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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Baby Bump

Yuuri is used to gaining weight. He’s not so familiar with pregnancy.

well, y’all asked for it! :P

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Spideypool Rec List

I’ve seen a few of these Ao3 recommendation lists floating around and decided to make one of my own. I’ll try to throw in a little bit of everything, so hopefully you all can find at least one story that tickles your Spideypool fancy.

P.S. There are a shit-ton more Spideypool fics out there. This is but a tiny list of some I’ve taken from my bookmarks.

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Dramaland Forecast: July 2017

Previously: 2016 - Jan - Feb - Mar - Apr - May - June


  • Chicago Typewriter it started out slow and I was *thisclose* to dropping it around ep 5 because I didn’t care about the modern timeline dynamics, but ep 6 was good and then it just got better and better until the ending crushed my heart in all the best ways.
  • Man to Man – a fun, idle binge! Even though I wasn’t super invested, I loved every moment Park Sung Woong was on my screen (he can do no wrong!). I preferred the goofier side of the drama than the srs bzns spy stuff, but the action scenes were pretty slick and I liked the production values. I don’t regret wasting my time on this show although I will probably forget it ever existed.

Currently watching:

  • Super Family 2017
  • The Best Hit
  • Duel


  • I purposefully didn’t start many dramas this month knowing that I wouldn’t have time for them. I’m waiting for Lookout, Circle, Secret Forest, and Fight My Way to end so I can binge at my leisure (and no one had better spoil me on Circle until I do because that’s the one I’m most looking forward to – I’ve worked incredibly hard to avoid spoilers so far and you don’t want to make me cry, do you? Do you?)
  • Oh and I also plan to look into Woman of Dignity but my hopes are sub-basement level and I’m only doing it for my love of Kim Sun Ah.

Upcoming dramas of interest:

  • School 2017 – I never watched the 2015 version but I really enjoyed the 2013 version (all my beloved students with their various problems, and the reunion of the Baby-faced duo Jang Na Ra and Daniel Choi). Although, based on this writer, I have a feeling there will be loads more humor than tears.
  • Strongest Deliveryman – I know nothing about this except it has Go Kyung Pyo in his first leading role, so of course it has my attention.
  • Reunited Worlds – “A love story between an 18-year-old man and 31-year-old woman, born in the same year and were childhood friends.” Well, this is certainly a new take on the noona romance. The writer is dependably okay and I like the cast even though no one particularly excites. I’m curious but not to the point where I’ll make a point to clear my schedule for the premiere.
  • Save Me – I love OCN thrillers (esp. in the Sat/Sun timeslot) as much as anyone, maybe even more than most, but… but… Taecyeon.  I dunno if I can last a whole drama with him as the lead.
  • Man Who Dies To Live the plot is vague but the cast is decent. There’s potential here but I’m gonna need more info.
  • Manhole – “Bong Pil and his five friends travel between the past and present through a manhole in order to stop a wedding scheduled a week later.” Starring Jaejoong and UEE and Baro. Heck, let’s get all the idol and ex-idol actors and make it a thing. From the writer of TEN and TEN 2 so it shouldn’t be quite as ridiculous as it sounds (but it better be just a little bit ridiculous. Just a little).
  • Hospital Ship – the plot makes me think of a gender flipped version of my beloved Matsuda Shota’s A Clinic on the Sea, so I’m tentatively willing to give it a chance if it promises me a quirky mix of characters.
  • Mojito – the plot sounds like a standard chaebol-candy rom-com buuuuuuuuuut Sung Joon and Baek Sung Hyun reunited? Yes, please!
  • Live – Noh Hee Kyung’s newest offering that potentially could star Lee Kwang Soo in a role that I’m hoping reflects more than just his comedic abilities. There’s no airdate set (some time next year, probably) and only a vague plot but MY BODY IS READY.

