiet side lanes when he wants to find his quiet time out of the palace.
  • Quite a naive boy, so his personal bodyguard always ensures that he is kept safe and unharmed, especially when he’s accidentally approached by gangsters for trespassing their self proclaimed territory.
  • Luckily, he knows how to defend himself with hand-to-hand combat (to everyone’s surprise) and can probably handle a group of 5 men on his own.
  • Hears and learns a lot more by spending his quiet time outside the palace, especially when it comes to the people and writes them down in his handy notebook (before he forgets) and comes up with a plan there and then on how to solve it.
  • People often see what he has done for them and wonders who is the kind soul; suspects it’s the royal family’s doing but are equally doubtful because they rarely write about their problems and the family is hardly seen out of the palace. 
  • Woojin will be sitting in a nearby corner, listening to the people reacting to his doings with smiles and shouts of joy, bringing a smile to his face and a sense of relief, before continuing on his way.
  • Also has a soft spot for children and would often play with them if they follow him around; always has snacks hidden in his outfit and gives it to them.
  • Is adored by the older community too and receives treatment similar to Jihoon (I mean, he’s a literal bean)
  • Kind, gentle and shy, but gets things done quickly and efficiently (also to everyone’s surprise); exudes quiet maturity, is well read with the country’s politics, laws and appreciates the finer things in life (especially the Arts)
  • Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, but hates the use of weapons due to his nature of preferring to avoid conflict using such deadly weapons; is trying to build up on his confidence and courage but finds it extremely difficult at times.
  • His quiet nature carries on to his love life too, but eventually opens up to show more of his playful side when he knows her well enough and knows that he would not be judged for just being himself.
  • Leaves subtle hints here and there (plays with her hair, giving compliments, crafting gifts) but these are hard to notice for her, and he eventually gets frustrated.
  • Thankful for his supportive friends but freaks out and blurts out “I like you.” instead of that entire paragraph that he had prepared beforehand, but the girl won’t mind and if she was exactly like him, the response would either be “I like you too.” or a shy kiss on his cheek.

And once again, that is all for today! :) I know this was posted a little late but it is 2am where I am now and I would just like to apologise for the inconsistencies in lengths. ;; Might do an edit to this list when I can but I hope that it brought a smile to all your faces as you imagined the Wanna One members in royal garments and being all prince-like. ^^ Will hope to post Part 3 tomorrow and that will contain the final members Bae Jinyoung, Lee Daehwi and Lai Guanlin! :)

Requests will still be open for this week so do drop in an ask or a message to see more lists like these! ^^ Hope to see more of you guys there and thank you once again for taking the time to read these! ^^ 

anonymous asked:

could i request yoongi for the small au thing please?? thank you<33 (ps you're the sweetest!! i check your blog all the time and i'm always happy to see updates from you<3 hope school is ok for you and you're feeling well!!)

ofc!! aww, thank you!! i hope you’re doing well too!!

  • korean history professor!yoongi 
  • doesn’t want to be teaching this class, wishes he was at home marathoning game of thrones or something
  • and he makes this known to the class. like everytime he comes in
  • just sets down his mug and he’s like “this unit is on the joseon dynasty. who wants to tell me what they know about? but also,,,,,,,,i wish i was at home with my cat.”
  • wears thick framed glasses and a white button down that’s never ironed,,,,,his colleague namjoon was like “yoongi perhaps wear a tie? maybe a sweater?”
  • and yoongi was just like “you wear the same black shirt + black pants + black cardigan combo every day. don’t tell me how to ‘fashion’ namjoon”
  • you’re a professor in the history department as well and you’ve known yoongi since college really
  • and you’ve always thought it was really cute the way he acts so nonchalant in class but you also know that he eagerly wrote a huge dissertation neo-confucianism and how he gets all into books and the way he smiles when grading a good paper 
  • and yoongi always falls asleep if the professors have to stay overtime and you’re always the one to wake him up and take the train with him
  • and one day when you go over to wake him up, yoongi groggily reaches out and pulls you closer to him
  • and you’re aware that he must be dreaming but you’re like “yoongi, let go - yoon-”
  • but then you feel him nuzzle into your neck and murmur that you smell good and you’re getting red in the face,,,,but also his sleepy voice is so cute
  • and you’re like “yoongi, wake up”
  • but than you feel his lips against your neck and he’s like “im not asleep.”
  • and you’re,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,,,oh,,,,,o h 
  • and yoongi leans back and tilts his head and is like 
  • “don’t you think this is long overdue, we should have made out back in college”
  • and you’re like oh so we’re gonna make out and he’s like you don’t want to?
  • and you pause but then throw your coat back onto your desk and throw yourself into his arms because hell yeah you want to 
Queen for 7 Days - history

Historical Background to help understand Queen for Seven Days (2017 KBS)

Queen for Seven days 7일의 왕비 (2017 KBS) is based on the Korean legend about Chima-bawi (치마바위, meaning “Skirt Rock”) of Mt. Inwangsan (인왕산, 仁王山).

