dynamic duo time


Our beloved babies are back, and so are we! With our favorite dynamic duo back together it’s time to bring the hype back. (thanks @killianjonez Dana, for making this banner. I love you, Dulce de leche <3) 

What is the BCW?

It’s a chat I created the 31st of July last year with the purpose of getting to meet new people. We get together to talk extensively about our children and how much we love them. Bellarke is the main topic of our conversations, but we are so much more than that. We’re a family, and we’re so excited for you to join us!

What are the rules?

  1. Must be following me

  2. Must reblog this post. (helps other people to find us!)

  3. Must have WhatsApp.

  4. (Due to certain issues we’ve had on former editions, I am now upgrading the age range.) You must be 18 and over to join. If you are 17 and turning 18 soon, we’ll consider it.

    Most of us ARE adults, and the conversations are sexual sometimes, so please be aware of all these things before applying. 

  5. Since we are an international chat we have established a Spoilers Rule. Whenever you desire to talk spoilers with us be sure to use the ! emoticon in the chat name to warn others.
    1. Other fandom spoilers are not forbidden but follow the same rule. The only thing that IS forbidden are movie spoilers (Ex. CA:CW, SW). 

  6. We’re looking for committed people. There are only so many people I’m willing to add at a time, and so we want to make sure you’re here to stay! 

  7. Also, multi shippers are okay, as long as Bellarke is your main ship, this is, after all, a Bellarke group.  


Starting today, April 30th until MONDAY, MAY 2ND. (Or until spaces are filled) 

How do I apply?

    • Name
    • Age 
    • Country 

    • Cellphone number with country code. (This is exclusively shared with me. No one else sees it until you are accepted into the chat.)
    • A small tidbit about yourself, your likes and why would you like to be added.

If you are chosen you will be receiving a whatsapp text from me, stating my name my url and that you have been accepted. So be able to give me the correct number, if i can’t reach you, I’ll skip to the next person on the q.

Beware: we are a bunch of very VERY affectionate people and we will smother you in love and possibly a lot of sad headcanons. 

Welcome aboard! And don’t worry, we are eager to have new friends~ 



”Abby’s impact on, not only soccer, but women’s sports has been one that I don’t think someone can really match. I’ve been lucky to be able to witness that firsthand for the last six years. I looked up to her when I was in middle school and in high school and wanted to play next to her. Then I did realize that dream of playing next to her and when I did, she gave me confidence. She was my big sister. She’s just a great leader for this team and has had so much influence on this success of this team and on this sport.

It’s really hard to see her leaving the sport, because she’s done so much for it and has been so selfless in helping the sport continue to evolve and grow, not only in the States but globally. She’s a great speaker and honestly when anyone asks any of our team to speak, we always give the mic to Abby, because she is so good with her words. She’s unique and I’m going to miss her a lot.”- Alex Morgan