My Favorite Monster Girls

As part of the Monday portion of the Week of Toku Ladies created by @week-of-toku-ladies which involves Monster Ladies, I decided to make one of my lists for my favorite Monster Ladies in Super Sentai. These are women who either ARE monsters disguised as human women or women who turn into monsters. I’m not including any completely human looking villains here or the whole list would be characters played by Machiko Soga.

5. Princess Multiwa from Chouriki Sentai Ohranger

More of an evil robot than a true monster but as all of the monsters in this series were robots, I am counting her. Princess Multiwa was the niece of Empress Hysteria of the Machine Empire Baranoia and married the Prince, Buldont when he took the throne from his Father who had been killed in a coup.  Multiwa is a skilled archer and even has a human form, though she only uses it once in the series.  She’s on the list for being a cruel, heartless robot… and also because for a robot, she’s kind of cute!

4. Madame Noir from Ressha Sentai ToQger

Madame Noir just has an amazing look.  She’s a monstrous version of a Victorian-style Lady with a very Gothic and creepy style to her.  She is a member of the Shadow Line and her main goal seems to be to get her daughter Glitter, to marry to Emperor of Darkness, thus elevating her to Royal status.  She really doesn’t care what her daughter wants, it’s all about how her daughter can be used to elevate her own status, which is very much in tune with her European Nobility stylings.  Plus, she has a parasol and parasols are just cool.

3.  Leh Näfel from Choushinsei Flashman

This lovely villainess played by the wonderful Sayoko Hagiwara (who also portrayed DynaPink in 1983′s Kagaku Sentai Dynaman) is a catwoman cyborg member of the Resconstructive Empire Mess. She is one of the Empire’s field commanders and can often be seen accompanied by her two underlings, Wolk and Kilt.  She can also transform into the monstrous Näfelura, which brings out even more of her feline nature.

2. Lami from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

This is one of the most famous of the ladies who turn into monsters on this list, especially among Western fans for she was converted into Scorpina for the first season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.  I like her Japanese version much better though as she doesn’t just vanish for no reason without explanation. She is Bandora’s spy and can disguise herself in various costumes.  She is also the wife of Grifforzer and at the end of the series, they have a baby together.  The reason she makes the list (other than being awesome) is that when she grows, she takes on an entirely monstrous form called Lami Scorpion.

1. Mele from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger

Mele tops a lot of my lists because I just freaking love her!  She makes this one for two additional reasons that qualify her for the monster list. 

1) She can transform into a chameleon creature.  This gives her the ability to blend into her surroundings and use her tongue as a long-ranger weapon. Much like Lami above, she is a spy and uses her powers in this form to watch while remaining completely unnoticed.

2) She is undead. Mele originally died hundreds of years ago during the original GekiRin Rebellion that split the art of Jyuken into two opposing schools and philosophies.  She was brought back to life by Rio, who used his own amazing Rinki to make her almost entirely human.  Though she may look like a mortal woman, she is still undead, unable to enjoy the full range of experiences humans can have.  She wants to be fully human so that she can love Rio and be with him.

So, there is my short list.  Hope you enjoyed it and please, check out the other posts on @week-of-toku-ladies for more fun!

anonymous asked:

I'm sure you've gotten this question before, but what are some of your favorite sentai shows?

Never a concern when people are asking me to talk about things I love!  This list is really in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind as I type it.  That said, no one who follows me for long will be surprised by my first entry on this list:


Kakuranger was the very first Super Sentai series I ever saw episodes of in Japanese.  This was back in the mid-1990s and I was deep into anime fandom, attending Project A-Kon in Dallas and a friend of mine showed me a tape with four episodes of this series.  It was love at first sight and kickstarted my current love of tokusatsu heroes. It is also just a fun series filled with a lot of humor, some great villains based on traditional Youkai, a fun theme song and the best leader any Sentai team ever had, Ninja White/Tsuruhime!

Jumping back, way back we come to the series this blog gets its name from:


There is always something special about the origins of a franchise, something that marks it as special and hooks people enough to want to see more after the first entry is over with.  Goranger is the template from which all other Sentai series are based with five-colored heroes, a theme of teamwork, an evil organization to oppose, fantastic weaponry and vehicles.  Aside from the lack of a giant robot and no transformation device, it was all there from the beginning. Once again, it also had a great woman on the team in the form of their explosives expert, Peggy Matsuyama a.k.a. MomoRanger.


This is the show where all the elements came together.  The five-colored heroes, the transforming robot, the finishing weapons and the final ingredient, spandex.  Before this, the costumes were made of cloth but this one, originally intended to be a baseball-themed series, opted for a more form-fitting, sporty material and the rest is history.  The team dynamics in this one are a lot of fun and the villains even moreso.  It’s a total tossup for me as to which character I prefer more, Rei Tachibana/Dynapink or the villainess Princess Chimera. 


Though I do love the characters in this one, what really made this series stand out among some frankly great entries in the 2000s was the story.  I had rarely felt so invested in a story as I did with this series and I couldn’t wait for each new episode.  There were so many great arcs and revelations as it went on, secrets that were revealed and acts of heroism and villainy aplenty.  It wasn’t perfect but wow, when it was hitting on all cylinders, this show was just fantastic! It also had one of the most bizarre Blue heroes of all time in the form of Shinken Blue/Ryuunosuke.

I guess this has been one from each decade but when it comes to the 2010′s my choices get harder.  I guess that’s because the memories are so much fresher or maybe it’s that we’ve had a really good 7 years of Super Sentai (one or two series aside).  So, torn between Ressha Sentai ToQger and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, I am going to go with ToQger.  Don’t get me wrong, I ADORE Gokaiger and think it’s the best Anniversary series I have ever seen with some fantastic characters.

However, nothing beat the absolute emotional roller coaster that was:


This series gave me everything I wanted in a Super Sentai series; great characters, interesting villains, a story that kept me interested, imaginative and hilarious villain plots and pathos galore.  I have not felt so absolutely emotionally wrecked after the end of a series.  As for stand out character, all of them!  Optimistic Right, Nervous Tokatchi, Imaginative Kagura, Responsible Mio, Reserved Hikari and even the reformed villain and 6th Hero Akira were all entirely fantastic.  I still miss these adorable train babies and their adventures today.  It was a great trip we took on the Rainbow Line and one I long to take again.

Thank you for the question and thank you for the chance to just gush about things I love!