Choiza Alarmed When Crowd Chants Sulli's Name During Performance

Choiza Alarmed When Crowd Chants Sulli’s Name During Performance

Dynamic Duo’s Choiza was in for a surprise when the crowd started chanting his girlfriend’s name during his performance.

The hip-hop duo marked the grand finale of the “Green Plugged Seoul 2015” concert held on May 23.

“All the female audience members are incredibly beautiful,” he said during his performance. “The male audience members are also quite handsome.” In response, the crowd started…

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Kpop Stars reactions during Dynamic Duo’s performance @ the Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards

Tables 1&2 - Ahjussi - quiet and reserved

Table 3 - BTS - aw yeah!

Table 4 - Sistar - feelin it especially Hyolyn

Table 5 - Miss A - feelin it but still reserved

Table 6 - Exo - with it but keeping it on the low (except Chanyeol)

Table 7 - SNSD - feelin it a little especially Hyoyeon


When you go to an awards show you gotta bring the Bang!

I know what table I’m sitting at…aaaaaay….!