In 1506, King Yeonsan (연산군 燕山君, 1476~1506), the most notorious tyrant in the history of Korea, was deposed in a coup led by ministers. (* For understanding the course of history, you’d better go watch Rebel : Thief who stole the people 역적 : 백성을 훔친 도적 (2017 MBC)).

The rebel forces flocked to the private residence of Prince Jinseong (진성대군 晉城大君, 1488~1544) in order to enthrone him. However, the prince was about to kill himself, thinking that his half brother (King Yeonsan) finally sent armies to kill him.  In the life-threatening situation, his wife Lady Shin dissuaded him to commit suicide and said like this.

“If the armies are coming here to kill us, their horses’ heads will look toward our house. If they are to protect us, the tails of their horses will face our house.”

The prince saw the direction of the horses as he was told, and realized that they came to protect him. Finally he opened the gate and found himself becoming the 11th king of Joseon dynasty, King Jungjong (중종 中宗 (1488~1544), and his wife Lady Shin became Queen Dangyeong (단경왕후 端敬王后 , 1487~1577).  

However, Lady Shin found herself in danger no sooner had she become the Queen. Her father, Shin Su-Geun (신수근 愼守勤, 1450~1506), was killed during the coup because he tried to protect the tyrant no matter what.

In fact, Park Won-Jong 박원종 (朴元宗 1467~1510), one of the rebel leaders, had suggested Shin Su-Guen to participate in the coup together, asking “Which is more precious to you? Your younger sister? Or your daughter?”. 

Shin Su-Geun’s younger sister was the queen of King Yeonsan, and his daughter was Prince Jinseong’s wife. So he was placed in an extreme situation to choose between the two.

His sister was widely admired as a wise and virtuous queen. Even the tyrannical king respected his wife’s brave and sincere plea. Shin Su-Geun thought although the tyrant was hopeless, the smart crown prince born from his virtuous sister could be their new hope. So, he refused to join the coup, saying that he couldn’t betray his brother-in-law for the sake of his son-in-law. 

And that’s why he got killed by the rebel forces.

The coup was successful. Prince Jinseong and Lady Shin was unwillingly crowned as King and Queen. However, the coup leaders didn’t want the woman whose father was killed by their own hands to remain as a queen. 

Lady Shin was deposed and kicked out of the palace just 7 days after her coronation, and the puppet king didn’t have any power to protect her. The pitiful lovebirds were forcibly torn apart by the political strife. At that time, the king was 18 and the queen was 19.

King Jungjong (Prince Jinseong) couldn’t put his beloved wife out of his mind, even though so many beautiful daughters of the ministers were given to him as royal concubines. In the pavilion of Gyeongbokgung Palace, the king was staring blankly at Mt. Inwangsan with a sigh everyday.  

After hearing about the king’s grief, the deposed queen hung her red skirt she was wearing at the palace on a rock of Mt. Inwangsan, in order to attract the king’s eyes. It was like saying hello to her husband “I’m here. I’m OK. Don’t worry about me”.

The king noticed her message, and never forgot the memory of his wife even though they couldn’t meet again. ( Some folktales say that the couple secretly met again just before he lay on his deathbed at the age of 56. )

The royal couple’s sad love story was passed down through generations, and people started to call the rock of Mt. Inwangsan  "Chima-bawi (치마 바위, meaning “skirt rock”)“.

The love triangle with King Yeonsan, Prince Jinseong, and Lady Shin is a pure  fiction of this drama.

anonymous asked:

//whispers// Please do a military enlistment fic! Please use any of the boys and girl~

Title: Two Worlds

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

Disclaimer: Mentions of historical era, war and AU.

a|n i am fascinated by the military enlistments in joseon dynasty and even to this date. also do listen to kim kyung hee’s warrior’s song while reading!! shitty writing ahead. you’ve been warned.

Sing the sound for my spirit to be guided
I breathe out, clinging to my sword as I'm walking on the road
In the moment that I face, I will follow my grace
I'll be standing here to take you back home

You were running, hiding and evading your possible death. For once again, the local drunkards in your little street started to get physical with you. On a regular day, they would be just throwing nasty comments you would come to usually ignore. But today, they were different. With livid eyes and disheveled robes, they came running after you when you made a little comment about how they should be taking care of their lives.

“Come back here, you little rascal!” You can hear them screaming behind you as you tried your best to maintain your distance from them. You almost cursed because of the heavy clothing you wore, your flapping robes getting in the way of your movements. You were so sure the reason you’d die will be these clothes. Mentally cursing yourself with your faulty choice of wear, you sincerely prayed to the gods to let you escape just this once.

You’re extremely tired from this life. You didn’t want to live any more poorer than a house rat. Just the least to say, a rat was actually very much fortunate than you are. A free house to live and food to get by everyday.

And in your case, you have none.

