Exiled Hux (1/?)

After the failure of Starkiller, Hux is stripped of his rank and sent into exile as punishment for his mistakes but it isn’t long before Kylo comes after him, claiming to have destroyed the Supreme Leader to ensure that the First Order is safe for Hux to return to and take control of. But Hux doesn’t give him the warm welcome that Kylo had wanted.

“Long time, no see, General,” Kylo says in a playful tone, wanting to immediately return to the blossoming dynamic they had before Snoke had forced them to part. He smirks behind the comfort of his mask, taking in how much Hux has changed since they last met. Hux’s hair has grown long in his absence but Kylo can only concentrate on the seemingly permanent cold look on Hux’s face, the frigid scowl that has never made Kylo feel so uncomfortable before. As his ex-General strides closer, Kylo stands rooted to the ground, staring into Hux’s empty eyes, absently noting the blaster in his hand. “Hux?”

“Leave. Now.”

Love this new dynamic blossoming between Steven and Amethyst.

Like. It’s still the same. But before he would’ve went and grabbed Garnet or Pearl’s arm, or maybe even Bismuth’s, if he felt brave enough, but instead he’s like “NEW FRIEND IS SO COOL ISN’T SHE? SHE’S NEW TO YOU TOO AND YOU GOTTA SEE HOW COOL SHE IS TOO.”

Finished my WIP from yesterday! 

Zidane and Garnet are probably my favourite canon-main-couple in an FF game (they usually have at least one per game) ~ the way their story was written made them both feel multilayered and full of life and we got to see their dynamic develop and blossom, so it was fun to spend most of the game following one or the other around

Man Of Fortune (Sam Drake X Reader)

(Symbolism Prompt #17)

Purple:Sophisticated, Mysterious, Dramatic, or Creative

Apple Blossom: Promise

Triangle:Dynamic, Aggressive, Conflict, or Strength

Gold: Valuable, Expensive, or Prestigious

Aloe: Healing, Protection, Affection

AN: There is a slim yet definable line between desire and obsession but when do you know if you’ve crossed that line? Y/N has seen that type of obsession and they’ve seen what comes with it. Y/N should have seen the signs but when Sam came back into their life it was easier to ignore the warning signs. (A bittersweet ending was requested so prepare yourselves…)

           Your day was just not getting any easier; it hadn’t helped that shoreline seemed to know your next move even before you did. First it was your discovery of Libertalia that was so rudely interrupted by the destructive force of Shoreline thugs then it was a confrontation with Nadine herself; on the trail to New Devon. You were able to handle your own pretty well in the fight against Nadine but unfortunately the building that you had chosen to fight in was old and crumbling. Naturally the building caved in around all four of you and you fell down onto a stone cliff below. Nadine made good on her promise that she only had to hold the three of you back until her men arrived; several Shoreline soldiers appeared on Rafe’s heels. Sam surprised you in the worst possible way by pulling a gun on Nadine and threatening to shoot her. Rafe was certain that Sam was bluffing and you were too but he refused to back down. You were standing across from Nathan and Sam with two guns watching your every move.

You held your breath as Nathan managed to wrestle the gun away from Sam but not before a shot was fired off. The situation got out of hand in the very blink of an eye but Rafe was never known to handle his anger. Rafe sauntered right over to Sam and smashed his gun across his face; when you made a move to run over to him Nadine stopped you by aiming her gun in your face. You directed a murderous glare at her and remained where you were.

Nathan helped Sam up to his feet, “Come on, Rafe… you’ve already won. You can have the treasure just let us have enough to buy his freedom.”

Rafe sounded genuinely confused at Nate’s interjection, “Buy his freedom?”

Nate took a moment to explain the pretense under which the three of you were here but the explanation only brought a smile to Rafe’s face. He looked between the three of you before chuckling at Sam, “Oh, no… What did you tell them, Sam?” Sam looked defeated and Rafe continued to chuckle, “Hector Alcazar died in a shoot-out six months ago. I was the one that got Sam out of Jail; he’s been with me for the past two years.”

Rafe continued to talk but you couldn’t hear him any longer, you looked over to Sam and he met your eyes briefly before looking away. The hint of shame or perhaps despair darkened his hazel eyes for the briefest moment. You had been so blind and maybe what you weren’t admitting to yourself was the fact that you had known something wasn’t right from the very start. Two years… Sam had been out of prison and in that entire time he hadn’t contacted you or Nathan. When you looked back up Rafe was pointing his gun at Nathan and Sam; your eyes widened in alarm but you were still being kept in place by Nadine’s gun.

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