As always, any drama not listed means I have nothing new to add since the last mention and/or it’s not something I care about enough to add to the list.

eene-fangirl  asked:

How important is it that Nazz was once fat? What did that bring to her character?

I find her “chubby phase” flashback in ‘Every Which Way But Ed’ to be a very humanizing scene.  That episode and particularly that scene really enriched the whole cast for me, it gives them an inner life full of design-altering phases that shaped their present, and that’s my FAVORITE kind of timeline, where dynamics seem to shift slightly every year of a character’s life. It also showed me how charming the kids can be when the Eds aren’t around, in a way that ‘See No Ed’ sidestepped by revolving the kids’ scenes around the Eds’ absence.  

While Nazz fades into the background for most of the flashback, and being larger doesn’t seem to change the way anyone treats her, I still read it as an explanation for why Nazz is so much nicer than everyone else.  I think the kids paid less attention to her when she was overweight, and that she hasn’t completely registered all the boys crushing on her (she may have even already had a crush on Kevin that she viewed as unrequited), and that it has left her humble about her current weight and perhaps insecure about her appearance as a whole (though she is proud enough to bring up her chubby phase without any hint of embarrassment).  It seems like she takes her body very seriously now because of this phase, with her workout, makeup, and grooming routines potentially serving as an explanation for why she spends so much time alone and off-screen.  I think overall this flashback’s main strength is that it disconnects Nazz from the “heartthrob” cliches that trap her character development in the present, you get the sense that, even if she may have never been a particularly deep person, that is not the only thing she has ever been or ever will be– her current role is something she worked hard to earn and may not be aware she has finally attained.

I also noticed that after this revelation, the show eventually started including a new running gag for Nazz, with her taking larger portions than the other characters and chew obnoxiously.  I appreciate that, while it’s hard to describe this gag without it sounding cheap, in context it’s either never called attention to or simply portrayed as an absurd juxtaposition to her present “perfect” characterization, and I like that sort of subtle background business. It actually even came up earlier in the series (Nazz eats her mac and cheese like she’ll never see food again in season 2’s ‘To Sir With Ed’) so I appreciate that they found such an indirect way to keep it in our minds that her chubby phase happened, while also connecting it to the earlier loose threads of her characterization.  


Jeff x Annie Appreciation Week (#jxaappreciationweek)

Day 6  → favorite j/a alternate timeline

“Now, come on. The others are waiting. We got a prime timeline to destroy.”


Here I am again :) read it please guys is important!!!

Ziam is growing stronger day by day and I feel like a lot of people don’t want to believe in Ziam because they say “larry is real, it can’t be possible that there are two couple in the same band!!!”

so, i got it. it’S legit TO believe in everything we want, but i wanna say to you: DON’T BE BLIND BECAUSE OF YOU FIRST OTP!!! THERE’S NO WROST BLIND OF WHOSE DO NOT WANT TO SEE!!

i’m a zayn girl. i joined this fandom only because of zayn and then i started to like louis a lot. i didn’t know even who perrie was and I was okei with her in the first period because i didn’t know NOTHING. to join the larry fandom it took me a very short time (just a couple of weeks) because I think that ALL involved with louis and harry screams larry. to join the ziam fandom took me a lot of more time. at first I thought that was a bromance. then I started to suspect about zerrie because i think that the real zayn is not that guy we see with her…the real zayn is the zayn of video diares and the family, artist, shy guy that we see (sadly) so seldom lately. so I made my 1 plus 1 and I stared to learn about Liam a lot. and I started to learn about eyes and body and touching and sentences not sayed loud. I started to look farther the surface and I FIGURED OUT that ziam screams as loud as larry but people are too focused on larry to concentrate on ziam…

so, i don’t want to go on with this. if you want me to tell my opinions about larry, ziam or whatever, just send me a message and i’ll be happy to shere with you my thoughts. 

here i’m only to link you 3 videos that are massively important to undestand the ziam evolution, dynamics, timeline, proofs and whatever.