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The list of Korean Sageuks

Q. If you don’t mind me asking, can you recommend some good sageuks?

Well, I don’t know what kind of Korean historical drama/movie you would like. (Trendy? Traditional? Political? Romantic? Timeslip?) So, I made the following list of Korean Sageuks (mostly since 2000~) in chronological order. You can pick up anything you want. :)

★ = Good for beginners (You don’t have to know much about Korean history in advance)
◯ = Daebak (popular in South Korea. More than 30% viewership ratings on TV, or over 7 million tickets at the box office.)
◉ = Hallyu hit (popular in foreign countries)
↗ = Timeslip genre
♡ = Romance-centric, or Erotic
◀ = My favorites

Title in Bold + Italic  = My recommendation

■ Three Kingdom period 삼국시대 三國時代  (37 BC - 668 AD)

▣  Goguryeo 고구려 高句麗  (37 BC – 668 AD)

  • 2006 MBC  Jumong / Prince of the Legend 주몽 朱蒙 (BC 58~ BC 19) ★◯◉
  • 2008 KBS  The Land of the Winds 바람의 나라 (AD 4~44)
  • 2009 SBS  Princess Ja-Myung / Ja Myung Go 왕녀 자명고 自鳴鼓 (?~32) ♡
  • 2007 MBC The Legend / The Story of the First King’s Four Gods 태왕사신기 太王四神記 (374~412) ★◯◉
  • 2011 KBS  Gwanggaeto, The Great Conqueror 광개토태왕 廣開土太王 (374~412)
  • 2013 KBS  The Blade and Petal 칼과 꽃 (618~642)
  • 2006 SBS  Yeon Gaesomun 연개소문 淵蓋蘇文 (603~666)

▣  Kaya 가야 伽倻 (42–562)

  • 2010 MBC  Kim Su-Ro, The Iron King 철의 제왕 김수로 金首露 (42~199)

▣  Baekje 백제 百濟 (18 BC – 660 AD)

  • 2010 KBS  The King of Legend 근초고왕 近肖古王 (285~375)
  • 2013 MBC  King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang 제왕의 딸 수백향 (501~523)
  • 2005 SBS  Song of the Prince / The Ballad of Seodong 서동요 薯童謠 (580~641)  ★◯♡◀
  • 2011 MBC  Gye-Baek 계백 階伯 (?~660)

▣  Silla 신라 新羅 (57 BC – 935 AD)

  • 2016 KBS  Hwarang : The Poet Warrior Youth 화랑 花郞 (526~576)  ★♡
  • 2010 MBC  Queen Seondeok 선덕여왕 善德女王 (576~647) ★◯◉♡◀
  • 2012 KBS  King’s Dream 대왕의 꿈 (604~661)

▣  Unification of Three Kingdoms 삼국 통일 (660~668)

  • 1992 KBS  The Tales of Three Kingdoms 삼국기 三國記 (576~668)
  • 2011 MBC  Gye-Baek 계백 階伯 (607~660)
  • 2012 KBS  King’s Dream 대왕의 꿈 (604~661)
  • 2003 Movie  Once Upon a Time in a Battlefield 황산벌 荒山伐 (660)
  • 2011 Movie  Battlefield Heroes 평양성 平壤城 (668)

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Bukchon Hanok Village - Seoul, South Korea 

Bukchon Hanok Village is traditional Korean Village in Seoul, featuring numerous alley ways, and traditional Korean homes, known as Hanoks. The village has been preserved for 600 years, and reflects what Korean neighbourhood life was like during the Joseon dynasty. 

While the village was not created for tourists, and is still fully inhabited by local families, it is a great place for international tourists and younger Koreans to visit, to learn more about the Korean culture. Some of the Hanoks house galleries, restaurants, and craft workshops. 

Love Written In Ink

Love Written In Ink: Regretting the Past (Chapter 7)

Link to Series

Summary: After breaking up with your boyfriend, you find yourself struggling to move on. But how can you, when both your lives are so intertwined? When a new captivating man enters your life, are the changes ahead for the better or worse?

Word Count: 5K

Rating: M (Smut)

(A few years ago)

Yongguk swung his head back, eyes closed, relishing the feeling of how the the cold amber liquid burned his throat as he swallowed. Before he even settled the glass back down on to the counter, Yongguk had signaled to the bartender for another round.

The bartender looked towards Yongguk with apprehension, but nevertheless fulfilled the order after they were done tending to the other patrons of the bar. What Yongguk didn’t notice though, too preoccupied with keeping himself steady on the bar stool as he swayed precariously back and forth with his new drink, the bartender had suspiciously turned their back to him and fished out their phone.

Almost half an hour had passed before you finally bursted through the door. You were panting, having to run the last leg of the way from Namdaemun to Hongdae when your taxi had hit a severe traffic jam. Your normally clean kept hairbun was in disarray and falling apart at your shoulders. You shuffled tiredly into the bar, not minding the eyes that followed you or the pleading security guard that was trying to no avail to drag you out of the establishment. You locked eyes with the bartender who shot you a business friendly smile as they waved off the the security guard.

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