BREAKING: #Sulli And #Choiza Have Broken Up

According to a report by Star News, Sulli and Dynamic Duo’s Choiza have broken up, two years and seven months since they were first revealed to be dating in August 2014.

SM Entertainment has confirmed with Sulli that the news is true, and said that Sulli and Choiza have decided to simply remain as colleagues.

Sulli, originally a part of SM girl group f(x), left the group in August 2015 in order to pursue a career in acting. Choiza, who debuted in 2000, founded the entertainment agency Amoeba Culture in 2006. His most recent release with Dynamic Duo, “Grand Carnival,” was in November 2015.

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I can't even be mad that you hijacked my post xD Harrymort Deep Sea Monster AU???

  • Harry lives in a little village by the sea. He has always wanted to go deeper into the ocean because Captain Albus would tell him stories of the kind of creatures he would battle. Of course his relatives forbid him from ever going because a sea monster killed his parents.
  • When he finally old enough, he jumps at the chance to join a sea voyage lead by Captain Weasley and his family. He had been friends with the Captain’s son since he was little and together they always dreamed of going on an adventure. 
  • One fateful night, a storm hit the ship and Harry got thrown overboard where he was saved by a giant sea serpent. He was certain that the thing was going to eat him, but it brought him back to it’s underwater home.
  • Harry didn’t know how air could have gotten into the large undersea cavern but he wasn’t going to complain. All he knew was that he was separated by the surface by an immeasurable amount of water, and a monstrous sea serpent. 
  • The serpent took an interest in him and his love for the underwater world. It began teaching him it’s language and eventually introduced itself as Voldemort
  • It took Harry all throughout the sea, showing him all the other creatures that lived there. Eventually, through the magic of the undersea world (or through the magic of the cave Harry never found out) be began to grow gills and lost his legs in favor of a tail. 
  • Harry knew of Voldemort’s blood lust, and tried to calm it when he could. 
  • Harry became an omen of good fortune for all sailors, as when they saw him it meant that the monsters of the sea would not bother them and they would have a safe journey.  
Dynamic Duo’s Choiza welcomes Yeeun to Amoeba Culture family as their first female artist

On April 11, Amoeba Culture released an official statement revealing that former Wonder Girls’ member Yeeun has joined their label under the solo artist name HA:TFELT.

Shortly after this, Choiza uploaded a picture of Yeeun along with a welcoming message on his Instagram. He wrote, “Welcome! Wonder Girls’ Yeeun, now known as solo-artist HA:TFELT, is the newest member to our family.”  He also added, “After 11 years, Amoeba Culture is happy to have their first female artist HA:TFELT. I hope everyone will send HA:TFELT their best wishes and watch over her as she makes a fresh new start.”

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