please, see these videos without prejudice because they really scream “IT’S REAL!!!!”

i don’t wanna convince you, or bother you, or lift you. just wanna let you know that ziam is a thing…and everyone must know that something is happening between zayn and liam…and we have to show them our support!!

nothing against perrie, or sophia or danielle or whatever. just big love to these 2 guys that felt in love with each other under our eyes!!!!

so, here are the link of the videos!!!

i don’t own the videos. a very amazing girl made them and i never, ever will thanks her enough for this incredible job!!!! 

here we go…

  1.  PART 1 (A brief overview of Ziam from 2010 - Sep 2012)

  2.  PART 2 (A semi-brief overview of Ziam from Sep 2012 - Dec 2013)
  3.  PART 3 (This is about “girlfriends” etc.)
  4.  PART 4 (This part is dedicated to the Perrie tattoo and the Zerrie engagement)
  5. PART 5 (This is about what happened Jan thru May 2014)
  6. SIDE CHAPTER (Jealousy part 1)


for any questions, send me a message :) i’ll be glad to answer you :)

On Cursed Child and Time Travel

As a disclaimer, I really and truly enjoyed Cursed Child. However, I have spent more time than I would like to admit contemplating how it completely disregarded the rules of time travel previously established in Prisoner of Azkaban.

The time travel in PoA demonstrates a fixed timeline where the events of both the “past” and “future” are happening at the same time and in the same universe. The events of the past cannot be changed by the effects of time travel because they are “fixed” in time. That is how Harry and Hermione are able to “save” Buckbeak. He was never truly killed. The original Harry and Hermione thought he was, but, in fact, the time-turning Harry and Hermione led him away from Hagrid’s hut while no one was looking.

Cursed Child utilizes a dynamic timeline. Here, each trip back in time, each alteration, triggers a chain reaction that alters the state of the current timeline. For example, Hermione saw Albus and Scorpius behaving strangely while dressed as Durmstrang students which caused her to not attend the Yule Ball with Victor Krum which caused her to never realize her feelings for Ron which caused her to remain single and become a bitter Defense Against the Dark Arts professor (which is another discussion for another day). 

Neither of these time travelling methods are “wrong”. You see both of them portrayed in pop culture all the time. What bothers me is the lack of consistency between PoA and Cursed Child, the two examples we have of time travel in the wizarding world. 

If the Cursed Child method was the rule, Harry and Hermione would have been killed by werewolf Lupin the first time around because their time-turning selves would not have howled and distracted him. Or Harry and Sirius would have been kissed by the dementors because the time-turning Harry would not have been there to cast a Patronus. 

Additionally, Hermione had been using the time turner regularly all year in PoA. Would the Ministry of Magic be so stupid as to entrust a 13-year-old student with a device that, if it worked the way it does in Cursed Child, risked changing the fate of the world every time she used it simply because she wanted to take extra classes? Answer: yes, the Ministry probably would be stupid enough, but that’s not the point. 

If the PoA method was the rule, then literally none of the plot of Cursed Child would have happened. The fixed timeline would ensure that any changes to the past would not affect the future. So perhaps Hermione’s suspicion of Albus and Scorpius would have motivated her to attend the Yule Ball with Krum for the purpose of gaining information, and then the rest of the timeline would play out the same way. Any changes that Albus and Scorpius made in the past would only reaffirm the present. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey.

These are the things that keep me up at night.

i think my favorite pre-retcon timeline dynamic for dave and karkat was them building it up unwillingly as a blackrom? like pretending that they hate each other bc its the only way they feel they can safely be close to someone else at this point but that by the time shit heats up and like clothes are coming off and shit its the reddest thing ever bc thats the reality behind it? so its like shoving and biting and shouting that leads to like the sweetest love making ever and the softest aftercare and then come the next day theyre shooting each other looks again like it didnt even happen??? what insecure pieces of shit smh