dynamic sound

Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)

So, as we learned previously, sound can actually travel through space. But the recordings our spacecraft send us from other planets or from the edge of the Solar System aren’t really that kind of sound. Acoustic waves require a medium; they travel when particles bump into one another, which, given the sparseness of space, means that only very low frequency sounds can travel. But space has a lot of ions and plasmas – charged particles like electrons and protons – and those particles can interact without physically contacting one another. Instead their motion causes a changing magnetic field that affects nearby particles, which in turn affect more particles (and so on). This transmits what’s called ionic sound. Check out the video above to hear some awesome examples of the ionic sounds of our solar system! (Video credit: The Point Studios)

a while back i had this crack hc that richard watterson was a trans man and nicole a trans woman and richard was actually the one who gave birth to gumball and anais (due to the fact nicole doesnt have breasts and richard does- yes the latter comes as a result of his fatness, but again, it was just a crack hc)

and then i noticed other things that feed into the hc

  • richard takes testosterone supplements (which are strong enough that his daughter can develop facial hair) due to discomfort with his physique and bc he was pressured into buying them online (though they do wear off)
  • richard: “how do we know that this pregnant turtle is a her?”
  • nicole’s ‘at least he’s brave enough to be himself!’ line would have another context if theyre both trans
  • as does that ‘f in gender’ joke
  • there’s also the joke of richard “breastfeeding” gumball, although nicole is the one in the bed implying she is the one that gave birth (or she’s just really tired)

just wanted to put that out there, gnight

About Cophan’s different…entities (i.e. the snake and the goat), I was wondering if one of them somewhat took some sort of control of his body, whether his actual yellow eye color would change to reflect which entity is in control? Or at least some sort of influence on his abilities.

Like going pitch black with the red sclera if the goat entity is influencing his body, or the glowing, magical purple ones when the snake one is…


Goat Entity:

Snake Entity:


Drunk and on 99% grime, you must
be sleeping through the directions
when I say goodbye to the walls. Late
horoscope explains how to be reckless.
You’re safe from the thicket of hair
grafts placed perfection when you
went looking for it, yellow bow round
guilty tree trunk. Parking lot has more
fragments of cool acting how than
the apartment conforms my shadow.

Sort of spun sound the dynamic
entropy we’ve found between our
kindness. Out the door, hindsight
trashed my ability to tell this alright
from the coming rain. It’s now in new
year. Your light has five names that
I cannot pronounce. Pheasant’s
scent, the dawn in proper salves
this skin condition lust. Bad times
when the hotel bell drops to squat.

Balanced out the call signs, afraid
of cold motion my lungs irrigate. The
mice are recalling our hands. Silence
like greatness key to love overshadows
these desanctified operation codes.
Where’s your drone now same color
t-shirt? Parsing the sufficient knowing,
you dreamed it was within the harvest
time when we could lay and look at
the blood. The bubbles have seen us.



What My Brain Said: “She said I could call her Adalina! I’m not worthy!”
What I Actually Said: “Thank you again for joining me on this purely intellectual discussion.”

What My Brain Said: “She’s so tall. Look how tall she is!”
What I Actually Said: “Yes the social dynamic of the Ministry sounds very interesting.”

What My Brain Said: “I could listen to that accent all day.”
What I Actually Said: “Exactly. That last thing you said perfectly explains that thing you’re talking about.”

What My Brain Said: “Seriously how is it possible that you’re this cute?”
What I Said: “Seriously how is it possible that you’re this cute?… Oh shit did I say that aloud?”

Smooth Emily… Really smooth…


The Miracle of Sound teamed up with Lisa Foiles for a second stellar Tomb Raider musical tribute. Listen in to “Edge of the World” above. 

Sing Sing Sing
  • Sing Sing Sing
  • Buddy Rich & Max Roach
  • Rich vs Roach (Japan 1st Pressing)

The Drum Battle. You can hear the album is bit weared because of the prolonged playing, probably the previous owner learn the play the drums by playing this album note by note. and this is the unique story you can deduce by listening and thinking… what makes the clicking sound through out.

And the essence, the dynamic drum sounds never compromised in record

Sick Jackets - Rozwell Kid

It was only recently that Rozwell Kid came across my radar after I saw them on a tour flier for another band that I honestly can’t remember, and their name stuck out to me, so I looked them up. I’m really glad that I did. What I found was a grungy rock n roll band with heavy effects and distortion to the guitar, almost reminiscent of the guitar tone on early CKY records, with a low rumbling wall of sound dynamic consistent throughout their songs. The band is essentially a louder, heavier Weezer, with an incredibly catchy and poppy style disguised underneath a loud and energetic sound. 

