dynamic duo day

요즘어때? (Feat. DEAN)
  • 요즘어때? (Feat. DEAN)
  • 다이나믹 듀오

#nowplaying 다이나믹 듀오 - 요즘어때? (Feat. DEAN)

* Dynamic Duo - How Are You Lately? (Feat. DEAN)

‘Hey, look – Harry’s got a Weasley jumper, too!’ Fred and George were wearing blue (green in movie) jumpers, one with a large yellow F on it, the other with a large yellow G.
'Harry’s is better than ours, though,’ said Fred, holding up Harry’s jumper. 'She obviously makes more of an effort if you’re not family.’
'Why aren’t you wearing yours, Ron?’ George demanded. 'Come on, get it on, they’re lovely and warm.’
'I hate maroon,’ Ron moaned half-heartedly as he pulled it over his head.
'You haven’t got a letter on yours,’ George observed, 'I suppose she thinks you don’t forget your name. But we’re not stupid – we know we’re called Gred and Forge.’