BREAKING: #Sulli And #Choiza Have Broken Up

According to a report by Star News, Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza have broken up, two years and seven months since they were first revealed to be dating in August 2014.

SM Entertainment has confirmed with Sulli that the news is true, and said that Sulli and Choiza have decided to simply remain as colleagues.

Sulli, originally a part of SM girl group f(x), left the group in August 2015 in order to pursue a career in acting. Choiza, who debuted in 2000, founded the entertainment agency Amoeba Culture in 2006. His most recent release with Dynamic Duo, “Grand Carnival,” was in November 2015.

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@caejosay Joseph gets overly cocky about his Hamon skills after beating the Hell Tower™ and does this. 

Suzie takes a picture and ten seconds later there’s an almighty crash, splashing noises, a very loud ‘HOLY SHIT’ and one very damp Caesar with murder in his eyes.

(based on this photo)

anonymous asked:

That ending with DJ and some big party would be nice. If the Iron Throne is still standing at the end and it probably will. Didn't Martin said someone will win this whole thing? It is designed for one person, not two. My point is that at the end of course main protagonists can live through their experiences but when it comes to Jon and Daenerys one of them can be killed. You don't need both to manage after the war situation when you got Tyrion around. Maybe too pessimistic?

Hi anon,

No, I don’t think it’s too pessimistic or unreasonable to believe that one of them might die in the end. I think it’s a very prevalent theory in the fandom, with the grand majority believing it’ll be Dany who dies in the end. 

I understand the points you’ve made, but I’ll add a counter argument for discussion sake. 

When Aerys was first ruling he had Tywin as his hand and for all intents and purposes the kingdom was very prosperous, as well as generally generally stable. The same can be said for Aerys’ father king Jaehaerys II, and even Egg, although, there were issues with the noble Houses. This is a typical, generally stable reign (not taking into consideration Aerys’ madness in the end). 

But, if you truly want to make a difference, have a mark and do extra-ordinary things then you must look at someone like Jaehaerys Targaryen. King Jaehaerys’ hand was Septo Barth, as excellent a hand as there has every been. Perhaps the best hand of them all, including even Tyrion. However, King Jaehaerys closest advisers was not Barth, but his wife Queen Alysanne. There marriage and partnership was a stabilizing force in Westeros for over 50 years. They accomplished a great deal of things and Westeros was much better place after their reign. 

So yes, while Jon or Dany would make a good if not great and capable king or queen with the help of someone like Tyrion or even Sam. They would make a much greater, even extra-ordinary  monarchy together than they would do apart, I believe. They would balance each other out as they would bring the perspective of both a man and a woman to the ruling of Westeros. 

Something to consider. 


Think of that one kid that loved Jason Todd. The kid that wanted to be strong and brave like Robin.

Think of that kid learning of the vote for Jason’s life. Think of that kid calling in dozens of times voting for Jason to live.

Think of that kid getting the issue, confident that he saved his hero. Think of that kid watching his idol die.

That’s why I hate Jason’s death.