FFO: Tigers Jaw, Weezer, Diamond Youth.


On this day in music history: October 5, 1973 - “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, the seventh album by Elton John is released. Produced by Gus Dudgeon, it is recorded at the Château d'Hérouville in Hérouville, France in May 1973. Issued as the follow up to “Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player”, initial recording begins in Kingston, Jamaica at Dynamic Sound, where The Rolling Stones have just completed work on their album “Goat’s Head Soup”. However, technical problems with the studios sound system, dissatisfaction with the studio piano and political unrest on the island, they move the recording sessions to France, where John has recorded his two previous albums (“Honky Chateau”, “Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Only The Piano Player”). Consisting mostly of material written by Elton and Bernie Taupin over three days in Jamaica, one earlier song, “Grey Seal” (originally the B-side of “Rock & Roll Madonna” in 1970) is re-recorded for “Goodbye”. The album is a commercial and artistic triumph upon its release, and is regarded as a landmark release in Elton John’s career. It spins off three singles including “Bennie And The Jets” (#1 Pop) and the title track (#2 Pop), becoming John’s biggest selling studio album. “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” spends eight weeks at number one on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified 7x Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

Piano Cover
  • Piano Cover
  • Dreamy Days In West Tokyo

Piano cover to DDIWT opening theme….

Dynamic sounds like i am dozing off in the middle…..cuz I am.. its 3 am -yawn-

Other Piano Covers:

Scandal In the Spotlight end song Non vocal
Scandal in the Spotlight end song Vocal
Kiss of Revenge Opening Theme
Be My Princess 2 Main Theme
Be My Princess 2 BG
Office Secrets Main Theme


Forbidden Romance: My Butler
Forbidden Romance: My Butler Title screen music

velvetgloom  asked:

hello I was wondering if you had any fics with pre s4 cas, and dean from any time after s4 (using time travel or something idk) I just love fics with the characters in different times and this dynamic sounds so good

Fics with pre-season 4 Cas and any future Dean are pretty uncommon, the reverse dynamic is more popular - pre-season 4 Dean meeting Cas from the future. Be sure to check our time travel and transported to AU tags

Here are a few fics that came to mind that you might enjoy!

If any of our followers have anything to suggest, let us know!!

I am just so saddened over Darwin Cooke’s passing away.  I actually don’t know much at all about how he was personally (other than everyone liked him and that he was kind and had a great sense of humor).  Rather it was his work that I’ve come to know so extremely well over the last couple decades.  

I hadn’t realized it until I thought the matter over, but I think I may own a copy of just about every major work he’s produced since his big stage debut with ‘Batman: Ego.’  Ego remains one of my favorite Batman tales.  I loved that it delved so wildly into the psychology of trauma and sublimation, utilizing Batman and the comic book medium to make palatable such a difficult and disquieting subject matter.  And the art… the art is what hooked me for life.  

I love everything there is about Cooke’s illustration style… it’s a seamless marriage between succinct and confident minimalistic lines coupled rich detail and the illusion of dynamic action.  It sounds paradoxical as I try to describe it, yet somehow it works perfectly on the page.  It’s as if someone took all of the best artistic qualities of Alex Toth, Bruce Timm, and Will Eisner and squished it all together to create what is (for me) the ideal comic book artist.  

The relaunch of the Catwoman ongoing and the graphic novel ‘Selina’s Big Score’ with co-writer, Ed Brubaker, remains my favorite Catwoman story and brought forward Catwoman’s long overdo transition to being a true A-list hero in the DC pantheon of characters.  The work on X-Force was fantastic, periodic tales in Spider-Man’s Tangled Web were wonderful, Wolverine and Doop was a classic.  

Then came ‘DC: The New Frontier.’  I don’t even know where to start.  Most of my comic-loving friends will site ‘Watchmen’ or ‘The Dark Knight Returns’ or even Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ as the ultimate DC comic story.  For me it’s The New Frontier.  It embodies everything that I love about comic books and the superhero medium.  I can recall the first Christmas/Hanukah following the release of the trade paperback.  I think I might have gifted copies to at least ten different people that year.

