YAAAAAY! I got the retouched photos back from the photoshoot!! I don’t see much difference, but hey, I’m not complaining😉😘❤ #shelfiequeen #fatbabe #pinup #50s #vintage #dynamitedames #dynamitetesspinuptour #bodypositive #fatposi #fatshion #fatshionista #bodyposi #plussizemodel #psblogger #chubbybunnies #honormycurves #everybodyisbeautiful #effyourbeautystandards #fatandfabulous #me

Yesterday I had the chance to do a photoshoot with Dynamite Dames and Tess Munster. It was such an amazing experience and everyone was so kind and helpful since I had just recently has emergency surgery to remove a cyst the size of a melon. I looked through the photos today and I am just in absolute awe. I love them so much and can’t wait to get prints done.

Man- I have to say I always feel so happy after I wrap each day shooting on my #dynamitetesspinuptour! All of these ladies had never worn corsets before & wanted to feel sexy & step out of their comfort zone- so I put them all in @orchardcorset 🙌 As you can see, they are all sizes & each of them channeled their inner vixen this weekend! I love the #diversity at every shoot & getting to meet so many women that give me the strength to keep going! It’s all about women helping women 💕 P.s I’m almost finished writing a blog about my tour so you guys can get a glimpse into what it’s about, why it’s changed my life & if you are interested how you can attend one. #tessmunster #effyourbeautystandards #grateful

✨The cities listed on the flyer will be FINAL dates of my pinup tour✨

Why am I ending the tour you ask? I’ve had a hell of a time doing it & met SOOOO many amazing women from all over the USA (& world).. It’s changed my life in ways I can’t begin to explain. However my partner is moving here in a few months, & I have a lot of big things in the works professionally that I need to focus on right now❤️ Don’t worry though- I will still be doing events, appearances, etc. I’m not going anywhere!

✨With that said, here is some info about my #dynamitetesspinuptour:✨

Photos are shot by @dynamitedames
Makeup & Hair @charliegirl28

This is your chance to be a pinup for a day in your own Photoshoot where I will teach you poses, & we provide makeup, hair & wardrobe from 0-28! Over 300 women have shot with us on the tour, of all sizes, races & backgrounds 🙌

Email dynamitephoto@gmail.com for more info & to book 🎀💄👗👠💕💋

For those asking these are the FINAL stops on my #dynamitetesspinuptour 💕 It will be ending in April so there cities are your last chances to do this!

✨New Orleans
✨Ft. Lauderdale
✨Kansas City
✨San Francisco
If you want to be a pinup for a day & meet me email dynamitephoto@gmail.com to book- spaces are limited 💋note: we provide wardrobe from a 0-28 too 💕#effyourbeautystandards
#tessmunster #pinup #bodypositive

✨Kansas City- February 21 & 22 my #dynamitetesspinuptour is coming to you! There will only be two more dates announced after this stop (both on the west coast) so if you have been wanting to be a pinup for a day, book now! Email dynamitephoto@gmail.com for info and to reserve your spot 💕💄🎀👠💅