dynamic punch

218-ORCLUB [Orc-Club]
-The Grump Pokemon
-Ability: Anger Point/Hustle - Rampage(HA)*
-Dex: “ORCLUB is always carrying a club that has been charred till it gets white, they use this club to hunt and socialize. Male ORCLUBs like to brag about their clubs and more often than not will compete to show of who has the biggest one.”
    -Fire Punch
    -Wood Hammer

–>Evolves after learning Outrage<–

219-ONIRA [Oni-Ira]
-The Furious Pokemon
-Ability: Anger Point/Hustle - Rampage(HA)
-Dex: “ONIRA are lonely by nature and have a very short temper, making the coexistence of more than two almost impossible. They rely only on their hearing and sense of smell, making them very paranoid, anything that disturbs them will launch them into a fiery frenzy where they will attack anything in their path.”
-Sig. Move: Fire Hammer “The user swings and hits with its strong, heavy fist on fire. It lowers the user’s Speed, however.”
   Type: Fire
   PP: 10 (max 16)
   Power: 100
   Accuracy: 90%
    -Dynamic Punch
    -Fire Fang

*Attack is doubled but the user can’t use status moves


Why are you standing here? Go in.

One is a bird, two are the trees, three is the wind in the leaves…

Oh my god I finally got around to doing this, and it didn’t take all day or anything. Combined the three watercolour paintings before into one image. I’m happy with the result. The idea was to show their character and the way they regard/interact with each other. I love their dynamic so much. T.T

Hinata VS Sakura: Powers

People can believe whatever the hell they want about who is stronger between Sakura and Hinata (it’s the Six Paths Priestess btw), but as a battle/action manga, the complexity and uniqueness of a character’s fighting style means a lot in how interesting they are. People don’t read shonen mangas and anime to watch someone healing little flesh wounds in the back of the line with little green lights. It just isn’t interesting, and neither is her punching, which is bland, boring, has no style, strategy, or dynamic. Her punches are nothing more than a one-trick-pony that fall even further down in interest when compared to the far more complex, interesting, and unique taijutsu seen in others like Lee, Choji, Ay, Sasuke, and Hyugas like Neji and Hinata.

Let’s compare the two’s fighting styles/movestes.


  • Strong Punches
  • Creating Fissures & Mountains
  • Healing capabilities


  • Penetrative vision
  • Precognitive vision
  • 360 Degree vision
  • Expansive vision
  • Genjutsu resistance
  • A fighting style that can NEVER be tanked
  • Blocking enemies from using Chakra.
  • Crippling enemies by damaging their organs.
  • A 64-hit high-speed combo attack that leaves the opponent crippled
  • A fast burst of air that strikes the opponent with tremendous force.
  • Chakra-based lions avatars as boxing gloves that can absorb Chakra.
  • Destroying Chakra substances via the Gentle Fist.
  • Powerful chakra inherited from her ancestor.

As you can see, Hinata’s fighting style is eons above Sakura’s in terms of depth and interest despite her lack of panel time and is thus, objectively, far more suited for a character in a shonen series and for a main heroine.

Even if we’re talking about POTENTIAL powers, like with character potential, Hinata is still better.


  • Slug Sage Mode
  • Genjutsu mastery


  • Rotation
  • Air Wall Palm
  • Opening Chakra points for power boost
  • Opening 8 Gates (They’re Chakra Points)
  • Tenseigan
  • Guardian Lion Chakra Avatars ala Susano’O/Bijuu Mode
  • Bladed Lion Fists that cut Chakra Network
  • 8 Trigrams: Air Step (Kick-based version of Air Palm)
  • Air Palm + 64 Palms Combo
  • Air Palm + Lion Fists (long ranged attack)
  • Chakra Senbons used to close Chakra Points from a distance ala Kaguya’s Rabbit Hair Needle.

I sometimes hang out in threads on /vp/ dedicated to fakemon designs, and one person was trying to work out a concept revolving around scales. Intrigued, I threw two sketches together but ended up liking the one of them better, hence why I fleshed it out further into what you can see above. Another kind anon suggested to give it rock knuckles to make its fists less bare, so thanks for that!

The monkey species used as a base is a mandrill, and probably parts gorilla by accident, while its huge fists are the weights on the scale that are too weak to move around by themselves and instead relies more on the upper body to shift their weight around and give its fists momentum. I can jump moderately high, but since it’d be awful at climbing, it’d prefer to just smash obstacles standing in its way. Also tried to give this fella a base stage, but I had difficulties finding a precursor for the scales concept, so I left it as is.

Name comes from Combat + Balance.

Notable moves: Dynamic Punch (a given), Superpower, Hammer Arm, Reversal, Bulp Up, Rock Slide, Stone Edge, Rock Polish, Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Heavy Slam, Knock Off, Gunk Shot, Pain Split, Swords Dance