Cooke’s next big project was to return Will Eisner’s The Spirit to the 21st century.  I hadn’t been especially familiar with The Spirit.  I knew that Eisner was a seminal influence on many of my favorite artists, but had never gotten around to checking out The Spirit.  Well, I definitely caught the bug wen Cooke presented the one-shot crossover between Batman and The Spirit and gleefully bought every issue of The Spirit ongoing that Cooke wrote and illustrated.  It’s telling that my interest in The Spirit pretty much evaporated the moment Cooke left the book.

At first I was quite bummed out when Cooke departed from the super hero genre to focus on a series of comic novels retelling the noir detective stories of Richard Stark’s ‘Parker.’  These feelings of disappointment faded about two pages into the ‘The Hunter.’  Pulp detective fiction had never been my thing, but once again Cooke’s love and enthusiasm for it all was just infectious and I eagerly awaited each new installment… ‘The Outfit,’ ‘The Score,’ ‘Slayground'…  I even shelled out more money than I should have for an overpriced copy of ‘The Man With the Getaway Face.’  They were all wonderful and maintain a place alf reverence on my shelf of graphic novels.  

Cooke’s output seemed to slow over the next few years.  There was a couple issues of ‘Before Watchmen’ that I begrudgingly bought and the wonderful series of alternate covers for DC Comics whole line.  I figured that Cooke was working on his next big project and was excited to learn what it was.  

And then yesterday I discovered Cooke had been battling an undisclosed and highly aggressive form of cancer.  A day later, I learned that he had passed away.  It was so sudden and shocking.  I’m still bending my head around it.  A part of my mind is still excited for that next big project.  But it will never come.  The comic industry has lost one of its all-time greats and the world is a little smaller and less bright because of it.  

I’m so sad for Mr. Cooke’s family, friends, and loved ones.  They have my deepest sympathies and condolences and of course will respect their wishes for privacy during this time of mourning.    But I’m also sad for myself.  Sad that I won’t get to read any new Darwyn Cooke comics.  Sad that I’ll never get to see him illustrate my favorite characters, The Inhumans (although I do still have that issue of Spider-Man’s Tangled Web guest-staring Medusa and Crystal).  And sad that there will be no further Parker graphic novels, that ‘Butcher’s Moon’ and ‘The Plunder Squad’ will not be adapted in Cooke’s unique and distinctive style.   It’s such a loss.

I feel sort of guilty dwelling on how this effects me, but perhaps Mr. Cooke would have appreciated that.  One of the greatest thing we can each hope to achieve in life is to be a positive influence on the lives of others.  Mr. Cooke was definitely a positive influence on me, his works gave me terrific joy and I bet the same is true for thousands of other comic book fans out there.  It’s a testament to him.  I thank him and will miss him dearly.  

(Another product of my overactive imagination concerning the GF team)

In the thinking room of the Gravity Falls team
April 1st, evening

Alex: Okay guys, it’s been fun but I’ve gotta go home now, it’s almost time for the AMA and I need to get in character-

*door bangs open as censors rush in*

censors: Hold it right there, Hirsch! We know what’s happening today and we’ll be accompanying you to make sure-

the GF team: *throws themselves at censors*
the GF team:
Run Alex, run and make sure to lock the doors, close the windows, turn off the pipes, block the vents, light the fireplace and cover the cat door! And use that electric generator your sister got you for times like these so they can’t cut off the power!

Alex: *thinking* I’ve trained them well.
*out loud* Dudes, stay calm. I’ve been training for this moment my whole life.

censors: *stop their assault* Did he just-

the GF team: Yes, yes he did. He used the voice.
the GF team: And he used your confusion to escape. 

*maniacal laughter echoes in the distance*

  • Bellarke shippers: We've been waiting for this for so long! They owe us this ship!
  • Clexa shippers who overwhelmingly happen to be queer ladies thrilled at the prospect of canon representation: Gee... I cant imagine what that must be like... Waiting and waiting... For something... Only to have it taken away for no good reason... Or have people tell you it was all just in your head... Nope, never had that experience before...
Oracle Canyon is so named because its acoustics change the sound of echoes within the canyon into different words, usually answering questions.

The sound dynamics of the canyon have been studied but no researcher has yet been able to pinpoint the structure in the rocks responsible. Oddly, when one researcher shouted into the canyon in frustration, “How the hell does it do that?” the canyon responded, “None of your business, asshole.”